Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 (Part 2)



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    I BET YOU DIDNT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN LOL (watch till the end)
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    1. MrBeast

      WATCH PART 1 HERE! (watch the entire thing)

      1. Sonu Parmar

        Hii mr beast can i join ur challenge i from india

      2. Katie Pasko

        MrBeast I love your videos

      3. STAYWINNING GodsSoldier


      4. Keirx Brxwn

        MrBeast bring Troy back next round



    2. RAID Jayden

      9:17 I remember on New Years I popped a confetti on my cousins face it’s red still

    3. chelsea tai

      WHat if chandler was in a swing and fell off And Canada doesn’t have target just sayin

    4. D-Channel TV

      İ feel sad for Troy 😢😢

    5. FunWolf_Plasma101

      When I heard Troy’s mother talk about what was happening *my mind* God Why! When Troy got off the swing Good Job My brother!

    6. Lord Zayden

      Who the hell was using King K. Rool in the background xd (12:51)

    7. Rupika Malwatha

      I'm sorry but Omar's such a di..

    8. ryan moore

      If you look at when Troy is on the couch super smash bros is on the tv in the background

    9. F.I Wahab

      Mr Beast you're a legend

    10. Channel with 10,000 Subscribers

      Troy is mah boy!!

    11. Fox life

      Can I smack you mr.butt

    12. William LaCombe

      What was that song when they were running through them?

    13. Yosi Benitez

      Im so sorry thow you 😣😭

    14. Yosi Benitez

      This dod have to you uh

    15. Alejandro Echeverry

      Man fuck omar

    16. l bolen

      me: *swings every single day for hours straight for fun* mr beast: *makes this challenge* me: so you have challenged me?

    17. Cringe Network

      12:55 they are playing smash bros🤣

    18. Zavier Goswell

      Is Omar in Aladdin

    19. Colton Dorsey

      Weddle as a ref is pure Congratulations you’re awake

    20. Liyah Panda

      # Murcas

    21. Jay is crackedツ

      can u come to canada toronto i want to do a challenge

    22. Gaetan Muyllaert

      12:55 who won at smash bros 🤣

    23. Isaac Roberson

      Where the most and wins

    24. Dan's Garage


    25. J_Spazz SJJD

      You should do a montage of all the high fives

    26. IceColdWolf

      Where’s akira

    27. swizzie

      Hey person scrolling down the comments Sorry to break it to you but Omar wins

    28. Arsenal gamer Boi


    29. SamDoes- Stuf


    30. Abby Aesthetics?

      Give troy 50k rn or ima throw hands

    31. Joja Joja

      Am I the only one thinking about how they didn't go to the bathroom for who knows how long?

    32. Sam Green

      ion gon lie, omar’s sister looking fine

    33. Andres Trager

      My Legs!! XD

    34. El McCaskill

      I would love to be one of the coaches!💪🏾

    35. Non of your issues Hello

      You killed the Camera men

    36. Aurora Noel

      Waddle is the most underrated person on this channel, hes got such a great sense of humor

    37. Elsie Martinez

      My cousin said this “jUsT kEeP sWiNiNg” lol I died

    38. Tory Brown

      As soon as the unicorn came out I would’ve been out in a heartbeat. Jumped out of the swing. No regret

    39. tomas gameplay

      2:10 OHH MY GOOOOD

    40. SuperHashBoy

      All likes are for Chandler....

    41. Dragon

      How they go to bathroom?

    42. Um Um

      Honestly I would swing for hours

    43. DarkRai7

      0:50 2:09 air horns

    44. Ancient

      13:10 Dang man i feel bad for him bu- wait is that smash bros in the backround?!

    45. R Casey

      In the final Omar looses

    46. Iqra Faisal

      if it was between me and Troy i honestly would have gotten up because Troy needs it much more than i do. CLEARLY OMAR COULDNT SEE THAT AND THAG JUST MAKES ME REALLY SAD!!!!! you did good Troy!!!!!!

    47. MrPowGaming

      1like 1mil 👊🏻

    48. Avery Riley

      Didn’t expect that I would win mabye

    49. Dillon Pattison

      I feel so sorry for the guy who came second

    50. Alyssa Burgess

      Me at 3 am: 12:06

    51. Lorena Martinez

      Youll see

    52. Lorena Martinez

      First of all chandler won 6 challenges last to leave roller coaster revolving door last to leave 20000 wins it just look at mr beast challenges ok

    53. Leah Johnson

      I really wanted Troy to win.

    54. Robert Pepin

      Where is the guy who won last time

    55. Casual Viewer

      He lost... At swinging... That's epic sad

    56. Golden Gaming

      Who was playing smash in the bg?

    57. TheTypical Gamer

      How in hell did they swing that long? i would be off at the first present unicorn

    58. Crocodile on A jetski

      Omar’s kinda a douche in my opinion he’s probably just gonna keep it all for himself

    59. Junior OG11

      Do last to stop blinking wins

    60. peyton out 123

      My name is peyton