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    EXO's the 6th album "OBSESSION" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/EXO_OBSESSION
    01 Obsession
    02 Trouble
    03 지킬 (Jekyll)
    04 춤 (Groove)
    05 Ya Ya Ya
    06 Baby You Are
    07 Non Stop
    08 오늘도 (Day After Day)
    09 나비효과 (Butterfly Effect)
    10 嗜 (Obsession)
    EXO Official
    #EXO #엑소 #Obsession
    EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. janie m

      under 6 million views until the dance practice please stream exols I want the dance practice before 2020

    2. Devyta Ramonna

      Exit line

    3. Notakpopfan Imma BTS fan

      Stream stream stream stream stream stream stream stream stream stream stream for the views views views views views views views views views views views views views views views

    4. Fitria 07

      Kai : take hwatever Suho : i dont think so

    5. Awele Tsuha

      Exo Exo Exo The only kings I know for real

    6. the Danish girl Lily

      Jongin aslinda heykel..cunku o fizigin baska bi aciklamasi olamazzz..òzene bozene yontulmus benim askim

    7. shadamier s

      Me:6M to go for dance practise Other:i dont think so

    8. Songül Çelik

      Arkadaşlar bu gün 40M yapıp Exo 'yu şaşırtalım lütfen arkadaşlar Türk exol

    9. jello angel

      Ayo nonton terus exol

    10. Uchiha Chanyeol


    11. Angel_firelight Sy

      Little by little everyday...we can do it guys! Let's work hard together cuz WE ARE ONE...ONE ARE WE...

    12. Uchiha Chanyeol


    13. the Danish girl Lily

      Me :......... the phantom Yeol sorry

    14. nriztha

      Me everytime feel lonely in my class, my mind : "i want you i want you unch, i don't think so, aaaaa, shut up and go away~

    15. 가수개구리숑


    16. ashley

      Keep str*aming , so close to 40 million

    17. اريانا روجي

      exo obsession

    18. Army Once


      1. Ayuni Dwi Sasmita


    19. bbhpcy baconyoda

      This is the best song I ever heard

      1. sgcl10658

        Check out their bside songs like Jekyll.

    20. Melly Azha

      34,8 M

    21. Eman Abbas

      I think that we should at least reach 500M viewers ! And believe me its nothing us because the power of "WE ARE ONE " can do anything .............So I hope to complete this mission y'all from different countries will help me ??... And Insha'Allah we'll reach 1 billion viewers if y'all will work hard so let's the fight begins ^^^^ #EXOweareone #PakistaniExols #PowerofEXOLS #BestFandomever #Happyleoyday

    22. ansar sahuni

      kai Love yuo

    23. the Danish girl Lily

      Sabah sabahh Turkish ExoL

    24. 공대생사생팬

      아니진짜 엑소개조아 큥오빠 찬열오빠 종인오빠 종대오빠 준면오빠 세훈오빠 그리고 경수오빠 민석이오빠까지 정말다사랑하구ㅜㅜ아껴❤❤❤❤

      1. Ayuni Dwi Sasmita

        Please delete your emoji

    25. Kim Cindy

      I love youuuuuuuuu more than everything

    26. Vy Lê

      X-EXO vs EXO

    27. Vy Lê


    28. 김은준

      Love u guys 🥀💕

    29. _itsme leaj

      you say you know me?! (I don't think so ) Saranghae EXO 💙 EXO-L👑

      1. Ayuni Dwi Sasmita

        Don't use emoji please

    30. Ngọc Võ


    31. Ngọc Võ

      I don't think so

    32. Ngọc Võ


    33. Ngọc Võ


    34. Ngọc Võ

      EXO now and forever

    35. Holly Jolly1008

      Does anyone else get vibes of that seagull meme around 0:37 or is it just me lol? Also.. I LOVE THIS SONG

      1. Holly Jolly1008

        @Ayuni Dwi Sasmita Sorry I'm still new to this. I edited it. I hope that helps

      2. Ayuni Dwi Sasmita

        Don't use emoji please

    36. Ngọc Võ

      I don't think so

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    39. Ngọc Võ


    40. 엨소10