Unveiling the Huracan at SEMA 2019 and Our First Real Drive

B is for Build

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    In today's episode we start back in portland, 36 hours before SEMA load in deadline, and take it from there!
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    1. BMWFilmz

      I still don't understand why everyone starts their Sema build like 5 weeks before. Sure the cars might run and technically drive, but they won't be polished or smooth. And the people working on the cars will be too exhausted to have a good time and show off what they made. its like West Coast Customs or any car show ever manufacturing drama by setting super limited deadlines.

    2. xxxtarnation

      It's an LSborghini

    3. bikerbrego

      The lambo looks great, sounds great Awesome Job

    4. SP2333

      Shifter position 😭

    5. Jon Con

      Does vents on the front fenders I would personally take them off

    6. Top Gamer

      I cringed after seeing the white with black paint or wrap or what ever the hell it is

    7. Prignon Yves


    8. Matthias Koller

      Amazing Job

    9. leeklytuning

      "You Did It. The Crazy Son of a Bitch, You Did It"

    10. Car Zombie Eatery

      Aside from a bit too much exposed wheel lip, and not enough rubber, there's also a bit too much contrasting colors. Love the black roofline and black accents on the fenders and hood, but the lower kit should be white. Lastly, and being that I'm not a purist, I love the build swap!

    11. Constantinos Hadjigeorgiou

      Hey Chris, I just saw Kyle talking at a different channel and the guy is awesome. He looks good, he sounds good he is interesting to hear and watch. He had way more camera time in 1 video on another channel than he did the whole time he has been at BIFB. My opinion is that you need to give him more time in front of the camera

    12. RFX Customs

      Really curious as to how wide this thing is now compared to the original Huracan does anyone have an idea?

    13. Vann Dwight Edralin

      Why don't u build a 70s-90s muscle car and put a lambo engine in it or any other supercar engine. That might be cool

    14. excuse me

      I hope this ain't done yet because its kinda meh

    15. Eliangel Martínez

      I never thought i would say this but ... 🥺 i like the LS in a lambo

    16. Brock

      Steering wheel is loose as f

    17. Aaron Nelson

      That b is built af

    18. Tyrel Mittelstaedt

      Chris are we ever going to see the rims you bought for the GTR on the car?

    19. Richard Stuckey

      Epic guys

    20. Fuck knows

      I wish you went totally with the original design instead of getting the kit etc

    21. ebrahim khalil

      You definitely don't look cramped in it lol

    22. Jerrymc1975

      Oh look, a kit car

    23. Arif Khan

      Incredible work

    24. Marc s

      What’s going on ? Did the turbos eat you’re cam ? ; ) Where’s the next episode?

    25. Enoch Majezi

      You guys did an amazing job, the car is amazing, sounds awesome!! I can't believe you guys pulled that off, I hope you're proud of yourselves!!!

    26. LittleNobodyNoble

      Chris fix in the helmet killing me

    27. Take Down

      Awesome build mate, looks sweet!! CONGRATS

    28. Byrons Shop

      Google "hot wheels storm trooper" this is his real inspiration. J/K love the work you guys do.

    29. Pepperoni Unicorn

      U is for Ugly, top effort but ugly car...

    30. Austin Shaw

      Since when not having breaks is a small problem

    31. Matthew McTaggart

      You need to take it to Cleetus and Cars or at least do a video with him. This car and Leroy would be nasty


      Killed it 👌🙌

    33. ghost magnet

      Sooo....you guys made the coolest looking California Highway Patrol or police car. All you need are lights and decals....

    34. Gaita Ponto

      I like the way it looks in general...but then I remember I watched the videos on how it was built...

    35. A Page

      If the Skunkworks at Lockheed Martin were to build a car this would be it ❤️

    36. Rob H

      You guys did some outstanding work on the Huracan but those multi colored panels ruin all the defining lines of the body and make it look patched together a solid paint scheme would look much more pleasing to the eye.

    37. NEROJAN Ravichandran

      If you guys want to actually hear Kyle speaking, check this out: plsel.info/video/wideo/lmKptYm4aYivq4Y.html

    38. andi für deutschland

      seriously... bollywood? ( respekt for work! but....it's ugly.)

    39. Oscar Montoya

      Your front tires are backwards!!

    40. jaufro

      Great job mate, it's been an awesome build to follow ;)

    41. Gabriel Perez

      Amazing job B is for build. Hell yeah!!

    42. Lee Charlie

      Why's Chris Fix wearing helmet Lmao

      1. Ricardo The PC Gamer

        lmao he has a few pics of his actual face online, Saabkyle04 took a pic with him a few years ago.

    43. BingBangBrine

      Lol Chris fix is wearing a helmet

    44. Doug's Fan

      ChrisFix in the crowd in his helmet :))))

    45. 1MILsubsnovideos

      That body kit is atrocious

    46. Doug's Fan

      Steering wheel falling off lol

    47. Joel Dazey

      Love this channel....but really, really not digging the aesthetics of this build. It's like the car was being loaded into GTA, but only rendered half the textures. Strange angles, strange colors, weird body choices, unnecessary vents/cuts/lines, all sorts of mismatched pieces, excessive splitters. Obviously visual design is subjective, and the mechanical bits and joinery is impressive.

    48. Stephanie Lebrun

      Anyone else noticed the loose steering wheel

    49. stathis 888

      20:06 Chris fix with his helmet Lmao👍

    50. Giorgio Napoli


    51. Logan Delucio

      Anyone else see Chris fix

    52. Darren Hateley

      Mate have a rest then get onto that Riva

    53. Steven Sandoval

      Ok boomer what’s next?

    54. Alpha Punisher

      I know probably tired from all the work and relaxing we patiently wait for more..

    55. Alpha Punisher

      wheres a new video man..?

    56. moto55yz

      You killed it!!!

    57. DEDBRD1977

      Driving into Sema and his hands still have grease on them, thats dedication

    58. Karl Angus

      Fantastic finish mate I love the lambo so much

    59. Joseph Ignacio

      Nicest lambo

    60. Ruben Melo

      If the build after this is a 1995 Corolla, I'll be ok with that, these guys have put in major work