TENET Teaser Trailer 2020 | Christopher Nolan

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    Una película de Christopher Nolan. #TENET - próximamente solo en cines. TENET Official Teaser Trailer 2020 Christopher Nolan Movie

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    1. Guzun Nicolae

      Just finished reading the book, can't wait for the author to release it🤔

    2. Adanus

      There is something intriguing about the plot, in the official trailer, they mention that they're trying to prevent World War 3, John David Washington's character ask if it's a Nuclear Holocaust? And that is something worst... In this trailer you can see the S.W.A.T with gas masks and at the end, the protagonist is with an oxygen mask on. I will be mind blowned if the plot is something related to a pandemic or a deadly virus.

      1. Jaideep .D

        Actually, it's not what you think. Maybe you didn't see the prologue of tenet which was exclusively released in theaters back. You can look it up online on reddit for the actual prologue. Then you'll understand that it's not related to any pandemic or virus.

    3. Tukang sablon

      Tenet (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ------------------------------- >> catro-tenet-2020.blogspot.com Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

    4. Darscio Studios

      Fun fact: The opening shot is inspired by Monty Python

    5. Commonman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> me and bois rushing to theatres with masks

    6. psychaddy

      Why are there no captions and titles ?

    7. Kwame Oluwasomi

      The soundtrack's gonna SLAP!

    8. VonJay

      Search Reddit for the six minute prologue. You're welcome

    9. Flare XZ

      Who else is HYPED for this?

    10. William Frederick Iversen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a> I notice how he turns slightly diffrent than normal people Look at how his pupils turns first before his body Normal people would turns their body first before their pupils

      1. Giannis Antetokountipetakopunteanelmeutetompo

        Because its in reverse 🙂

    11. Audrey HJC Ducati 29

      Like terminator 1984 soundtrack

    12. Fat{_}on they Far for the

      I can't understood why I watching this? If it the really Christofer Nolan screen wright?1))

    13. EKFiPod

      when i first saw this teaser in a dolby theater....my goodness that bass hits SO GOOD.

    14. ISAACK darkness

      The Cyberpunk feel to it is PERFECT ....i wouldn't work with zimmer Grandiose orquestal themes

      1. FrostBite Pokin

        ISAACK darkness lol k

      2. ISAACK darkness

        @FrostBite Pokin from you focking ass!!!

      3. FrostBite Pokin

        Where’d you get the cyberpunk feeling from 😂😂

    15. football leaguegician

      Oscar coming for ludwig

      1. VariTimo

        He did. Dune is his dream film. That’s why he didn’t have time for Tenet. All the stuff that’s really important to him like Dune or Tenet would have been, he starts working on about the same time when they start shooting, sometimes earlier.

      2. S3 RO

        Hans with WW84 and Dune: Who decided that?

      3. VariTimo

        If Hans doesn’t snatch it with Dune.

      4. Sterling Williams



        It hasn't happened yet.....😏

    16. eeehmm what

      I think Nolan found a worthy replacement for Hans Zimmer. Sounds epic.

      1. VonJay

        I think Hanz Zimmer would have reached a new level with the subject matter. It seems like Ludwig was directed to have it sound like a record being played backward mixed with forward play at the same time. It sounds good but a little mortal kombatish to me and, I think Hanz would have touched it with a bit of genius by making it seem classical and less techno.

      2. Aljaž Kordič

        I would consider ludwig gorranson as the best replacement , and to consider him for the future, but i still hope hans zimmer will return after tenet, he is not replaceble

      3. Jadon Garcia

        @Deivids B. shit my bad, I assumed the wrong one

      4. Deivids B.

        Jadon Garcia Ludwig is Swedish

      5. Jadon Garcia

        @Rik they both german

    17. Хиро&002


    18. MikeBreeTV 2

      Thank you, we have been looking for this teaser !! They removed it !

    19. Peter Brown

      First 40 seconds filmed backwards

      1. Aljaž Kordič

        @Riddhiman 36 it is

      2. Riddhiman 36

        0:48 to 0:52 could be backwards too

      3. Rasmus Madison

        Yeah, in the scene, the guy is moving forward while time is moving backwards.

    20. Gustavo Alves

      Jeez this music is giving me chills

      1. Naga Srinivas Vedula

        @Anthony Martensen yup..its in the prologue but he the first and last part are mixed together in the track

      2. Anthony Martensen

        I think it's the official soundtrack too.

    21. WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen

      The original one got removed. Thank god you reuploaded it.

    22. Mathijs DR

      Where did you get the footage?

      1. _

        thedigitaltheater.com had an HD version but got removed by WB since it was a theater exclusive

    23. marc cabrera

      You know its going to be a great film when the music is all it takes to hook you in. Take my money.

    24. Moisés Valle

      2020 BEST MOVIE

      1. Nitrox Vega

        @Gustavo Alves jajaj xd

      2. Gustavo Alves

        TheM31ShadoW “Hasn’t happened yet”

      3. TheM31ShadoW

        We dont know yet