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    Spot is an agile mobile robot that you can customize for a wide range of applications. The base platform provides rough-terrain mobility, 360 degree obstacle avoidance, and various levels of navigation, remote control and autonomy. You can customize Spot by adding specialized sensors, software and other payloads. Early customers are already testing Spot to monitor construction sites, provide remote inspection at gas, oil and power installations, and in public safety. Spot is in mass production and currently shipping to select early adopters. Find out more about using Spot in your application by visiting us at

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    1. Becky Nosferatu

      How soon before these become used by the disabled to pick up stuff and help around the house? That's what I'm after!

    2. jqbtube

      “Our general guidance is that the total cost of the early adopter program lease will be less than the price of a car-but how nice a car will depend on the number of Spots leased and how long the customer will be leasing the robot.”

    3. Norse Bastrd

      When will this be available for purchase, i have many things i could use one of these for.

    4. Porsel

      1:01 "Dynamic" reaction

    5. Hollywood Undead and Pink guy Fanatic

      Dictators don't need public loyalty when you have completely loyal robots for a military. Waiting for that day to happen.

    6. Eloc- 35

      Imagine saying to your friend “I’ll be right back, just gotta change the battery in my dog”

    7. Umit Aydin

      I wonder how long it will take before this becomes a weapon for the governments !!!

    8. SinJin

      So he will 2-step on my dead corpse after he knocks a ladder off from below me.

    9. TheEmerica88

      This is so cool !!!

    10. Ian

      Looking forward to being murdered by this thing

    11. electro squad

      when can we buy these

    12. HACKKER

      Where is buy button?

    13. FirstTimeAquatics

      They need solar cells all over their body so they can recharge in the daylight. You guys need to watch the metal head episode of Black Mirror. There are lots of ideas from there you can use :P Also maybe solid state batteries xD

    14. KindCat InGame

      spot.go(); spot.formation(); spot.loop( if { spot.reload(turret1); spot.aim(obj_human); spot.shoot(); } )

    15. VLD _YT

      We're getting closer and closer to robot dogs

    16. VLD _YT

      Damn boi he slicc

    17. Fenris Lyulf

      If our new robot overlords resemble dogs I wholeheartedly welcome them

    18. Itz_BenyBoi

      Okay guys only a few more years until metalhead is a real thing

      1. Joseph Rainer

        I'm scrolling down these comments and literally nobody is seeing the resemblance that was massive predictive programming and these people just don't get it it's crazy bro


      I hope someday someone will come up with a technology to destroy all this human-killing trash at the push of a button.

    20. Leonardo Martins

      Faltou o ponto e vírgula

    21. kris kyle

      Money 💰 Yes Militarized tech Yes

    22. U Fuk

      Imagine hiding in the rubber away from the scary big robot, only to be found by this tiny thing deck out with a gun on it's head.

    23. Robert

      Who watched this in 2019?!

    24. Sigmund Freud

      A weapon to surpass metal gear...

    25. hawonkwon student

      스폿 요점이 뭐지?

    26. Aloysius Medicus

      Its not really a robot at the time being, its more like a giant multi thousand dollar drone

    27. Genuine Person

      Be very afraid. If this is what they are showing us then imagine the weaponized version they already have that they're not showing us...not even mentioning how many jobs these devices may affect.

    28. Bryce Phil

      Are going to build a robot that will flood the place with neurotoxin

    29. CrunchEntertainment

      Ok, But can it run doom?

    30. GamerutoCL Tutoriales y Mas

      2500 spot en cada patio del mundo xd

    31. Mike Ruchington

      Looks cgi

    32. Patrick La Shell

      So what does it do? Can it at least make me a sandwich?

    33. PoM MoM

      I'd like to have a 'SPOT'. My neighbor's would all completely freak out and would want to know how to get one also. I need it for security purposes.

    34. Patrik L

      Does it come with fur? And an attachable tail? Why even make a digital dog, only to leave out the best parts??!

    35. Some Dandy

      0:40 - "Oh my gawd! Did that robotic dog just demonstrate robo-chauvinism by HOLDING A DOOR?!" -Some person who definitely did _not_ major in STEM.

    36. ManFred TheLast

      All I can think about is that Onion video about having sex with a robot dog...

    37. Zachary Johnson

      This thing gonna be like the raptors from Jurassic Park but damn they are adorable and i want one

    38. mightyoss

      We’re fucked

    39. Гришка Тракторишка

      жаль,что разработчики запретили использовать как оружие(

    40. hayd1051 hayd1051


    41. I.N. van Weyden

      *fake! cheap animation for kids and morons*

    42. Просто Вильдар

      Ммда! Круто! И интересно!

    43. kara

      well I'm prettier than that

    44. Big Fred

      Neat and cute now.. What till they track you down. As Jim Morrison says : This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes...again

    45. Line of Sight

      Pretty useless, maybe good target practice.

    46. juskalalie

      Can't wait for these robots to kill us while we're protesting on the streets against our corrupts governments!

    47. breathnac92

      Death stranding is here

    48. mukund p

      Runtime: 90secs... what does that mean?

    49. Anthony Durant

      That's cool and everything but can it bring me a beer?

    50. Mrs Bojangles

      Looks all cute & innocent, but I highly doubt Spot was designed to open doors & carry bricks in the rain.

    51. Manish Kumar

      Metalhead initiated...

    52. Mike Latta

      I want one of these as my Sherpa when I go backpacking.

    53. somthing goeshere

      i wonder if they could design it to work in a burning building and give it the capability to carry a high pressure hose, a fire department could get like 20 of em and deploy them in big fires to work perimeter management or somthing or even use them inside the building if they can be made fireproof

    54. Bizkut Limau


    55. Benjamin Lim

      Version 2: replace other robots batteries and help them recharge Version 3: reprograms own coding Version 4: takes over the world!

    56. Spac3Doge

      "Transformers 😎😎😎"

    57. Yo no quiero Ver el mundo arder

      Stick alexa to it, program it to do some animation when you say specific staff and now you can talk to your robot dog.

    58. Camila Fontaine

      Did you know that according to labor projections in the next 10 years, 500 million jobs will be lost? and with the application of artificial intelligence in 1.8 billion unemployed in 15 years? keep celebrating ...... 500 millones de puestos de trabajo desapareceran en los próximos 10 años, y con la aplicación de la inteligencia artificial serán 1.800 millones de desempleados . Sigue celebrando ........

    59. Seen Satan

      Is this some kind of robot slavery?

    60. Konstantin

      Final Programming Changes: 1-To neutralize the obstruction by all means necessary. 2-To mark a human as an obstruction.