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Olivia Jade

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    1. Hope Wines

      Karma is a bitch

    2. Ben Hastings

      Your parents deserve to go to jail

    3. Ivette Ortega

      There was no point of you coming back least make a "comeback" do you even understand what you and what your parents did wrong? And the fact your mom is going to prison? There is no need for you on PLsel anymore. You're a spoiled rich kid who thought your money will solve everything maybe grow some balls and apologize to your general public and admit its wrong. If you are not allowed to use your head and think for once your a waste of teenage life.

    4. M A.


    5. The Shortening of the Way

      Did you know that your parents transgendered you in the womb to become a baphomet because they're really satanists? Something to look into Jade.

    6. Brian Haley

      She kept saying how she can’t talk about it for 1:30 long like the ending was the best part it was over

    7. Julia

      Oh, please. Fuck right off.

    8. Jessica Melissa

      You’re an idiot

    9. arelim

      she misses her sponsorships, I feel bad for her parents

    10. Abby McNeil

      You’re a joke .

    11. Rebekah N

      No Olivia Jade, you should not have come back to PLsel World. If you want to redeem yourself, do something worthwhile like community service. Join Americorps. Help those less fortunate than you. Do some self discovery. Cultivate a spiritual path. And start getting real with yourself. And if college is something you really want, then have some integrity and respect and do it the right way. Walk in the front door and apply.

    12. Wayne Kennoff

      This is about attention, and money. She keeps comments on because it creates traffic and thus money. And it appears she's been missing the attention of her fans.

    13. LeBosh Wade

      Imagine wasting this much air to say nothing important🤯

    14. Claire Sadlowski

      I didn’t hear an apology...

    15. Chris Wolf

      You missed being on PLsel with all the trolls? Girl your PLsel Miss Priss days are over. This is open season on you now by the troll army. I'd quit social media for about ten years and try to make a comeback later when you pull that silver spoon out and make a living for yourself.

    16. Francine Sanchez

      So many people are commenting here who aren't her fans at all and probably didn't watch her videos before. Do your thing, Olivia.

    17. TheMexikingisback2

      White people get everything handed to them, yet they talk about pulling themselves up by the boot strap lol. This girl isn’t the only one that gets jobs, loans, scholarships etc just because of their parents.

    18. Lorelai Mercy

      Guess they spent all the money on lawyers and had none left for a good script. She could not even be bothered to say that she is truly passionate about videography and making quality content and wants to participate in the online community in a productive way moving forward. And I just pulled that out of my ass while taking a dump. WEAK.

    19. Jimmy Medina

      this child should be on trial right next to her parents. No way she didn't know how she got in USC. She is a fake, a cheat and lair.

    20. phoebeluo

      You are a terrible person. You're parents raised you that way obviously, but still, they may go to prison and you're whining that you don't get to film yourself. Stfu.

    21. Gen X

      hey babe, how about trying to study by going back to the community college first?

    22. Abigail Osborne

      You all are commenting about how you don’t care or whatever you hate, but you all gave her 5 million views which is going to her pocket. Congratulations

    23. Emireth Hernández

      We r with u

    24. Emireth Hernández

      U r the best

    25. Emireth Hernández

      Love uuuuu

    26. Emireth Hernández

      Come back

    27. m s

      Who else didnt listen to a word she said but just came here to rip on this pathetic bitches comment page

    28. Joseph Scott

      All the negative comments is disheartening. The daughter is not at fault if the parents broke the law. I assume Olivia has led a pretty easy life considering who her parents are, but why blame the child for the sins of the parents, if they actually did anything illegal considering they haven't been convicted of anything yet. Olivia, I'm very glad to see you trying to take your life back and move forward. Don't let negativity get you down and stop you.

    29. Chief Handler

      Truly useless individual.

    30. Lana Vidović

      The only thing I am wondering here is : why is everybody so hateful? I know the story behind this & I know what her family did. But guys, we all make mistakes. We are all just people. Yeah, it's not something that each one of us would do but it happened. I am sorry for every person out there who lost the spot at University because of actions like that. I really do. Although they chose wrong actions - they are still just people. Nobody is even trying to see that. Everybody is just throwing hate around. You are not in their skin & you don't know what they went through in these last few months. Yeah, it is said ' you get what you deserve ' but they already got that, can anybody see that? They were publicly shamed (they still are) & what not. So, spreading more hate on this topic is just so unnecessary. Everybody is shaming them saying they have no compassion, they just stole what they thought is theirs (which is true I am not denying that) but each one of you here also has no compassion for them. We all make all kinds of awful mistakes in our life & we get what we deserve for that but there is just no point in dragging it & reminding people about what they did. I am pretty sure until now they got it. Just ask yourself - would you like for other people to look at you like that & treat you like that cause of a mistake you did? The note before the comment section says: Remember to keep comments respectful. & I literally see no one doing that. Spread love not hate. Love is what touches the heart & changes the world.

      1. Lana Vidović

        Paul Emanon I am not taking sides I am just trying to say that everybody is being compassionate with people who suffered the consequences of their actions but nobody is being compassionate with them. That is all I am trying to say. I am not taking sides at all.

      2. Paul Emanon

        If the accusations are even true . We do not know any facts or what is true because it is up to courts to decide these things (unless there is a very good reason for a person to take a side) Even if the accusations are true, there are worse crimes in the world that should be of more concern to the public. I do agree with you but will add that people should be impartial and neutral instead of arbitrarily taking a side in a complicated/ complex financial criminal dispute without knowing all the facts. The haters/trolls on youtube are are basing their beliefs on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason and are either ignorant or dong it on purpose just to troll.

    31. paige crowder

      I'm not really for all the bullying on this vid, and you should have the right to move on with your life and heal and grow from this situation. But you need to do it in private. You coming back to PLsel just looks super tacky and gross. It's very obvious what you're back for, and it's not even for your subscribers whom you never even had a real relationship with. You're only back for the money and the free shit but judging by the comment section, you're not getting out of this one. Life ain't that easy sis.

    32. king 28

      Olivia sweetie drop dead thank you :)

      1. king 28

        I was actually complimenting her. She’s drop dead gorgeous. Thank for your concern though

      2. Lauren White

        What she did is inexcusable but there's no reason to wish death on somebody.

    33. Miki Maus

      I don't think that money made you fraud, it only accentuated what you already are. Bye bitch

    34. Jake S

      Go away. You’re fucking irrelevant.

    35. Hannah Riddle

      💖💖💖I missed you💖💖💖 welcome back hun

    36. duhTrey

      The likes are definitely fake

    37. Phillis The Uncle

      Imagine faking a life just for videos and then leave your own family in the rubble.

    38. Ky

      Guys, don’t forget she’s still a human being.

    39. dlghtfl1

      Stupid. Vapid. Spoiled. EMPTY.

    40. Useful Vidiots

      Morons like her is why my site exists. www.usefulvidiots.com