Studio Rescue - Episode 9

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    Francis Buckley. Grammy winning Audio Engineer. All round great guy. Project studio fairy godmother?

    In Studio Rescue we join Francis as he visits a range of home studios and combines the fundamentals of acoustic science with a few hard-earned industry secrets to get the most out of the available space.

    Join Francis in this episode as he visits the converted guest house of Steve Lesema. Despite having a fairly nice setup with a light acoustic treatment Steve is still unhappy with his mixes and calls on Francis' help.

    Is your studio in need of rescue? Visit and Francis might just be knocking on your door next!

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    1. Dimtiri

      what a crock of shit !

    2. rick nowak

      Dude. Quit ... saying something after EVERY SENTENCE the guy SAYS!!! Okay. Okay. OKAY !! Are your hmm FAVORITE ANNOYING LITTLE DUMB COMMENTS Okay?? Haha!

    3. Brody Cross

      You cant polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter....

    4. L.J.

      came in and moved a desk and put some panels in, and gave him a great mic, way to go!

    5. Josh Swann

      close your eyes at 4:25

      1. Bulg Beats


    6. KnowN Productions

      And poor Horhay got fingered that day...

    7. jaydy71

      That is one depressing looking studio. How about a nice paint job first and some nice lighting? In a small room like that, it might make sense to primarily mix on headphones because I don't think the low-end will ever really work there. Those bass traps will probably help a bit with killing some resonances, but it won't be enough. This room is just physically too small to be able to carry the bottom-end well.

    8. Arifin Famirea

      I wish you were here..need your

    9. Mustafa Tasrali


    10. Mike Chec

      can yous save my studiooooo!! the save my studio link isn't working 4 me :(


      So good sir I learn more

    12. Makevillion

      what kind of clearly fooling commercial

    13. Manny Alv

      hey man I need help setting up my studio contact me man I'll appreciate it I'm in San diego

    14. Yass Tech

      MY drram th microphone


      I really want to be like that.

    16. Andy Nonimuss

      No, it's not called an apex. It's called a vertex. And your head and ears are not at that point. The Stereo Vertex Point (the focused point where the speakers are aimed behind your head) should be 14" min. to 16" max. behind your Listening Position (ear line).

    17. Grimble Grumble

      You really should consult and advertising agency and have them give you some pointers, because this is just painful... Also... That's fucking foam. I'm literally cringing watching this...

      1. RØDE Microphones

        Hey! You should check out some of our more recent videos, this one is 8 years old! Cheers!

    18. Zaqbeats

      Only God knows how much I want this Mic..... I really lobe it...

    19. Monday Igeleke

      I need a studio rescue anyway.. Who wants to help me set up my studio

    20. Y.M Beatss

      name program for recording on computer ;) ?

    21. Zafar Mirza

      sir I love rode microphone but I cant Afford it :(



    23. FugitiveVette

      That was awesome!

    24. DarkPa1adin

      You missed a few things. Get a good decouple platform for the speakers to sit on, and the rear of the room needs treatment too

    25. Ressy Khasim

      This is nice setup skill

    26. Get Aflikted

      Save my studio😂😂😂

    27. Peter Figueroa

      Really shouldve painted the wall. It really took away from the new set up.

    28. David Beaucage

      Where could I shop for the equipment in Laval Quebec for mixing tunes with in my budget?

    29. AurelShen


    30. Quinn O’Quinn

      Room cleaning simulator

    31. arkdark555

      Man I’m so glad I’ve stumbled over this video, 'cause...I’ve been thinking to setup my own studio...

    32. Avisa lá Em casa

      Nice video, and also I loved the Brazilian flag, 👏👏✌️✌️

    33. Kalpesh Rathod


    34. Angel Castaneda

      Hey would you come all the way to El Salvador and help me on my studio?

    35. Symon

      Bitched the guy about his speaker position, tried something, put them back to the original place and preached at the guy why they're now like that...despite them being back to the start! HAHAHAHA!

    36. MOONSKIN1976

      Homemade rockwool sound panels seem to work better than acoustical foam...

    37. Ben Cornish

      Hi I'm Francis Buckley and this is my Grammy. Pleasure to meet us.

    38. Parker Walls

      Those are some WEAK "acoustic panels". And I doubt that "bass trap" does squat below 100hz.

    39. Quinn O’Quinn

      The acting in this series is worse than the acting in porn.

    40. Raul El Producer