Halsey - You should be sad



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    Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

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    1. Alessandra Sadkova

      So..this video has any sense?? Someone can explain it to me?? 🤦🤦🤦

    2. Kicka Holken

      Jag tycker hennes honkor är sjyssta! Låten var sådär kanske..

    3. Rishi Sharma

      Halsey - a sensation😍💞

    4. TheNavajoWay Ps4

      I just dont understand why she dresses like that & all this sexual tension if its literally about a guy lmfao? People just dont know how to match the song these days 😂😂 like whats the point of showing your tits & ass off if the song is about a breakup & a ex???? Lmao ill never understand, guess for attention?

    5. Michael Phillips

      16 millions views and I'm atleast 22.5 of those.

    6. Charity Mujeyi

      Well this is shit.

    7. VinxTerranova

      That 0:52 nipple slip with the blonde tho O.O

    8. Ashley Spencer

      I hate how they over sexualize women. It’s truly saddening.

    9. Jerome Jose

      So is this really how she feels about YUNGBLUD

    10. Ashley Guzman

      Body goals 🤤

    11. Bangtan4Ever

      *Jimin has left the chat*

    12. ollie naylor

      \ (*_*) /

    13. Danny Rokstarr

      Sexy cowgirl Halsey She can pull off every look

    14. Bri M.

      I want Halsey to sit on my face the way she’s sitting on that horse.

    15. Cookie Mk

      Não sei o que é mais bonito, se a voz dela ou ela mesma kk

    16. sweet talkeRr

      That is music video or porno

    17. Tom Owens

      it's a shame what the music industry does with it's talent. Halsey is a true talent, but Bullsh-t like this will kill it off quickly. So sick of this garbage

    18. Studio Suspense

      Ok but why Halsey always gotta look like a guitar hero character?!?

    19. 톰

      Who still loves like this typical MV..😥

    20. Gunther Waigell


    21. Hassan Tariq

      ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━

    22. Love Bts

      God I can’t stop thinking while watching this how will bts reaction for this like my mind blow just watching this imagine their reaction 😂

    23. Rabia Baydili

      slikon yaptırınca halsey😂😂

    24. Alex Booth

      I mean there’s sexy and there is Halsey naked on a horse 😍😫

    25. Sarah Ritchie

      An ad for You Should be Sad played right before this video IM LIVING

    26. kinderutz

      Shouldn't she be under the horse? 🤔

    27. Jando gaming

      Use me as an ummmmm button

    28. Hoang

      nipples at 0:52

    29. davorifashion

      Its a great song, all music reflects other music... Halsey, I love you u rock!

    30. Renin Mohan

      is it me or Anybody else thinks that this music video is not even remotely related to the lyrics.?

    31. Deeps Eliade

      put your clothes on love, its just a bit desperate.

    32. signorina27

      So this was like Britney's Slave for you, Christina's Dirty and that massive tribute to Shania's Man, I feel like a woman!

      1. Fireman 17

        don't forget Carrie with the Eyes

    33. Bradley A

      I want to know what he has to say about this song!

    34. Ariel Nosrati

      I feel like music videos are getting dirtier day by day :/

      1. Fireman 17

        Hasley just keeping getting hotter.. I want to she do this live!!

    35. pandomo1914


    36. Ferrer Zorola

      This song outpeaked Graveyard by 5 spots (#29) on the BBhot100 so if the video gains more views this will officially be Manic's most succesful single after Without Me 😅🤔

      1. Ferrer Zorola

        @Fireman 17 yeah Graveyard is moody and cute but You should be sad is more bad ass and cowgirl-ish 💅🎶

      2. Fireman 17

        imho its better video and song then graveyard

    37. Matyi Barna

      There's not a single person in this video who doesn't have a tattoo :0

    38. Gamer ArmyCz

      Am i the only one who's here becouse she looks sexy asf in this video?

    39. Rustic Life

      This song is too beautiful to be sold by sex .

    40. Fran

      Might as well be naked.

    41. B LEGACY 3

      god damnnn I didn't know she was a baddie

    42. Shannon

      I knew I was getting Shania Twain vibes with the updo and black dress then confirmed with leopard print hood.

    43. DaggerMan11

      Halsey can get it

    44. lilyflwrr

      I like country now

    45. Glenacus

      Im not into to the country music theme.......but Daaaaaamn Halsey is Hot!

    46. Sparc Mac

      Halsey on the Ranch

    47. Lone Wolf

      So a “Matrix” style sex club with a cowboy vibe? Does that really exist anywhere? I’m seriously too old to get current music.

    48. Life with Lindsey


    49. 音樂歐美電音

      Oh duck my olo


      Como é que eu vim para aqui Jesus! Eu sou da igreja

    51. Mara Lein

      Wtf did I just watch? Really halsey? Really?

    52. Naufal Ammar

      Her music video is very beautiful

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Looks like a badass Audrey Hepburn at the end.

    53. Anthony Farbo

      Love the new song. G-Easy you lost a good thing. She deserves better

      1. Fireman 17

        G-Easy so bad he lost Halsey and had 2 and half songs about him.. lol

    54. Furkan Ozkan

      at 00:52. :/ bad production or advertising?

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Apa cmn gw yg pengen liat susunya doang

    55. K

      Riding naked on a horse is a reference to the generous Lady Godiva of the 1000s. Although I have no idea what the music video has to do with the lyrics

    56. Ivana Min g

      Porque todos tienen cara de exitados y la letra se trata de que menos mal que no esta con el 🤨😅 pero igual me encanto 😊💜

    57. mads 818

      Idk if it was intentional but the tone of the song does not match the music video at alll lol (no hate)

    58. NA TIA

      She got more fans after BTS boy with love

    59. Rostandbieber

      I love you Halsey

    60. Darrin Jennings

      This is ALL HALSEY!!!!!!!Love her 3001!