THINGS ONLY 1% OF PEOPLE CAN DO || Impossible Body Tricks By 123 GO! CHALLENGE


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    This challenge will put your body to the test.
    Only 1% of people can do these weird, mind-boggling body tricks. Pretty cool, right?
    Think you鈥檙e special enough for this challenge? Then try this tricks yourself. Let us know what鈥檚 your score in a comment below馃憞
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    1. KT Plays

      i just realized that vicky was on 5 minute crafts :o i was watching natalies outlet and she was trying out 5 minute crafts and i saw vicky in the vid :oooo but that was like 4 years ago

    2. Vidalia Rae

      I can make my tounge into a flower because i was born with it

    3. Zamier Hall

      馃槑 cool tricks vicky and Kevin

    4. Rahmo Nuur

      i mostly did all of it the putting your fist in your mouth was EAZY

    5. Rouses

      I can smash a egg in three seconds

    6. Maryam鈥檚 Account

      2:36 馃槖

    7. Maryam鈥檚 Account

      2:25 what 馃槓

    8. LPS Wolf

      I can do all of thes

    9. Dawn Winter

      Boys cool

    10. roblox pizza queen

      I did every one of them

    11. Rose Ip

      3:43 I can do that

    12. Jeanne Channel

      I like the second challenge

    13. Mariecris Madarang

      They are funny馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

    14. Mr. Krabs

      3:42 I can do dat

    15. Aria

      That girl has some talent

    16. Lollie Lolbroek

      I can volt my tounge

    17. Paul Kloosterman

      Yes I can fold my tung


      ** 4:32

    19. Shana and Manasha LOL

      1:15 anyone notice it鈥檚 a fake tongue It鈥檚 kinda obvious 馃

    20. Harperhops Gaming

      The things I can do: Put my fist in my mouth, cross fingers, put up the fourth finger, move my nose, put my last and second finger together What the person on tv that shows what to do and what she can do: everything Me: *WHAT THE BARF*

      1. Leslie Madrigal

        I can do them all I swear

    21. juan padro

      On 5:18 she licked the side not the actually elbow

    22. Arshia syedda

      1:14 guys did u notice something lilly has a fake toughn like if this is true

    23. raeleigh jarvis

      I can lick my elbow

    24. BTS black pink

      Yes I can do!

    25. CodyNikki McMeans


    26. Azalea De Los Santos

      Does things are too hard for me cause I'm a kid

    27. illumanite1

      Buyback nn

    28. Amya Burns

      I鈥檓 the one percent for the tip of your nose trick

    29. Achhuani c

      Vicky wear Anne red shirt!

    30. zoha jamali

      The tongue wasn't real

    31. Bahez King

      And 6

    32. Bahez King

      Also 4

    33. Bahez King

      Lol I do the three one

    34. Adele Moore

      Why do you make this video

    35. Gavin Doan

      0:12 wow. Vicki was watching her own show, and then another person from the cast came in and: UGH THIS IS GARBAGE I actually agree!

    36. Natalia Putri

      I only can do the tongue thingy thingy

    37. Mr YouTuber

      That ring finger thing is soooooo hard Like if agree Comment if you can do it

    38. Mr YouTuber

      I can touch my nose with my tongue 馃憛 and do the finger thing and the licking elbow and my fist in my mouth 馃憡 and the thumb hiding thing and many more Like if you are the same Comment if you can鈥檛

    39. Lola Durham

      123 go u the best

    40. Dubai Home

      I can do all 馃榾

    41. Kimberly Daizel Dayot

      4:13 so easy

    42. Jess Lyn

      I can do the second one

    43. Itz wolfiexX

      Do I still win I got -5 ?

    44. Sy Pisith


    45. Sureshkumar K

      Nice video

    46. Artsy Abby

      _Can I Do It?_ 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Almost 5. Yes 6. Never Tried It 7. Almost 8. Yes 9. Yes ( Even though I feel like choking myself when doing it ;-; ) 10. Yes 11. No ;-; 12. Yes How many can you do?

      1. Leslie Madrigal

        All them

    47. Francisco caballero


    48. Thorn Sherrief

      I am11 years old

    49. Thorn Sherrief

      Whoever wins The challenge get $50,00 dollars

    50. Kathleen Madina


    51. Kathleen Madina


    52. Kathleen Madina

      I love emojis I can describe how I feel

    53. Kathleen Madina


    54. Kathleen Madina

      I'm one of the 1%

    55. Kathleen Madina

      But I can fit my fist in my mouth

    56. Kathleen Madina

      I cannot

    57. Gino Barrientos

      I now how to do that you must flip tha thonng

    58. Anthony Gabrielson

      I can do 2,3,5 and 6

    59. The Diamonds