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    iPhone 12 5G, Release Date, Price, First Look, Specs, Features, Camera, Trailer, Leaks, Concept, New - bit.ly/33C2eLl
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      1. Valentina Fernandez

        is dis fake?

      2. Maxi - Brawl stars


      3. Kamran Nadeem

        @Jose Morales Jimenez what????

      4. Jose Morales Jimenez

        @JOHN NELSON@io8a7y7D8t799t8D99t88t799t88t799t899t88t799t8D99t88t7 @ioD2r84tt8t799t8@8t78t799t8D99t88t799t8D99t88t799t8D99t88t799t8D99t88t799t8D8t799t8D99t88t799t8D99t88t799t899t88t799t8D8t799t88t78t799t8D99t88t799t88t799t8D99t88t799t88t799t8D99t88t799t88t799t899t88t799t88t799t88t799t8D99t88t799t88t799t88t78t799t8D99t899t8D99t88t799t8D99t88t799t8D8t799t8D99t88t7

      5. Jose Morales Jimenez

        @Kamran Nadeem-7y7DD494o99t8D8t799t88t799t88t799t88t799t8D8t799t8D @GHZt9t8DD8t799t8D99t88t799t8DD99t88t799t8D99t88t799t8D99t8D99t88t799t8D8t799t8D99t88t799t8D99t88t799t899t8D99t88t799t88t799t88t799t88t7D99t88t799t899t88t78t799t899t8D99t8D99t899t899t88t799t88t7D99t88t7D99t88t799t88t799t8D

    2. unholy noob

      *the cameras*

    3. Blank

      If this is real im going to kill myself

    4. Trostat


    5. Rehman ullah khan Dawar

      Subscribe My Channel.. Thanks 😘

    6. Kennedy O

      Looks like a Samsung

    7. Gedward Magtoto

      I like more what im using iphone 10 S MAX

    8. Elif Özdemir

      It’s fake fake fake hdhdhdhd

    9. alien chau

      if this real i ll buy

    10. Itsyagurlmymy Okurr


    11. KV Singh

      The Samsung galaxy note 10 plus can charge to 100 in 40 minutes and its already released so note 10 plus is better

    12. hoeming W

      Bullshit..thats One Plus 7 pro...haha

    13. HoneyyBear

      Okay. First ew, it’s chunky and second, it looks like a Samsung.

    14. Claudia Chiweta


    15. Pookito

      i’m saving up already

    16. Pookito

      can’t wait

    17. Wilton Cesar santos

      the the the

    18. Jesmi X

      Nah it looks like an Samsung

    19. The Vivaan Gaming

      You all are buddhu



    21. Tundraheart

      I hope it gonna be thin so when it falls it breakes easily and people will start to understand its bad so they stop buying it 😂😂

    22. Tarmizi Lgk 2017

      Damm it

    23. wwhisnuc

      sorry but-, no. 😔

    24. Jack Broggi

      This is probably the smoothest iPhone 12 prediction video I’ve seen.

    25. JBizzle2285

      All phones look alike more and more lol...!

    26. Gacha Girl

      Bruh it’s the same thing and why does it look like a Samsung

    27. Fatima Macani

      i don’t have many

    28. Kloey Halona

      No matter if it’s real or fake. It looks Ugly.

    29. Ashley Mendoza

      That awkward moment when a comment gets more likes then the video 😂😂😂

    30. Perwez Reber

      I liked every thing except the camera but still I think this isn't real

    31. 0ceanicSkys

      Ahem another Samsung look alike

    32. Ahdi Nbyen


    33. A Gacha Tuber

      If they actually make the screen like that I will consider buying it because I hate the notch since it gets in the way of youtube videos.

    34. tuamigaMaribel

      Finally double charging like ANDROID♥️♥️♥️😂😂😂😂🤦🤦🤦

    35. Stingray

      its just a concept chill peeps

    36. Sean Robbie

      I just got the new phone wtf

    37. Elizabeth Yaremchuk

      I don’t even have a phone yet. When I go to high school my dad was gonna give me his old iPhone 7...

      1. annie bugg

        Elizabeth Yaremchuk I got the iPhone 7 and it’s pretty cool

    38. Brown Sugar

      Hi i am a new PLselr can anybody subscrib me Please...

    39. Lester Vanegas


    40. Mainul Hossain

      Fuck the iphone

    41. giagia tv Gia

      Ho iPhone 12

    42. Man long Cheung

      My new iPhone may be out very very very very very very soon

    43. arshad sodawala

      Thats totally fake

    44. Netflix Addict

      I dont like the fact tht the camera at the back is in the middle

    45. Egris

      Apple is really trash company

      1. Mccaffeine Vlnxa

        @Egris It has the best camera

      2. Egris

        Apple is cheater

      3. Mccaffeine Vlnxa

        It's the richest company

    46. mufid khan

      Yellow bhi Yar

    47. rehan shaikh

      Seriously do you guys even think Apple will go for finger print scanner. They can’t go against their privacy policy. Also each and every iPhone will have notch on it till they don’t find place for accommodation of face scanner.

    48. ismail cem akbaş


    49. Casko Friday

      I jst bought my 11pro 256gb..now im so regret with this new design killing me af!!!!

    50. Zadoc Quennn

      Bro this is soooo fake Apple would never do an Android style camera 🤦🏼‍♀️

    51. Losplayz

      I think the iPhone is gonna look more like a camera or a Nintendo 3ds

    52. Wolfie Pie :3

      *Probably would be very easy to break*

    53. Priscila Aguilar

      I feel like there bringing the old look but in a better version

    54. Zanyahh Wilson

      Y’all just running out now that’s to much cameras

    55. plimpyplums fortnite IDK

      Shut👌 mate it's not fake but it's not real it's a possible inspiration for the creation of the new iPhone 12 said by apple to be released in September of 2020. This is just an inspiration ok? :/

      1. annie bugg

        plimpyplums fortnite IDK you shut up mAte

    56. Just a muffin

      The music starts~ Me: Walk a mile in these lu~ oH oOopS

    57. Official_Chioke

      Hell no dis shit look about ugly ass hell💯

    58. Princella Cooksey

      I like it i hope apple takes the idea

    59. アナキン・スカイウォーカー

      へ?ださない? dasakunai?