This is The Hardest Language In The World

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    What are the hardest languages to learn? Do you speak these languages? What did you think what the hardest language in the world before?

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    1. The Infographics Show

      Are you multilingual? How old were you when you started learning the second langugage?

      1. Ronita Ta Of the day

        When I was like 5-12 months old I started to learn English

      2. Toxic_ cotton

        I can speak english and polish. Currently also learning french and japanese

      3. ᴘᴜʀɪɴᴇᴋᴏ_

        i learnt japanese first as i speak it at home, but english is my first language as i live in england! i also speak a little french as I've learnt it since i was 7 so English/ 日本語/ français :)

      4. princess shenna

        I'm multilingual I don't know when cause im filipino our second language is English

      5. 『Cherry Bløssøms』

        I can speak Spanish, Kind of Korean, English, and yeah that’s all :) but my friend can speak English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, French, and that’s all, she is so smart ;-;

    2. Nytrex _YT

      *The language of Gods* are the hardest. Its called the *minecraft enchanting table*

    3. Bloopie

      Jæja Ísland er á listanum það er óvenjulegt.

    4. KOR_ JJIN

      3:08 My country🇰🇷🇰🇷

    5. narsplace

      Chinese is easier than Japanese to become fluent. Once you know the tones and difficult pronunciations it becomes easy. Japanese is difficult one because of yumi kata. There is like 6 ways to state a reason and other grammatical construction that are related yet have a different meaning such zou desu and rashi same meaning but different meaning often interchangeable yet mean different to each other. How you invite a person for drinks changes on if they more or less likely to say yes or no. You can write something and be both correct and wrong at the same time. You can learn a world when you talk to a Japanese they will tell you a different way to say it. Not saying chinese is easy but there are more difficult languages than Chinese.

    6. MayPlayzChannel

      I'm from Serbia and all Slavic languages are easy to learn.

    7. twiny twin twins Shawn and stephen steawnMK gaming

      The flag of the Philippines is wrong the blue needs to be on the top and the red needs to be at the bottom

    8. twiny twin twins Shawn and stephen steawnMK gaming

      Tagalog is not the hardest language it is chinese

    9. Christian Li

      Did this guy just say that Japanese people have an easier time learning Korean because they are "close physically" to Koreans?

    10. Curtis Berard

      Actually, unless it's your mother tongue, English is said to be the hardest language due to the amount of slang used in the lexicin.

    11. Kevinn Spiky

      I think German and Russian are the hardest

    12. bonga man

      Croatian hard to speak?? Ha jebiga....

    13. Arzi Arzi


    14. Luutalais Autisti

      Finnish: *being braced as one of the hardest languages in Europe and world Infographic show: Yeah we're gonna ignore that

    15. Steven And Miranda

      I’m From Vietnam It’s Easy

    16. Puting Pinoy

      You pronounced “Tagalog” incorrectly. I speak it as a white American. And the sentence structure is actually pretty basic. The speaking it and acquiring of vocabulary is difficult though at first.

    17. Atifa Rubab

      I can speak urdu

    18. glowup unicorn

      I'm malaysia(11 years old) But i can speak 2 language.. 1.english 2.korean It's hard to me to learn 3 language at school..😢😢

    19. xX_HZI_Xx

      LOL you are wrong the most hardest language is MOROCCAN DARIJA AND AMAZIGH these two are the the Last LVL Amazigh is one of the firsts languages Darija:is a melange btw arabic frensh english spanish japonais and turkey (main language is Old + new arabic)

    20. Simone G

      Who can speak thai | | |

    21. Simone G

      No worry i can speak thai สวัสดีครับ

    22. Neetu Chaitanya

      Going to learn sanskrit after few second i am going to give 3rd language exam

    23. Joandes feng

      Learning math in Chinese hmmmmmm 函数方程式 functional equation

    24. Ice_Fire

      We when the south African language comes up Hey uh Lesothosin't a thing anymore?

    25. J Thiti

      4:42 **Highlights Cambodia with Vietnam** Me: *visible confusion*

    26. JyeongVlogs Official

      0:54 The Philippine Flag Is Upside Down. Probably Because This Scene Is A Section Part Of The Philippine-American War Since 1898-1913.

    27. Izzy Hart

      for afrikaans it bugged me with the fact that they didn’t put south africa

    28. mike f

      I am Dutch and I didn’t understand a word that you said.😂

    29. Ephus

      Ja minkäköhän perkeleen takia suomen kieltä ei mainita? Kyllä se on hieman vaikeampaa kuin jotkut näistä..

    30. Rubin Xhemali

      Albania is easy :( Do the google translate

    31. Rajvi Thapa

      No one: U.S.A: Everyone knows my language. I am perfect... ;-) China: I know can you shut up already =_=

    32. The Fzxsis

      How's Lithuania not in here

    33. Zhen Hao Wong

      chinese isn’t that hard,

    34. Sundial

      0:48... Tag-ga-log *Triggered filipino noises* *ITS TAGAH-LOG*

    35. Nhật Minh Bui

      I can speak Vietnamese

    36. عبدالله الجعفري

      هيه كأنك تسب I think you are saying a bad thing about my beautiful language

    37. buuwuu -

      how did you put slovenian here and did not polish i'm

    38. Isaac Taye

      I'm irish I dont think it's that hard to pronounce it I'm not sure why it's on this list

    39. LEN

      The hardest language is the Hungarian.

    40. jeevani V

      So person who is speaking in the background is Dutch

    41. - pankamaci

      I am Hungarian and so many people called my accent cute, it’s crazy

    42. Meghan Trainor Song CoverZ

      Why is the Philippine flag is in the state of war?

    43. mr toast


    44. Laila Taheri

      I am from Persia and I speak it

    45. Take Studio II Official II

      สวัสดี Hello

    46. Deatroec

      why was finnish not encluded

    47. TheFinnishSlav

      Ja missä vitussa suomi on????

    48. Nathaniel Harchabald

      I’m Chinese (but live in Australia) and went Chinese school for 7 years and I still can’t remember how to write to 10 because I have such a bad memory, I think I have some memory loss issues, i forgot my phone password out of the blue and things I hear a minute ago

      1. noobyloony wisteria

        I’m a Chinese here to help! Ten in Chinese is 十。

    49. Rahil 552

      Arabic is the hardest language not Chinese 😒😒

      1. Rahil 552

        @noobyloony wisteria لا أهتم بما كتبت ولا أحتاج لتضييع وقتي لكن العلماء أثبتوا بأن اللغة العربية هي أصعب لغة نظرا لإحتوائها على مفردات متشابهة و صعبة في نفس الوقت

      2. noobyloony wisteria


    50. pupperichoeffect

      um i wish sweden was a slavic language and not a germanic one but atleast they are non identical brothers

    51. Solid ALPHA

      In Philippine flag don't flip the red side upward, you will only do that if Filipinos are in state of war, if you did flip that without war some Filipinos will find it offensive. So put the blue one upward...

    52. Vaibhav Dwivedy

      Well, India has hundreds of language..

    53. MarshMelly


    54. HentaiBoi7

      Dutch isn't all that difficult to learn tbh. It's the closest language to english, but I can kinda see how difficult it can be if you don't speak english.

    55. Lucas Vinni

      Portuguese: antiinconstitucionalicimamente

    56. Toni

      Welsh... How could you miss that? Only they can speak Welsh.

      1. noobyloony wisteria

        Toni Well,I did some research and it’s such a small country. There is also a small portion of people in England that can speak Welsh.

      2. Toni

        @noobyloony wisteria WALES! To my knowledge I don't think anyone else can speak it, they have the longest word or name in the world.

      3. noobyloony wisteria

        But which countries speak Welsh?

    57. Heri Hendrawan


    58. Antonio Martić

      Mi hrvati!!!

    59. W Kenneth

      Korean and Japanese linguistically related???? This is news to me.

    60. Kim Taehyung

      I have a super power :I speak Arabic