NSD REACT | EXO 'how to be extra by byun baekhyun'


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    1. Kaiipit Life

      I subscribe u, because Exo💜

    2. Real Name

      I recommended you exo videos from yep4andy. Thats so funny video

    3. Kings Exo

      Byun Baekhyun is one of a kind 😂

    4. Kings Exo

      i'm catching up hereee sorry for commenting so much

    5. Susan Styles

      OK Kivin and daA-wed


      PLEASE more video react to EXO 🔥EXO IS KINGS 👑

    7. Angel -

      Rip headphone users 😭😭

    8. TinyBebe

      Wait, how can weekly idol copystrike the whisper challenge? First it’s a game and second they didn’t made it. The first who made it publicly was a PLselr from the UK named Joe Sugg. And not weekly idol. Wth?

    9. yvel 06

      exo is exo all of them are super extra and num.1 on the list is baekhyunie...hope you make a lot of reviews to exo...thank u

    10. Hozaima Guiamalon


    11. Bie Bham

      Please react to *EXO and EXOL iconic/cute moment*

    12. Giselle Ontuca

      When are you going to check out their live or concert performances? Thanks :)

    13. Crix Waters

      Please react to all 3 of EXO EPISODES IN KNOWING BROTHERS (on Patreon at least)

    14. Crix Waters

      Please please react to *EXO being their "quintuple million seller" self* *plsel.info/video/wideo/uF_Yu4q8hHChaYY.html*

    15. Rhiza Jhane

      everything in here is so funny 😂 the vid is so funny and your laughs are crazy too 😂😂😂

    16. fatemeh izadfar

      He is the cutest and dumbest creature😍😍even his breathing is cute😂tnx for reacting❤

    17. Yunita Sundari

      I think Baekhyun and v twin right? lol

    18. Nia Viancee

      Or please react Exo Unboxes Obsession Album plsel.info/video/wideo/1oybtorKp6OIqWU.html

    19. fiefira 21

      👍🏻✨🤩😆😍💖🙆💖 thanks for EXO video

    20. سحاب الخالدي

      Exo more please please 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21. thita imasti

      Can you guys react to "Exo who love their maknae" ?

    22. Jhaz Hermenegildo

      React to "how to laugh by Park Chanyeol"

    23. B M

      You should reaction "Exo rewind 2019" hope you like it❤

    24. Destiny _XxX

      Please react to their (EXO) LIVE performances PRETTYYY PLEASEEEE ♡♡♡♡♡

    25. san choi

      pls react to ateez being a mess dhhsbd

    26. fadila handayani

      Baekhyun so cutee

    27. Celeste Jewel

      Please do EXO Arcade it’s on vlive 🥺

    28. rokaya boucherabine

      pls do it on patreon for knowiung bros

    29. riprene2

      I have a suggestion.... react to Baekhyun's vlogs!!! Get a glimpse of his real life, some behind the scene footage whilst he was preparing for his solo debut, his Super M debut, EXplOration concert in Philippines.

    30. Reem Alqahtani

      What about reacting to their knowing bros whole episode on petreon? That well be NICEE

    31. nessa

      baek is so hilarious.... he is such a mess! 😂😂

    32. baekhyun bao bao

      We Love Baekhyun😝😝😝😘😘😘

    33. Laiba Afzal

      Plz react to exo rewind 2019 by scarb part 1 and 2

    34. ark atusyan

      Plz react to exosexo^^

    35. lerock k

      guys can you finally check their music video?

    36. Kim JongBros Paradise

      Please react to "EXO Funny Moments EXOLs Will Never Forget" it has 3 parts. Here's the link of the 1st part plsel.info/video/wideo/y3bNxoO2iJenZ5w.html

    37. Purple Tangerine

      try reacting to :Xiumin -EXO MEDLEY lot’s of exols doesn’t know about this legendary performance.. i hope you can promote it.. he performed famous exo songs by himself and hits high notes.. before he went to the military .. so this happened last yr.. ^^

      1. Purple Tangerine


    38. Exo Exo-l

      Super junior reactions they are really so fun

    39. heechulliebabo

      Baekhyun's a really fun person to have as a friend haha

    40. bell kk

      React exo jekyll exploration dot in seoul please, thanks...

    41. RougeBlood JK

      Do “how to be confused by Zhang Yixing”

    42. Nikki Lyn

      This is my bias...smh I love this dork

    43. Alice Lie

      react to EXO funny videos more...plsss like 10 times baekhyun shock me...

    44. flora K

      Thank you for reaction to EXO. I suggest you to really funny the entertainment of EXO.(ENG Sub) `Knowing bros` ( plsel.info/video/wideo/qKnbyYbXpIR_pZg.html) [골라봐야지][ENG] 팬티 안에!! (⬇️힐끔) 팬티 안에 두 글자 ㅂ0ㅂ..? 아형 찢고 간 엑소(EXO) 조회수 8,235,450회•2019. 12. 11

    45. Laughing Quokka

      LOL BAEKHYUN ALWAYS 🤣🤣🤣 BTW while watching Baek so loud on the stages, i thought you guys should see noisy Kyungsoo too LOLOL you might not expected this from him : plsel.info/video/wideo/nZ7YzKfOpG2eaqA.html AND THIS : plsel.info/video/wideo/1qim0HnRa4xmp5Q.html

    46. Arena of Valor

      Please watch 10 times EXO (it's 10 videos by Individual Members, So I write EXO) got me shook by Scarb

    47. carla rojas rojas

      10 times baekhyun got me shook pleaseeeee

    48. Nil'Pti may bloomz

      Please react to Exoplanet #4 the elyxion in Seoul-diamond,run this,coming over and power..pleaaassssseeeeeeeeee❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ please do EXO WeeK ❤❤❤

      1. Nadine R.

        Perfect of Visual Oh Sehun is definition of Art because they are afraid of copyright. They will only react to it on Patreon

      2. Perfect of Visual Oh Sehun is definition of Art

        @Nadine R. Why they don't react to exo live performanced? Sadly i really want to watch them react to it

      3. Nil'Pti may bloomz

        @Nadine R. oh thank you for telling me..🥰

      4. Nadine R.

        Nil'Pti may bloomz they already did on Patreon. They won’t react to live performances on PLsel. Except when there is a comeback 😃

    49. Nia Viancee

      knowing bross at ur patreon , could u ?

    50. Mariana Livier García Álvarez

      Porfavor reaccionen a "porque necesitan un líder" versión EXO jajaja 😆♥️✨ plsel.info/video/wideo/3Z7ZrpWtZoNqaJw.html

    51. Mariana Livier García Álvarez

      Me encantó jajaja 😆 Él es realmente genial✨✨♥️

    52. rebeeh celin

      react to ladder plsss

    53. Verónica Berenise

      Baby Baek !!! He is so funny I love him so much. ❤ Thank you so much guys. Now react to EXO Funny faills (pt 2 ) please.

    54. Yøh Aeri

      Please react to exo gravity live peformance

    55. yummiwatch

      7:36 he was embarrassed because he was still talking when the song started and he wasn't even in position yet.

    56. laura castro

      React to super juniorrrr

    57. Haru

      How to laugh by Park chanyeol!!!

    58. Baekhyun

      Lo amo demasiado KENDKD

    59. Baekhyun

      My bias everyone

    60. Baekhyun

      I'm a boomer