Halsey - Ashley (Lyric Video)



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    Music video by Halsey performing Ashley (Lyric Video). © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

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    1. Filipe Araujo

      Ashley is an anagram for Halsey. Amazing ♥️

    2. scarlet letters

      I don't think many people know her, but Halsey in the chorus sounds EXACTLY LIKE JULIET SIMMS. it's really amazing

    3. Windysaint

      ❤️ 🎧 always with you tube ❤️damn this song sounds amazing 😉 ❤️ this song ❤️getting lost in music 🎶 ❤️ if I could be somebody else, I wish I was u

    4. Iva Miks

      At first I thought it’s Bon Iver

    5. Trixie Pearl


    6. Martin Ancira

      Love this song it sticks to your soul!

    7. M

      who got the Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind reference?

    8. Brüno Estrada

      People dont understand ansiety

    9. Perry Robitionate

      Re-write: 'Too many women think I'm a concept. Or I complete them. Or I'm gonna make them alive. But I'm just a fucked-up guy who's looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours.'

    10. Camagu Tancu

      Halsey is so versatile and I really love her singing voice. ❤❤❤🌈

    11. nobodyimportant

      This was a great choice to end hopeless fountain kingdom era and start Manic one. The sound of this track seems to hit close to hfk style and it's like a chapter has been closed. Also, I got shivers when I heard the next track off the album is clementine. This is Ashley and Clementine is a character that Ashley based her personality on. Great way to start an album truly about herself.

    12. Ariel Nieves

      All I can say is........ That you don't have to prove anything to us we still love you Ashley and we won't stop (or at least I won't) you've helped and are still helping me get through the thing normal people call "life" While I'm sitting here calling it "survival".... Tbh I love you Ashley and hope one day that you can feel happy or at least stable and not " Fine"

    13. Venus 11

      song hits different when you and her have the same name and you feel the lyrics harder than your dads fists

    14. Anthony Becker


    15. Ashley Masha

      Halsey is halsey

    16. Anusha Dev

      This song is such a masterpiece! One of the best songs . ♥️♥️♥️

    17. Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

      It’s the first time I heard about a song where Halsey talks about herself. That’s deep ⚡️

    18. Ocean Horton

      Ashley 😌

    19. Ocean Horton

      Thank you Hasley 😭❤

    20. taylorswifthome

      This song excels at making ME! cry

    21. taylorswifthome


    22. Ray

      I feel this song so much


      Can we all just appreciate the *lyrical genuis* of Halsey like damn queen

    24. Ken Fereday

      I know right? That's why I said I'm done, and on to the next one 💁‍♂️

    25. Tatheer Hussain

      The best singer.. Love ya HALSEY

    26. Areeba Asad

      Manic is one of the best albums I've heard in a while.

    27. Ash

      I found this song because it's literally my name and this is so beautiful

    28. suzuyaajuuzoubxii

      Standing now, in the mirror that I built myself And I can't remember why the decision wasn't mine But it seems I'm only clingin' to an idea now Took my heart and sold it out to a vision that I wrote myself And I don't wanna be somebody in America, just fighting the hysteria Only wanna die someday Someday, someday, when I burst into flames I'll leave you the dust, my love Hope a bit of it'll be enough to help remember the Days when we came to this place I told you I spilled my guts, I left you to clean it up I'm bursting out of the Seems like now it's impossible to work this out I'm so committed to an old ghost town Is it really that strange if I always want a change? And if only the time and space between us wasn't lonely I disintegrate into a thousand pieces Think I'm makin' a mistake, but if I decide to break Who will fill the empty space? Oh And now, if I figure this out Apart from my beating heart It's a muscle, but it's still not strong enough to carry the Weight of the choices I've made I told you I'd ride this out It's gettin' harder every day somehow I'm burstin' out of myself (Ooh, ooh) (Ooh, ooh) Too many guys think I'm a concept, or I complete them, or I'm gonna make them alive I'm just a fucked up girl who's lookin' for my own piece of mind Don't assign me yours

    29. انصار شبيبة سكيكدة


    30. Shafia Mehak

      This song is me..! 🖤🖤

      1. New Account

        Good one

    31. Party Tomorrow


    32. Party Tomorrow

      cia can try it again

    33. Party Tomorrow

      after that well the cia can tell you what happens after

    34. Party Tomorrow

      also try not to cause harm around the world or else imma have to talk to you but like my blood family they get warnings

    35. Party Tomorrow

      but also do not attack my friends or folk family then you can do whatever you want The place is yours

    36. Party Tomorrow

      literally alot of kings came to me and hated being kings but im like you dont need to switch up just show your devotion and love and ill support you :)

    37. Party Tomorrow

      but also dont give illuminati a reason to harm you or invade you just show peace and ill handle the rest

    38. Party Tomorrow

      but remember ILLuminati wont like that soo shhhhhhh

    39. Party Tomorrow

      cia needs soldiers and RUSSIA AND CHINA have been uniting and protecting anyone that supports soo if you show love then they show love back and who knows what might happen $$$$$

    40. Party Tomorrow

      i dont need soldiers i just need a new family

    41. Party Tomorrow

      either or it makes me laugh i have no hate towards anyone its just you all are trying soo hard to please LOL i mean the cia dropped you faster then a bag of rocks now raping me will do you good? lol i mean first beat jose then get clout just not like this china and russia actually were bowing out but if you wanna start it up imma need to get all the folks together because you all are invading and i was trying to reason then i wanted to fight yall didnt show up soo im like no reason to chase and hun but remember its up to you all on how CHINA and Russia sees fit also they are UNITING ALL THE FOLKS imma trying to get all the other folks not just the Dz but it is my main focus and get the renegades and alot of people nations said they didnt like their leaders soo hey i won't hate you if you help but i also won't diss your nation if you team

    42. Party Tomorrow

      i thought it was gonna be a challenge but not at all she took her own self out and yall were blaming me like the fuck lmaoooo now cia trynna to say there is a winner then there isnt LOL

    43. Party Tomorrow

      i dont need to be mad ash took you all out well it was jose really so im happy for that

    44. Lisa nelson


    45. Redgucci Shoes

      My parents almost named me Ashley

    46. The Creepy Cracker

      wow Kido, goT'a remember One of Us can't always be there, You can't just go out after guys like that, Jeeze!

    47. Igor Rückert

      One of the best tracks of the album

    48. Kayi Rox

      a broken heart can’t be fixed even when time flows long. trust your heart express your feelings in your own way. you have right to cry and to be sad. support.

    49. Dylan Nehila

      I still am baffled by the fact that she didnt het into the grammys

    50. Felix

      She seems like she's in a lot of pain.. I really hope she's okay and can take care of herself

    51. Joslyn Arroyo

      Music Video coming soon?

    52. Lucy Boyd

      How is this song not trending?

    53. Kelley Direwolf

      This shit go hard

    54. Magnus Pumpkin Sauce

      Should I refer to her as Halsey or Ashley?

    55. Natalie G

      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!! So awesome!! I love Halsey even more for putting that line in her song and how it transitions into Clementine!!

    56. Maria Alejandra Gonzalez Gonzalez


    57. Hiệp Trần

      my youtube just keeps playing Ashley and Still Learning over and over again

    58. taylorswifthome

      an underrated bop AN UNDERRATED BOP *an underrated bop* *AN UNDERRATED BOP* An Underrated Bop

    59. Reign Francess

      the lyrics are just...... too powerful.