Halsey - Finally // beautiful stranger



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    Music video by Halsey performing Finally // beautiful stranger. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC

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    1. Taylor Paul

      Love this song but I can’t be the only one that thinks it sounds just like Lady Gaga’s “Yoü and I” ????

    2. dwi mulyani

      Is this ost of movie? Why is sooo much ost vibe for me 🤩

    3. Lisa M

      Has a little John Mayer sound in the beginning. Love this!

    4. David Lucas

      My favorite song

    5. Brenda Cov

      I'm so obsessed with this song ❤️🙊😍

    6. Rani Safari

      Check out my reaction of Halsey's album - Manic plsel.info/video/wideo/3GqyrpXWf6mGe6A.html

    7. Gloria Lara

      How nice. @halsey

    8. Vinita Chouhan

      Two ghost brought me here!

    9. Jessica Van Arsdale

      Anyone else hear Harry Styles Two Ghosts??

    10. Bryanna coatney

      LOVE Manic

    11. Rachel Wainwright

      My first thought hearing this was it sounds like Lady Gaga's You and I, and she's dressed like Lana. Halsey probably is just trying to look like a diva, but the hair and dress scream Lana to me and I wonder why she would do that

    12. Shawna Kealoha

      Anyone else notice the necklace she’s wearing when she’s in the white tank, is similar to one yungblud wears often?

    13. Blanca Aragon

      this is country ... whats next ??? gospel ?

    14. housedogs3

      so is anyone else getting the similarity to Anna Nalick's Just Breathe from 2007?

    15. Garrett Roberts

      Sounds like You and I by lady Gaga

    16. patrizia pagani

      I love, beautiful Song.

    17. Sas4l

      Beautiful asffff

    18. Teddy


    19. Josh Fugate

      Best song on the entire album says this 42 year old white guy!

    20. Linda Guerrero

      Musical genius!

    21. Itzel Santana

      Grammy 😍😍

    22. PalmettoMoon

      Gotta love Halsey but she ripped the riff from the Jo Bros "Cool" but slowed down a bit.

    23. WillBrink

      OMG, what a talent!!

    24. Rosa Pérez

      Ew Stop copying Gaga

    25. Alyssa Mae

    26. KevinOwensShow WWE

      Guys Fight for the person You love, Don't wait until lose that person completely. Unfortunately I lost Mine for been a stupid. She Broke up with me and and feel there is no live without her, I'm going through a hard time, depression, and death attempts. I hope she can forgive me one day for all the pain and made her feel. Good Bless y'all.

    27. The Rebels

      Does anyone else think this is about yungblud?

    28. priyom rajkhowa

      Her song makes me sad, but i love this sad. Oh Halsey you are perfection ❤️

    29. Madison Lion

      I fuckin loveeeee youuuuuu

    30. Tímea Dubovská

      This song is .. perfect! Love it ❤️💕

    31. Sara nata

      This song remains me a little of Harry styles, two ghost. Just a little


      Very sweet song

    33. Solange

      Beautiful stranger where you are? Halsey Beautiful song..and ..guitar:) ThankU Halsey:) I Purple U:) Good Luck Manic:) BTS WORLD BTS ARMY Map Of The Soul:7.. New Album BTS is coming:) Shadow Comeback Trailer Black Swan Black Swan Art Film:)

    34. FALik eM

      Cool, but it's not about me.

    35. Veronica Collin

      Beautiful voice

    36. luizax

      Strange Love Strangers and Finally, Beautiful Stranger

    37. Thomas Smith

      The Word of God is my defence. Some would say get off the Jesus thing. But that book is in the court. Why wouldn't I have him as my defence. Where does it say that sir.⛪

    38. Seerat Singh

      "Beautiful stranger" - A tinder love story

    39. budi trisna syarif

      mantul halsey

    40. Mansi Thakur

      Such a beautiful song....🖤

    41. Ches Velasco

      You and I by Lady Gaga, anyone?

    42. Aritosthenes

      If this Gal.. ☝ RIGHT HERE..☝☝☝ 💯💯💎💎💎💎💎 - GotTogether with PINK.. . ~ I Think They'd Create a Garden of (Musical) Eden,💯💯💯💯💯💯💎💎💎💎💎🌈 🌈 🌈

    43. H B

      Halsey is creative. Halsey is deep. Halsey is mysterious. Halsey is intriguing. Halsey is beautiful. Halsey is Halsey. I love Halsey.

    44. Candice rokose

      When Halsey stops feeling sad is when we will lose these beautiful songs...

    45. Eavanah Epps

      Song about YUNGBLUD ❤️

    46. Felipe Batista

      This is Halsey's best song!

    47. Wencer Segura

      thinking in someone listening to this.. i really felt that

    48. Oveeya Vendon

      Anyone else feel like this belongs in a 2000s movie? 13 going on 30?

    49. Ani Monim

      Sounds like Rely on me by James Smith 😅 but whatever i love this song💖

    50. Noco S

      (Somethin') Somethin', somethin' about this place, wohooo, wohooo... 🎶

    51. S de Series

      I love it

    52. S de Series

      Good video

    53. S de Series

      I love you

    54. S de Series

      Is perfect

    55. Melih Gürsoy

      Güzell şarkı (61)

    56. Marlan C

      Damn it, halsey's so beautiful i'm gonna cryyyy

    57. Lord Ako

      It really sounds like (Two Ghosts) 🤷🏻‍♂️

    58. Kimberley Ronca

      It’s a beautiful song. My husbands favorite on Manic, which, IMO, is going to be one of the greatest albums put out in 2020, dare I say over albums that have won Grammys in the past. It’s poignant, resonating, melancholy one minute to brass balls to the wall the next. I’m 46, but she’s the first artist I’ve heard. barring Alanis Morissette, that really speaks to me. (I was diagnosed with anxiety, type two bipolar, ptsd, adhd to add up a wonderful cornucopia of reactions and emotions surrounding any given situation that presents itself to me. I’m a mess. Halsey slows me down. She gives my head something to listen to that tells me, ‘hey, you’re not alone! Even girls as old as your middle daughter have these same problems. I have to say she’s an inspiration. I’ll be headed to NY to see her in July, and I can not wait!

    59. krystal floods

      One of my favorites from this album❤️

    60. Giovanni Trevisan

      How you can talk like this if something went wrong or finished? Seems so strange to me...