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    In today's video, Carter Sharer challenges Team RAR including Lizzy Capri and Stove's Kitchen as well as special guests Bailey Payne AKA Bagels, Jojo Sim, Tanner Witt, and Corn to an epic last to fall in the pool challenge. However, Carter has a special surprise for his friends Lizzy, Stove, Jojo, Bailey, Tanner, and Corn because he has filled the pool with 2,000 lbs of dry ice and red food dye to turn it into lava as well as turning the backyard swimming pool into an obstacle course with the belly flop machine, wooden planks, and even the giant trampolines. The last person to fall into the pool will have a chance to win a brand new IPad and be crowned the champion of this challenge. Watch to see who can last the longest and make their way through the dry ice pool obstacle course and Comment below with what you thought about this epic last to leave vlog!
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    1. Bailey Payne

      This video was a blast to film!!

      1. Selina Connell

        I think lizzy is going to fall first

      2. phoebe Baker

        Bailey Payne poor you are you ok

      3. lps bubble heart littlest pet shop

        i hope you feel better

      4. Deanna Bren

        Are you and Liz still dating Carter

      5. Michael Wisk

        Should make a video last one to fall off a plank

    2. Pokemon20 Pro

      #pray for bailey

    3. Armaaninaction


    4. deborah afadama

      carter: so let's put the dry ice in people start putting them in, he kicks one in then goes to sit on the trampoline

    5. Nora Drake


      1. Nora Drake

        We all love bayilee so supourt him

    6. Unicorn Power

      Why is Bailey In wheel chair

    7. David Mitchell

      One pray for Bailey just started watching this and I fell sorry for him so I followed him on insta

    8. Belinda Smith

      # Lizzy# Carter

    9. Belinda Smith

      #pray for bailey

    10. Haely Park

      I bet Carter's favorite word is sketchy

    11. Living Life as Laura

      "I'm a little injured but unlike this guy I'm gonna send it anyways.." Uh, excuse me but I don't think you straight up destroyed your knee. And I don't think you got surgery :l

      1. deborah afadama

        No need to get defensive gee

    12. Liv Davis

      JoJo: I'm the most athletic Tanner: Hold my hair spray

    13. Ron Morton


    14. Erin Morris

      I hope you’re OK Bailey you’re one of my favorite people! And also you are the best there you are the top one in my Pinyan with Carter’s Siri

    15. Nicholas Simmons

      this channel is so gross that how do people like this

    16. Rod Gab

      Real lava?

    17. Vaunekka Willis

      One like=one prayer👍

    18. Dustin Williamson


    19. Peter Ninham

      I think Lizzy is going to win 🌈

    20. Keagan Scroggin

      #Pray for Bailey

    21. Eli Jacobsen


    22. Sparkling Starr’s

      It’s not fair to stove it was foggier for Stove

    23. QuietK1ller _

      You carter 😍 I love your channel by josiah

    24. Sydney G

      Are you going to be in a vid with Steven and Grace

    25. Angela Lycans

      What happened to baliy

    26. Kahiam Davis


    27. Haley Anne


    28. Benjie Harris


    29. Mariem Hussien

      Wow this is the best video I saw in my life 👩😻

    30. Life of abe


    31. AA - 04SI - Corsair PS (1359)

      Subscribe to Carter only if u r a fan

    32. Zhang Danny

      What happened to Baily

    33. Musa Abdulrahman

      lizzy will you please stop making fun of peoples name

    34. deborah Casey


    35. Karvanan KARTHIKESHAN

      what happened bailey.why is he in a wheel-chair.

    36. Bir damla Hayat


    37. JDXtreme

      This is my new favorite channel🤗💜

    38. Emely Cabral

      Were do you buy the dry ice I have been trying to get it for so long

    39. Bernard Edwards

      # prayforbaily

    40. Synea Williams

      I had red Kool-Aid

    41. Keira Deans

      The pool was flashing blue and white!!?!

    42. Amazing Kids



      Do videos with your GF maggie

    44. raheem gilbret

      I love you voice

      1. raheem gilbret

        😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚🇱🇷😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 shalon

    45. Mae Mae

      Carter can you give me a shout out please and a price please

    46. Min khant Shwe

      Where is your mc claren

    47. Angie Hamby

      Pray for bayley

    48. Jack Craddock

      cool video I have a youtube channel

    49. madison taylor


    50. Heather Keller


    51. Heather Keller


    52. Maya LaChance

      Did anyone else hear them say a swear word?

    53. Alexa Ashley

      team jojo

    54. Chris Adri Henning

      It was lit

    55. Saleha ali


    56. K byrnes

      that's so stupied to add dry ice in your pool but its so funney and my apinon if I was you I would never put dry ice in my pool

    57. Hannah Cipriam


    58. Melissa Slosson


    59. 80chances YT

      Liz: “corn what type of name is that?” Me: I didn’t wanna say it but.. Who names their kid after food

      1. # Nurra

        80chances YT I get the joke