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    Tenet Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review official trailer 2020! Christopher Nolan, John David Washington, Robert Pattinson!
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    Tenet Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for Tenet, the 2020 movie from Christopher Nolan starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson! Share your own reaction to the official trailer for Tenet before you see the full movie in 2020! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on PLsel today!
    Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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    1. Beyond The Trailer

      Alright Nolanites! Here's the deal - I have a lot of respect for Christopher Nolan and his The Dark Knight is still one of my favorite films of all time. BUT Dunkirk was made to win awards, and it didn't win ANY major Oscars or Golden Globes And Interstellar made far less at the box office than his Batman movies and Inception - and was considered a bit of a setback by the studios as far as ticket sales.

      1. AzNightmare

        @Ali Shahid *Saving Private Ryan made more money than Dunkirk, if you calculate for inflation.*

      2. sharva nemane

        He doesn't make movies to win awards or just make money. He makes them because he loves making them.

      3. Miloš Budinčević

        WTF on Earth are you on about, lady?!?!?!?

      4. sami .k

        Interstellar is such a great movie.. oh man.. everything in that movie is awesome

      5. Trollardo

        Implying the oscars or awards in general are fair. Christopher Nolan should get an oscar for every movie of his.

    2. apope06

      Dunkirk and Intersteller were GREAT MOVIES.

    3. JUXE

      how did interstellar and dunkirk not work out for him? two incredible original films that made a whole lot of fucking money especially at IMAX theatres...

    4. Me Ili

      If she didn't think that the reverse car shot wasn't cool then I don't know what is

    5. Kevin Garnica

      Sooo...Grace missed the entire point of the trailer? I have watched an uncountable amount of Tenet trailer reaction videos, and not a single, solitary person -- after seeing it -- has said anything along the lines of "That's a teaser, no 'money shot', John David Washington? Nah, we need more 'Batman' instead, didn't have any amazing shots." I don't know what she was watching, but it wasn't a trailer for Tenet. *facepalm*

    6. Jay G

      Interstellar is one of my all time favorite movies because it is what movie making is ALL about. Moving you emotionally. It was a sci-fi movie but it's themes were truly what makes us human and the power of our emotional connections. Loved it!

    7. pete ocean

      best Nolan film for me is The Prestige

    8. lajeteefan

      That's not a teaser. That trailer lasted 2 minutes. Teasers last no more than 1 minute. That was a trailer.

    9. Subhadeep Banerjee

      This lady thinks she understands a lot But ....

    10. josh.steezy .hendrix

      Honestly, I prefer when trailers don’t feed me the plot or show me the entire film just for the money shots, I’d rather see that in theaters. And you should want to watch the movie and try to grasp its messages after you’ve sat through it a couple times.... and if it Doesn’t make sense or there’s plot holes, it’s possible that you missed the messages that the writer and director was trying to convey.

    11. Hugo Stiglitz

      Interstellar is a masterpiece

    12. Nir Yovel Studios

      I don't get why you're upset for the teaser no explaining what the time thing or what it's about. Is a teaser! Wait for the movie, they'll explain it then.

    13. Nir Yovel Studios

      What do you mean "there's no money shot"? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> IS the money shot! I showed this trailer to a lot of people and they all flipped when they saw this.

    14. Shahriar Shawn

      what do you think! Is he making same kinda film...no way!!!!!!!!

    15. MeTaLLiCaT8282

      Most of Nolan's films have plot ambiguous teasers, though.

    16. jfloyo11

      I ponder...so what could be worse then nuclear holocaust?

    17. Movie Addict 101

      i lost respect and interest in her

    18. Tim Sabol

      Music sounds unbelievable

    19. Tim Sabol

      Loved it

    20. Beroski Whitehead

      Oh isee..u needed ti see more of the white person to make u more comfortable

    21. Video Invader

      Dunkirk is the highest grossing WWII movie of all time

    22. James Cagney

      Nice review maybe don’t wear a top next time

    23. Terrance Mcclendon

      His pictures be so detailed and nice

    24. Renata Matuk

      People like interestellar so much because they are not familiar with hard SF. Those ideas are nothing knew.

      1. Video Invader

        No idea is new. It's all in the presentation.

    25. Jacob Abbott

      I honestly prefer not knowing anything before going in. SO MANY films nowadays give away far too much in their trailers and then it’s like watching an extended version of the trailer you’ve seen when you go. I understand wanting to roughly know the premise though(we know it’s about time but that’s very vague) and they could’ve teased just a touch more in this, but I’m super hyped either way!

    26. Vivek Kumar

      Interstellar and Dunkirk didn't worked for him? How? Both of them were great. They literally made around 1.4 billion dollars.

    27. adarsh singh

      Interstellar is a masterpiece

    28. Niiell

      And of course the soundtrack will be epic. As always.

    29. Janay Royster

      It's a teaser trailer. You get more later in the other trailers. Also, I don't want too much of the movie exposed to me prior in a trailer like most films do now to just to give people all the answers going into the film. Less is more

    30. Jose Veti

      From <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a> that shot alone is fucking dope

    31. Joshua Ratliff

      Actor of color. Lol

    32. Nikhil Nair

      Fuck your ticket sales

    33. Duno A

      Ohh I get it... been watching your videos for a while now... you’re very subtle in your “disapproval” when the lead characters is a POC

    34. h

      They could have had Zel & son star in it, for max diversity. What happens when you see it on the big screen, it looks good? lol

    35. elevennco11ins

      The film is a palindrome..hence the title

    36. Bigga Bless

      Why is she so hung up on Rob Pat?? Smh

    37. siddharth shekar

      No grace this is what is called a trailer...

    38. Duran

      ur eye is funny 🥰

    39. jungsaymin Tompa Bay Gronkaneers

      It's probably about global warming

    40. BelowZero

      I love that the trailer shows the film but doesn't show every damn thing or secret. Its it certainly not needed for the time thing to be explained. Show too much and it spoils the movie.

    41. Jordan Gibbish

      Calling it, best movie of 2020. I'm glad they didn't show us the whole movie in the trailer before we saw it. Hate it when you go see the movie and then realize after you saw it that you saw every good part in the trailer before you even saw the movie. Kinda ruins the 'Prestige' of everything

    42. J

      um interstellar was fucking amazing tho

    43. Jay Satkovich

      Wait interstellar was not a good movie?

    44. MasterOnion North

      Wasn't Interstellar a box office success? It was a flawed film, but pretty sure most moviegoers liked it. Dunkirk was a bit too non linear and disjointed for my liking...... 🤔

    45. Ellim Garak

      Good move in casting JDW👌🤟

    46. Arqitek

      I have to disagree about the lack of a moneyshot. The scene with the car rolling over at the end was definitely a moneyshot. I was already sold on the movie but that scene gave me a Spartan kick over the edge and having seen other reactions, I'm guessing it did the same for others.

    47. James

      The money shot!? Say 😮

    48. Steven Universe

      I saw a different 5 minute trailer in an IMAX theatre and it was beyond awesome. Definitely watching this opening night

    49. Oscar DC

      2000 Memento 2010 Inception 2020 TeneT Don't fan

    50. smudgetheignored

      The teaser (I'm calling it that since It explained even less than this trailer) they played in front of the SW:TRoS was pretty intense. This trailer at least tells me it's more than a another John Wick movie. I do have to say that this trailer along with the teaser got enough of a hook into me that it moved into the must watch category.

    51. Billy Stevens

      I think John David Washington will do great like he did in Black KKlans Men

    52. Sami samanian

      interstellar didn't work for him ? majority of his loyal supporters which in number are significant, consider that movie their top 3 Nolan movies and a pure masterpiece. You should say interstellar didn't work for you.

    53. HoopleHeadUSA

      I for one LOVE Dunkirk, but now I love 1917 more

    54. portland 182

      Good Spock eyebrow work Grace :)

    55. Dwaine Leso

      underwhelming to be honest. No clue, what it is about.

    56. Randolph Reviews

      I'm a far superior film critic.

    57. Will Deonne Creative

      John David Washington CONFIRMED for Black Panther II after this film hahahahhaha

    58. Anant kumar

      Grace -"He took a detour" nolites -" u talking to me ? "

    59. Faisal

      Grace turned away from the screen and then says explain the time travel thing

    60. matasuki

      Interstellar is better than most give credit for

    61. Mox

      Interstellar had terrible sound mixing and Hans Zimmer basically Phillip Glass's Koyaaniqutsi

    62. janggut tok

      how can an academy award winner (mendes) copy nolan’s career?? is winning an oscar copied from nolan’s? 🙄

    63. Jordan Gate

      Damn, I totally agree with you on everything in this video grace. Took courage to call out Nolan btw haha

    64. elixr flower

      She is out of her mind ! Dunkirk was best war film I have seen

    65. Blackarachnia Lavigne

      That car flip was so lackluster... definitely needed Michael Bay as a producer. I like time travel stuff, so I’m interested, but I feel I’ve already seen this movie somewhere in Inception and Interstellar already 🙄

    66. #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING

      INTERSTELLAR is like how people viewed teslas' ideas.

    67. JungleHunter11

      They don't need to explain what's it about goon! It's CHRISTOPHER fucking NOLAN! They showed enough to get people invested.

    68. JungleHunter11

      Of course you make a big deal about him hiring a black lead character. Just let it be what it is! You lefties are a trip. 🤦‍♂️

    69. Prithu Shukla

      I know what a money shot is 😂😂😂

    70. Super Cando

      I am not a Nolan "fanboy". But Dunkirk was a bona fide good movie. Not perfect, but it was very watchable. To say that movie didn't work is like say Warren Buffett didn't work out as an investment guru or Bill Gates didn't work out as an entrepreueur.

    71. AC

      Inception 2: Soultrain edition. 🙄😒😕

    72. Javier SO

      Interstellar is one of the best movie I’ve ever seen. I’m just saying.

      1. Connor RK-800

        Its is !

    73. SheikhM

      Best reactionist

    74. M. Riel

      Need to find that 'Don't recommend channel' button

    75. kevinrspBelieves

      She didn't even notice. And women say that's a guy problem?

    76. Thor Karr

      I just lost respect for whatever this woman’s name is for saying that Interstellar is a “detour”

    77. May Sumanra

      Its nolan sure i'll come

    78. Kyle Roger

      Those cloud shadows moving on the buildings behind you, Grace, are the money shot. Better than anything in the trailer.

    79. Wassha 09

      Why does it look like Tenet and Inception could be in the same universe?

    80. Amulya Kumar

      She is unable to understand Nolan movies so what we can expect from her...

      1. Connor RK-800

        Stupid girl reaction