Lil Mosey - Live This Wild [Official Music Video]


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    Lil Mosey - Live This Wild
    starring The Mula Gang twins. Shout out my brothas for the inspiration
    Certified Hitmaker out now:
    Apple Music:
    #LilMosey #LiveThisWild #CertifiedHitmaker
    Music video by Lil Mosey performing Live This Wild. © 2019 Interscope Records

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    1. ShaanFromSpace

      3 things happened this week 1. My neighbor said he didn’t like this song 2. He got hit by a car 3. I lost my drivers license

    2. Three30'Fo Geauxst

      MulaGang inspired

    3. Jonathon Pitman

      You wil gain 20mil subs dislike to undo

    4. Yellow Spongebob

      If he shave his head he’s gonna lose his N word pass.

    5. adolf h1tler

      This kid is 17 and singing with 500 naked chicks on hes side😂 why am i alive.

    6. king pooh

      MULA GANG/ MULA TWINS 🔥 they should’ve been in this song fuck is going on... remix ??

      1. MugxMan

        king pooh they are in the music video

    7. KaikoFN

      Anyone still listening before 2020?

    8. Flacobanz

      Stole this song

    9. JUULzR6

      0:21 she bad

    10. Alien channel


    11. Jeoy GG


    12. Black Migo

      The girls in the video could literally be his mom, age wise.

    13. federico colin

      That Carhartt thoooooo

    14. Tyron Carter


    15. Jeremiah Roberts

      Her but looks good

    16. Jeremiah Roberts

      I’m wild

    17. Jeremiah Roberts

      I want girls

    18. Jeremiah Roberts

      I want girls

    19. Jeremiah Roberts

      Your good

    20. Lincoln Vinícius

      Gostou do Pantanal? Lil mosey

    21. YDK DAGOAT

      Put Lil Tecca on this 💯

    22. Fwizzy

      Freshman of the year I woke up like the man

    23. Jade Tickett

      This is a playlist for middle schoolers thinking this is rap

    24. Lil POUND

      TH 🇹🇭🇹🇭🔥🔥🐍

    25. arnold west

      wtf is he saying

    26. galaxy-_-42oz

      No mosey don’t steal mula gang shii

    27. Justin

      who else seen rob in the crowd

    28. Russell Taylor

      They have alligators held captive in gold chains 😂

    29. Payton Fleeger

      Such an underrated rapper he gonna pop off

    30. MaXiE50

      Like if lil mosey make oficial blueberry faygo

    31. Neroo Goated

      Niggas stealing lyrics😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    32. gamer DJ

      Im herw before goingtoviral

    33. Jerma Knights

      R o t

    34. Jacob Hovanes

      Damn! This is my favorite song of all time!

    35. Ivan Medina

      Link up with lil skiesss

    36. Summer Hineline

      when u know u wanna listen to mumble rap

    37. Francisco Villajuana

      Lil mosey is trash

    38. 1000 subscribers with no content

      Anybody else giving to lil Mosey’s verses “ibin100banonhechayahim tryhdjrlivwil”

    39. Harambe Needs 50 subs

      So none of them over 18??

    40. Produção HEPEX

      melhor som pro brazil like