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    Cyber - Me & You - Official Hardstyle preview
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    Cyber - Me & You
    Release date: 14th of November 2019
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    The magic of Cyber returns with his latest single "Me & You". Sweeping you away on a euphoric journey through his creative mind.
    Enjoy the preview of Cyber - Me & You
    Dirty Workz is the Worlds leading Hardstyle label. With a broad sound, representing World leading Hardstyle artists, supporting the rising stars in the Hardstyle scene as well as the darker sounds of Raw under the Anarchy Hardstyle imprint to the fresh new combination of sounds which is Wolf Clan and the faster party sounds of Electric Fox - Dirty Workz has it all!
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    1. Dirty Workz

      How do you feel about Cyber's brand new single after his absence? :)

      1. Youri Paus

        I miss cyber releases so much. Every release hits me in the feels. So love it

      2. BeterKijkJeNiet

        Amazing! We need more good Euphoric tracks! This still sounds a bit like Wasted Penguinz ;p

      3. Stefan

        Feels awesome, true euphoric hardstyle ❤️

      4. TheBlueDevilXD

        sounds like pre-signed cyber, which were really amazing imo.

      5. Pwnywoo | Samkarro

        Pretty nice, but I'm sure he can do much better

    2. KoNaTix

      my heart & ears will always be open for new cyber music!♥

    3. Jose Luis Ortin Montesinos

      Yeeeeeeaahhh cyberrrr!!

    4. Mr. GeNatiX - Hardstyle and Trance music

      The only euphoric producer left that can still hit me in the feels

    5. Harder AMV ́s

      I love the euphoric Of Cyber. your name will be in our memories for thousands years

    6. Ryszard Sound

      Beautiful sound and melody ! So much energy this ! I love :D

    7. Dawid Tieru Saworski

      I wait for Cyber! Thanks for awesome stuff!

    8. Angelz of Menace

      Why does this sound like a song from wasted penguinz ? But we're glad to see a upload from cyber after soo many days ! Love this cause we've definitely did get those cyber vibes from back in the days. Similar songs with same vibes were "A million stars", "peace" . We still have those on our playlist. Love for cyber all the way from 🇮🇳❤❤👍👍.

    9. Magani

      Definitely missed this guy !

    10. Ronell Stuart


    11. LudvikaHerbert

      Sounds Like a True Love story;) Nice track:D

    12. defqon.1 forever

      Grande cyber

    13. War Ax

      Ohhhh shit, cyber is back 🙈🙈🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    14. Chase The Bass

      The ones that have passed on....well look at it this way...everyone of them gave you, a way to see those passed others like,skill, motivation, funny, love, and ect... look at the good long as you found someone with one of the passed one personality in that person you found....well that is only one personality...and you have more to explore...more to I hope you see this as a good point of view...never give on to see those passed ones personality in those you meet every day....fight to on so that your not alone...fight to know that true love is... fight so you know how to find more then you can ever know before... "Chase the bass"

    15. Liyps


    16. LEWIS Cross


    17. Merom

      oh god what A track

    18. Victor Gonzalez


    19. Soulblighter

      it's nice track but somehow like not 100% Cyber that I'm used to sounds like collab with WP hehe nothing can beat I Am God or Everything is God (type of style) Bass Modulators are good example with some of those fine synths and melodies

    20. Kurtski

      The intro is so amazing! Really beautiful!

    21. Lightflare Project

      Is Good to Have you back, Cyber 😁😁😁

    22. Luca Bruzzone

      Unique🎶💣♥️👊🏼😁 the first melody is from an old project!🤔 😍I hoped a lot in the release of that track !!! happy to hear it again here🎶🎶🎶💣

    23. Truelle du chantier

      Where is the old cyber ? seriously i don't feel any emotions about this track, so far away from tracks like Together, The supreme, ILY (for ever in my top 10 hardstyle tracks) etc

    24. DJ A²

      I'm glad he's back on track again! And what about Sylence? Anyone?

      1. Tj Yong

        @Youri Paus thank you for the info.

      2. Youri Paus

        Jason is still producing. Talk to him on insta. He's busy with Christianity though

      3. adevilscupoftea

        Sylence left? What was his reason for leaving?

    25. Honzeek

      This is actually very weak :(

      1. Honzeek

        @DJ Cyber I love your songs, only assessing this one. Not every song is liked by everyone. Still you are very good, I liked many of your songs (for example Be here is top) and I know next release will be better. :)

      2. Mr. GeNatiX - Hardstyle and Trance music

        Not every producer has to be hard.

      3. Typical Indian railway track crapper

        @DJ Cyber JUST GLAD YOU'RE BACK ...lookin forward to more of your work

      4. DJ Cyber

        Sorry dude! Can't please everyone :)

    26. Kuitumyyja

      I'm sorry, neighbours about 100 meters away from my home.

    27. viking 64

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 5 tracks in 15 days 5 tracks with the 100 PROCENT same kick . 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Anthony Vasseur

      I'll never stop loving Cyber musics. Always perfect to me Support from France.

    29. Element Zero

      I freaking love Cyber so much, but sadly this Track is very weak compared to hia other Tracks. Build Up and atmosphere in this Track is very nice but i think the Melo is kinda weak imo. Anyway....Cyber is fucking God.

    30. Phil Adelphia

      Yet again another masterpiece!

    31. Ermak

      Cyber giving us another absolute banger. I love his music. Keep up the amazing work!

    32. Ghames69


    33. 17 Emiliano

    34. Teo lundin Media

      I want the old cyber sound back

      1. Ruben Jäger


    35. Dean B


    36. Nehegoomz Gomez {DJ}

      Ya anelaba otro track de cyber Cyber es el mejor y sus hermosas melodias son unicas 👏👏👏

      1. defqon.1 forever

        Así es máster, así es

    37. Nick with a K


    38. rafi_ Fian

      Cyber i love this track

    39. lasalle thomas

      i want stuff like "mf bass" :(

      1. lasalle thomas

        @ZAP who especially ? (no troll i want to discover :D) i just think that this kind of sound is weak for an artist who can produce stuff like mf bass

      2. ZAP

        lol there's like 20 other artists that make that style of hardstyle, not enough euphoric these days


      Beautiful Music, Melody, Kick 🎶😍

    41. Subraver

      The legend is back! 😍

    42. Rafazombie Dj Producer

      OHH SHIT!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN! . *CYBER is back!!*

    43. DJ MONTY

      Love your melodies Cyber ❤️

    44. Jose Ferreira


    45. Jérémy Trontin

      I looove it !! 🤯😍😍

    46. Hakan Tekin

      Cassie me and you 😩

    47. XMXFabian

      Lecker Schmecker Schmackofatz!

    48. DJ Cyber

      Feels good to be back with some music, hope you all enjoy! :)

      1. Youri Paus

        Missed you so much. If you could get jason(sylence) also back i would love it

      2. Jaune Arc

        Good to hear from you again

      3. DJ Cyber

        @RuesselRainer Tja

      4. RuesselRainer

        Ja, ist aber 0815.

      5. IrysHardstyler

        im feeling WP styl/influence :D thanks seraja

    49. jrn ill

      Not my favorite Cyber track, but sure as hell glad that he's back :)

      1. Grant Mitchell

        I agree, although he had a video on his facebook with a rap acapella on this track instead of this. It sounded much better.

    50. Jack Of No Trades

      Cyber will go MIA once again after the release of Cyberpunk 2077

    51. Jesse TH

      Cyber is back again

    52. Lolo seventyseven

      Good forever !! dirty !!! 🎼👌♥️♥️♥️♥️👍

    53. Lolo seventyseven

      Good forever !! dirty !!! 🎼👌♥️♥️♥️♥️👍

    54. Lolo seventyseven

      Good forever !! dirty !!! 🎼👌♥️♥️♥️♥️👍

    55. Lolo seventyseven

      Good forever !! dirty !!! 🎼👌♥️♥️♥️♥️👍

    56. Sandro Pardo


    57. grad micha

      Me&You, my neighbors listen too !✊♪

    58. Cecilie Olsen

      wonderful music 💖

    59. Souls Death

      Is cool 💥♥️

    60. Hypnose