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    Rick and Morty Full Episodes: asw.im/91JAJ2
    Justin Roiland offers another glimpse of his craft and boozing skills.
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    1. Rich D

      It's funny how people think life is so frail and fragile when in reality life is very tenacious. If it were so frail and delicate life wouldn't be around for 3 billion years would it?

    2. Ayyub Aliyawan

      Though this method does work and is fun at the time but I was a music producer and I worked with a guy who recorded better when he was drunk. He had the energy and would just come up with random shit that was great. Alcohol started destroying his pancreas. He ended up at the hospital with pain in his pancreas and so they told him stop drinking but gave him Vicodin for his pain. He then started to notice that taking Vicodin he would have a drunk feeling. It’s like getting drunk without having to drink and sure enough he became addicted to both. Once the pancreas pain went away he would drink his Vicodin with beer or E&J. We then met another “ musician “ who sold OxyContin and they became the best of addicted friends. Long story short he’s dead now after adding another person to the equation. Two dead from the same bullshit.

    3. Aussie Films YT

      Dislikes are Bojack Horseman fans

    4. Pickle Rick

      I like this guys voice

    5. Arese Imohe


    6. Chill Out

      comes to work drunk? thats just a vacation

    7. Max Balassy

      I love this vid

    8. Nicholas Vaughan

      What a dream job get fucked and talk shit for a living

    9. Han Phillips

      Must be fun with all the great catchphrases

    10. Bailey Cosplays

      The theme of this hawaii has nothing to do with this puzzle

    11. Shallow Phoenix

      I honestly wouldn’t mind if he was drunk every so often, it would take like 2 years for half a season, but it’d be freaking hysterical to watch.

    12. Roxy_Foxy

      .... Ok... Ummm... Wat.. ?

    13. Thomas Walker

      Name of background song please?

    14. the guy that spams bully

      Your a bully

    15. Son Goku

      We're all gonna die you understand!?!? .... ... .. Line 190 please 😂😂

    16. Mdma Music

      Se la pasan borrachos por eso tardan tanto en sacar las temporadas. PD: Y por eso son tan buenas. 😘

    17. DJDEmooN B0Ss

      Wat if

    18. Jessica N

      I have her shirt

    19. Blaire Auger

      Dude he’s so hot lmao


      How u become that

    21. Savage Hippie

      This man is hilarious 😂😂😂

    22. Yatsell SaikoNo

      He was the best voices for the characters its so perfect

    23. Falcon Gaming

      I love this guy... I mean morty... I mean rick... Aahhh fuck it I love them all ❤️

    24. Raybid NL


    25. שם מקורי

      0:36 lol i laughed so fucking hardddd

    26. Ceramics Australia

      I'm just gonna come out and say it. Season 4 is terrible so far (5 episodes in).

    27. Jo Thomas

      Is Justin the funniest man on earth right now?

    28. Ja'Vaughn Turner

      0:21 dudes help, Ive been tryna find this beat forEVER

    29. Silenciobob

      I bet he only had that one shot and one beer we saw in the vid

    30. manano06

      Magic ..pure magic. 😍

    31. Andy Smith

      Now THATs how you squanch!!...

    32. 장지환

      생각보다 성우분이 젊으시네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    33. Tomatopower

      Trying to act drunk like John Dunsworth who played Jim Lahey in Trailer park boys. The guy was sober the whole time, but i was convinced he was drunk on set. Sorry to say, but John did it better x)

    34. Lucas Smith

      Animate this asap.

    35. Muscle Cub Tripp

      How do you pronounce the word on the shirt? Toronto or Toronto?


      I din know he had to actually get drunk 😂

    37. Wisp #

      Oh fuck. In 70 episodes they will have to transplant his liver.

    38. KatheQ

      How is he getting drunk with beers?

    39. Okt xv

      Looks like such a fun job, get drunk swear atound into the mic, dub something people will love n get paid fot it‼️

    40. ED P


    41. Faiz Rehman

      I love how he says morty

    42. Brain Guyy

      We call it “method acting” but it’s just having fun

    43. Joel Reyes

      This is so fucking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. Diego Cantelli


    45. Space jam Goat

      Rick and morty is the best adult cartoon to ever exist

    46. Space jam Goat

      He is rick and morty 😱😱😱😱

    47. Kay Zee

      His show is just as shitty and annoying as himself

    48. Danny Funez

      I didn’t think I could like him better but now I am in love ❤️

    49. new era

      labor hazardous

    50. Ryan Hartigan

      Comic genius

    51. Fishsticks On Sticks

      I fucking like rick and Morty

    52. 6star


    53. Mirora 221

      Season 3 of Rick and Morty

    54. Dun let me be gøne

      I just watched this episode and wondered if he did the drunk lines separately & actually drunk. Seems that way, good to know. Thanks creepy tech stalking me and recommending this for that thought I never said out loud

    55. The desert Man

      OMG rick and morty are same sound actor"

    56. Maxime_gamer 06

      When he talked with the Rick voice it was higher than in the series ... morty was the same doe

    57. Fon

      You make the world a better place ♥

    58. X szy lynx ッ


    59. Nixxna_ madafaka

      That's some week shit