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    Opublikowany 9 dni temu


    1. SHONE JOY

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="544">9:04</a> what ? 👀

    2. SHONE JOY

      My perspective about TENET : Parallel universe ❤️😍

    3. kapil shivhare

      Hey guys why are you reacting to these Hollywood content which nobody watch none of your these videos even have 5k views except extraction since it's India based film since Hollywood content and films are pope and you watch that pope

    4. Retro Tony

      I just realized something, Nolan reversed time and knows when Covid 19 ends. Deep.

    5. narayan agari

      Inception part 2

    6. Pranav Patel

      Now I have to become smart to watch this film.... Plz contact me if someone is giving their brain on rent

    7. Emma Bauer

      This is supposed to open theaters.

    8. Aayush Ingole

      Please react to death note anime please u will love it

    9. sanjay jadhav

      many shots are from mumbai did you noticed that

    10. sidanimator

      I Heard We Have To Play Whole Movie In Reverse To Get It...

    11. Raymond Herbert

      Maybe nolan forsees time of release... 😎😉🤣🤣

    12. ajit reddy

      Literally I cant wait !! Am now feeling why this coronavirus fuckin stopping us to go theatres

    13. Angelus

      I'll see it this summer, in theaters. Fact.

    14. Arafath Islam

      This movie won 5 Academy Awards. It just hasn't happened yet.

    15. lplt

      its still coming out july 17, they had a press conference

    16. L

      Dimple Kapadia in the trailer....from the movie Bobby!!

    17. drb k

      They could delay this a year till theaters are open again and it would have a good opening. Looks amazing.

    18. Gary Smith

      Estimated $205 Million dollar budget.

    19. 80's Boombox Collector

      Chris Pine lol 😂

    20. The AlbinoDorrito

      Robert Pattinson as Christopher Nolan

      1. The AlbinoDorrito

        @Rasia Tabassum he's dressed exactly the way the director Christopher Nolan dresses.

      2. Rasia Tabassum

        What is that mean

    21. Rohit Pasi

      Dimple kapadia is in the film just to increase the hype of the film in Indian( Asia Pacific) market, all here in India is like awww there's DK in teneth. Great marketing strategy like always.

    22. Shoaib Nadaf

      Guys i have an suggestion, for English movies, please react the trailer with subtitles, indian audience won't get the accent. I watched this reaction, i dint understand anything, then i watched on official site with subs then i got some idea. But it is always fun to watch it with you guys first.

    23. Nilu Roy

      No Hans Zimmer this time :)

    24. Jesse Pinkman

      If they dropped a new trailer, its coming sooner rather than later.

    25. Mr. Penguin

      Chris Pine lmfao

    26. Jayaditya Thakur

      Man i am a huge admirer of Nolan. Everytime he makes a new film my respect for him goes higher and higher. There are 3 of the greatest hollywood directors which i really admire ie Nolan,Scorsese and Tarantino.

    27. sambit pradhan

      Up until now Get jaby has 9k views whereas OSR 2.0 has 11k Indian bot army op...😁😁😁❤

    28. Elvis Mathew

      I cant even imagine watching a Nolan film on a OTT platform. No way... No .No No...

    29. Anmol Kabra

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a> dimple kapadia 😱😱 in a Christopher Nolan film

    30. Sean Johnson

      I just watched Tenet in theaters. I can't wait for the trailers to come out.

    31. swap

      Pls watch Anbe Sivam a masterpiece of Kamalhassan Tamil movt.... I've been requesting you for long time. Pls watch

    32. Vikram Sharma

      Thats Dimple Kapadia...in the trailer...

    33. Sonu Yadav

      watch malgui days , its worth reacting to , and will also get views , watch this plsel.info/video/wideo/rZzXmJvEdZx9pWE.html there are many episodes of this classical serial , its very old but really gold and watch this ad the old man and the sky plsel.info/video/wideo/rH6puILEn655e5w.html

    34. daniyal pathan

      The old woman who says 'there are people in future who needs us' is Dimple kapadia who played the love interest of Akshay Khanna in Dil Chahta Hai..

    35. Simple Complicated

      Its actually Nolan's Tenth movie, so perhaps he reversed TEN+NET = TENET

    36. Dibyendu Ghosh

      *There is dimple Kapadia in it.mother in law of Akshay Kumar,did you guys recognized her? **<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a>** Dimple Kapadia From "Bobby" Movie.*

    37. ana v

      Dimple Kapadia at 3.48 min!

    38. Roscinante

      As far as I know its still coming out this year. I dont know why u guys keep saying next yr!!

    39. Ashish Rawat

      This movie has been out for years and hasn't happened yet 🙂

    40. korak datta

      Yeah it's a Nolan film and etc etc.. but I just saw Bobby in it... I mean Dimple Kapadia is in this thing...

    41. Sahir Bansal

      Korbin he said its coming out this july

    42. Raul Barata

      So they don't name the guy with the most screen time but they can see Robert Pattinson... The Black Guy Has a Name too: John David Washington.

      1. Emma Bauer

        Some aren't as familiar yet, but they will be.

    43. Shilpa su

      Robert Pattinson and christopher Nolan were in India to shoot this movie

      1. sanjay jadhav

        @sishui utchiwa didnt you fucking notice breech candy in trailer they were here for so many weeks to shoot that scene

      2. Shilpa su

        sishui utchiwa it was in the news

      3. sishui utchiwa

        really? how do you know?

    44. jay solanki

      Spoiler: TENET is palindrome word🤣🤣🤣

    45. Sauman Sinha

      The Indian actress delivers the dialogue “People from the future need us” is Dimple Kapadia who is a mother in-law of Akshay Kumar( Indian Actor). Her first movie is “Bobby” with Rishi Kapoor ( Father of Ranbir Kapoor) who were teen sensation in 70s.

    46. Meet Patel

      What a coincidence that NASA scientists just found a little evidence about a parallel earth where time travels backwards and Nolan has already made a movie about time inversion. What a futuristic director he is.

      1. jay solanki

        Plot twist: He worked secretly in nasa

      2. FLO

        Ooooooooo!!!! Nolan knows some stuff we don't know !!

    47. Meet Patel

      There was Dimple Kapadia in the trailer, she is a great Indian actress and she is Akshay Kumar's mother-in-law.


      This Movie has Akshay Kumar's Mother in Law. The lasy in Green Saree!!!!! That's Dimple Kapadia!!

    49. Aakash Kumar Himanshu

      do you noticed ranbir kapoor's mom!!!!!

    50. Yajurvedh Bodala

      a significant part of movie is shot in mumbai

    51. Arcturus N

      Releasing on July 17th 2020! Nolan surely knows something about space-time manipulation...

    52. MUKKA KING

      did any indian notice Dimple Kapadia is in the movie?

    53. Daniel D

      Theatre open up June first here in Florida.

    54. nishit puthran

      Its similar to Memento....Nolans best film.

    55. aashique ramsee

      Guys if you don't mind, please don't attach posed thumbnails, its lame, every wannabe youtubers are doing that. You shouldn't. You are better than that

    56. richard dsouza

      The lady at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> is Dimple Kapadia, Akshay Kumar's Mother in law

    57. Akhil Sharma

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> Dimple Kapadia From "Bobby" Movie.

    58. BrosNecessaryVideos

      No it is coming in july lol

    59. Pupun Jena

      They could not notice dimple kapadia

    60. Jog Antani

      Akshay Kumar's mother in law is in this movie, dimple kapadia. U saw her with rishi kapoor in bobby song. Some scenes are shot in Mumbai

    61. achyut sharma

      Congrats for 0.001 seconds of Dimple Kapadia.

    62. Gagan P

      This movie is coming this July only. It's not postponed. Nolan told himself.

    63. Shaurie Pvs

      I still can't digest that INTERSTELLAR didn't get shoutout in this trailer!

      1. Khawaja Jawad Farid

        Batman, they shown pattinson, inception, they show 3 people in slick suits, Dunkirk and they show branagh, that seems to be why they did that

      2. Shaurie Pvs

        @Jagdish Patra lol bro

      3. Jagdish Patra

        Marut sir can answer this..😝🤣

      4. Shaurie Pvs

        @Orbit oh wow didn't know that

      5. krish

        Me too

    64. paramita nandi

      If there's just 1 film I will watch this year or next year that's gonna be it.

    65. Balaji Rajagopalan

      A few scenes in this reminds me of Kamal Hassan's Neela Vaanam. Sorry, no comparison

      1. kanchana savarinayagam

        Neela Vaanam itself is an inspiration of Coldplay's Scientist....

    66. 001Kash

      Korban and Rick did you Bobby actress Dimple Kapadia she was the Indian lady in the saree.

    67. Preet Singh

      Spot an Indian actress in this trailer.

    68. Peter Ping

      Coronavirus: *exists* Nolan: "It hasn't happened yet"

    69. Patrick D

      This movie is coming out THIS YEAR

    70. Nirmallya Ghosh

      He has a contract that if a certain minimum amount of theatres aren't opened ,the movie won't get released

    71. Prajwal Dg

      React kannada film roberrt teaser plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls

    72. sambit pradhan

      If Mycocaine is there in the movie, its gonna be trippy as hell.

    73. sambit pradhan

      The last time I was this early, tthe video was still not uplaoded

    74. AndyZachReviews

      Where are you getting this new release date? It's still slotted for July 17th, and even if it moves back to August 12th it 100% is going to be the first movie to open theaters

    75. Mohi Syed

      Dimple Kapadia from the movie "Bobby" is in Tenet

      1. Mohi Syed

        @Vikram Prasanna Why?

      2. Vikram Prasanna

        Shut the fuck up.

    76. Dimple Kharbanda

      There dimple Kapadia in the trailer.. remember she was in angreji medium.

    77. Ben Cortez

      Tenet is coming out this year for sure! The Tenet twitter account is also promoting this now for July 17th.

    78. Ananda Kumar

      The BGM of this trailer is pretty much similar to that of Kannada movie KGF. Did anyone notice?

      1. Well Yes, but actually No

        It's not. Hence no one cared.

    79. Sahitya K

      It's coming on July 17!

    80. Dhrumit Bhatt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> dimple kapadia