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  1. Breki Solo

    When you write a story, the computer has an input. I use Grammarly and it's ai can actually suggest a rewritten sentence sometimes.

  2. hondayamahafan

    Invite Andrew Camarata to be a guest on the JRE 🙌

  3. greg martin

    1. "we don't use GMO grains", Non-gmo grain has not been seen since the early days of the Roman empire. 2. "all these factory farms with fecal matter and dust", then invites people to come to the farm and stick their hands in rotting compost. 3. "60 seasons of crops left", this comes from a single study in 2014. The summation states that it would be nearly impossible to calculate such a number do to far too many variable factors. The 60 season scarenario was propagated by the poorly informed. 4. "dollars spent on food vs medical", yes, because food became cheap and wages increased for the average person, even if you factor that out, the significant increase in medical costs would still have surpassed food expenditure percentages greatly. 5. Viruses have been around long before humans ever existed.The majority of source(s) of the viruses are not known, correlation is not causation. Most what is known about the origin of any virus is mere speculation based on similar DNA patterns of a comparable species, but that does not mean we "know" it came from that species. There are valid points that were made, that if one would have the space to grow their own food, then maybe they should. But for the majority, it's not possible to create a crop that would sustain them for an entire year.

  4. Nick Castillo

    I never knew russel brand was this much of an intellectual

  5. thelegand1

    Man compared to the other podcasts they have done together, this is really hard to listen to, it’s like they’re completely different people in the sense that they constantly conflict and debate as opposed to others episodes when Joe is just so fascinated and Neil is so much more playful and they both just converse much more fluid and enthusiastically, anyone else feel me?

  6. Luthien Seldomane

    it is so strange to see Duncan talking, when I first heard his voice I imagined some little 23yo. Such a great voice & midnight gospel is epic.

  7. kenneth hughes

    our country is so far advance it would blow the mind of the world and this will have to come out to bring CHINA IN ORDER FOR THE WAY THEY ARE DOING THE WORLD

  8. the Bastard of America

    Ahmaud Arbery had a History of Robbing that Neighborhood Armed. Or neighborhoods in that town.

  9. Mr. Flowers

    gonna miss joe when he goes to spotify

  10. Pedro Pavao

    The most transparent president ever !!! This guy Dave is a clown !!! Go vote for china joe in office 40 years multi millionaire ?

  11. Randa Green

    In that video about the bus driver.... That was a Ddot... Detroit dept of transportation... driver R.i.p.

  12. Jac Nolph

    This totally made my day so much better, haven't laughed this much in awhile!

  13. Tommy Reilly

    Khalib , Stipoicic

  14. Mobile Game Guides Official

    Listening to David Pakman with Joe frustrates me... in a good way. I’ve listened to David Pakman several times alone and his bias shines through. Just like it did in this podcast when talking about the mental stability of Trump vs. Biden. Such transparent bias that Joe lightly calls him out for it. However, David also exposes my bias very well. Whenever he says something that frustrates, me the point is always so nuanced that I have to analyze it and decide whose bias is causing me frustration, mine or his. This usually makes me examine the principles behind the two ideas and decide if my position is one of principle or bias under scrutiny. It makes my position stronger or forces it to change when I find I’m in the wrong. Like with the normalizing of Trump’s rhetoric. (Though I think the example he raised about it was a bad example, his principle on the matter stands strong) I just wish he didn’t fall into the trap of letting his bias take him to positions and act like he doesn’t have it to appease his base... I get it... it’s how he makes money but it bothers me when a man as obviously intelligent as he is uses the intelligence to justify a position that is biased rather than change his position that is biased. All in all, great conversation. Thanks to both of you for having it!

  15. Chris Carfagno

    wow,,,my mom is full blown schizophrenic and the first and only time i took shrooms it was to much for me and i only wanted my mom,,,i was literally hearing voices and scared the shit out of me..ive candy flipped and popped gel tabs and paper a bit before that and never had anything close to that i guess im more chemically predispostioned then average person to get schizphroniea...its ashame to because im heavy into paranormal and catch evps all the time on recordings and i can literally feel energy and spirits when there around and i have to chose my words carefully when explaining to people that know me and history of my mom,,i get so many cool ass shit i catch in graveyards and my house that i want to share but people think im nuts,,,,until they hear the intelligent response's ...

  16. Zac Coop

    Point of UBI... people think about spending money on bills, buying a tv or new computer, or getting braces, or having a kid. If they are barely getting by on their current money, a little more helps. THEN if they want to keep their job, or can't go anywhere else... figure something else out to do. "I can't do software development"... ok "go learn how to weld, be a welder, or an electrician." Learn something new... that $1000 / month, or $12k per year can't be lived on, but it is an incentive to do something else with yourself. "My job is going to automation, or AI..." ok, go learn a trade, figure something to do with yourself. If you think you can only be a trucker... that's a lie, go through a training course, stimulate your mind to something new. Take that job making less cause you are getting 12k more per year.

  17. Amy Xoxo

    There's nothing wrong with saying men and women are different. It's true. And even if there were no differences people would still fight. Look at any group of men or women.

  18. Julian Capaci

    Who else is gonna miss the comment section when he goes Spotify

  19. Patrick

    I'm looking for where Joe Rogan talks about the whoop strap. is that in this podcast?

  20. Tom Condon

    The argument about the pallet of cocaine, it's the aspect where someone may get a deal on a half pound of pot, but anything over an ounce is possession with intent to sell. They don't have to prove the guy has any intent to sell. This protects the kind of people who use military shipping, or political bribery, avoiding competition.

  21. Tommy’s so funny

    2:21:06 with no context is sus

  22. Vanilla Gorilla

    cant watch jre no more because im literaly not getting a spotify account. good luck joe.

  23. Thomas Henderson

    Yea yup

  24. Steven Myers

    False Dichotomy: 16:58 - 17:09

  25. Darick Lapaglia

    Joe has diarrhea because he isnt able to digest all that meat. Its super common. His colon is probably so clogged. This is what happens when you pound red meat

  26. Edgar

    20:30 check Nazaré in Portugal for you to check really big waves :p

  27. Lonnie Bumbalough

    Dam what a difference now Joe!

  28. John Fletcher

    Joe Biden has had TWO brain surgeries, where they removed the top of his skull. That should explain a lot

  29. John L

    Lived and died metallica and had all their albums, even European only releases until Lars battle with Napster. His attitude was so disgusting they died to me. Never bought another item from them and only listen to their music before Lars's meltdown and not much.

  30. D S

    It's foolish to think at the hospitals in line to get that extra money from medicare 13000 And And 53000 total if they treat the virus you guys are th fools

  31. サラグラヒ

    Man!!! Why did I read all these 'yeah' comments!??🙄 now I notice them 1000x

  32. Clay Walker

    Joe u need to bring Ben Davidson on ur show.. His research fits along with Grahams research. Graham knows him but i can not figure out why he hasn't referenced his work. Look Ben has answers to alot of info the directly coincides with these guys work. Please go check out his utube channel Suspicious Observer. Thanks Joe!

  33. Mike

    Ah, íˋll save myself for later....

  34. Michael Farris

    Chad Muska would be dope. Just sayin

  35. Verlisify

    TDS, the guest

  36. Trevor Calligan

    I love this guy! Quite refreshing to find someone so talented and accomplished and yet modest and dare I say "down to earth!"...Also, is it me or does Joe seem especially high during this one?

  37. Michael Mayhew

    @Flobility on Instagram spins health

  38. J G

    We live in a world where everything is based on a Rank and order system.

  39. Ecoli ESRein

    Hahaha, every comedian video is the least popular ones.

  40. Viking V

    Like, ahh, you know, like.....She has like the vocabulary of you know like a valley girl.

  41. Alex Tsitsyura

    I had/have a dream that Trump will be our first president for 8 years

  42. zi paris

    Going on Joe Rogan... What T-shirt will I wear? .... This one!

  43. Travishamochory

    How’s this guy doing without his family ? Anyone wonder what was on his mind when he started this journey ? I’ve actually thought about what would it be like if I ever do this kind of thing

  44. Guy Cruls

    covid contamination - what's the use of the mask if the virus can penetrate your system through the eyes? 🤨

  45. Adriana Bernal

    I just got so hungry listening to Joe talk about his grandma making pasta

  46. EyeInTheSky

    There is a very simple answer to the abortion question, people complicate it too much. It's the women body yes but she is not aborting herself... The babies body is NOT her body and is a human being. Simple. The cases of rape and health concerns are so minuscule in comparison to people getting pregnant for every other reason and yet it is the go-to argument for pro "choice" advocates. speaking of pro-choice, Where are the child's rights and choices in this equation?

  47. Reckless& Relentless

    No, Joe! Joe, The 5G! 😂😂😂😂

  48. Sean Vikoren

    Joe, I think you voiced a core delusion of American society perfectly. People continue to work with a UBI. The cure for poverty is cash. This is what the science has to say about it. Remember, intuition always feels right, but it's often wrong. Also, just a tip of the hat to the few that would somehow never get bored with their feet up, let them live on the profits derived from the entire history of innovation.

  49. Jeremy White

    Democrats can no longer able to be reasonable now with Trump,Trump derangement syndrome..

  50. TheeFreakiishlyz

    I like that comment, we've got too much free time to make up this stuff... Love it.

  51. Teodor Panaite

    Is "GeoEngineering" still non-sense Mr. Rogan? It's 2020 and we have access to information. I think Joe says he does not believe in certain issues so he is not looked at crazy like his friend Eddie Bravo. By the way you can buy a 1/4 inch headphone extension cable for $10 on Amazon ;)


    Great guest 👍

  53. Matt Cudahy


  54. Sean Simes

    Headphone cord manufactured by Iron Neck. Its amazing. Low resistance over 3 hours > hi resistance over 10 mins. Look into it.

  55. Thomas Stalder

    Maybe AI is eventually the next and ultimate step of evolution of humanity where the human organism is no longer needed (as not efficient in many ways, not even as slaves) and - therefore - eliminated. - Humanity evolving into AI "entities"...

  56. ssp

    Joe, you need to have Dr. Joe Doszak on your show, I think he would be very informative.

  57. Alan Lloyd

    Don't ever try Heroin, kids. He is NOT exaggerating even a little bit. The painkilling power of heroin cannot be underestimated. Whatever inner turmoil you have..... GONE!! Honestly, when you first start taking it, you THINK you have found the answer to ALL of life's problems.. Because it kills your inner pain DEAD! It doesn't take long before you start telling yourself "I HAVE to have this stuff" and after a week or two of daily use, when you run out of it, YOU'RE IN PAIN..... physical and emotional pain. The depression is severe and the physical pain is unacceptable.. And it's at THIS point, during your first detox, you have an important decision to make, you KNOW you're in trouble ... A wise person should STOP and NEVER take it again! you WILL lose everything trying to get more. Don't be a FOOL and start lying to yourself with this kind of self talk: "This is the last time'.. Just put it down. If you have ANY savings, you should immediately give your money to someone you trust and tell them to NOT give you any of it back until AFTER you are in a better place mentally..... And clean. Don't spend years struggling and suffering only to come to the conclusion of "I never should have started"

  58. White Midas

    2:29:24 eddie and alex lol

  59. magna viator

    Christianity, the entire judeo-christian-muslim religious establishment has had an ugly history of suppressing any facts that contradicts their established 5,000 year old cosmology...I have no doubt that documentary evidence existed of these earlier times but were intentionally destroyed by later epochs. No difference from Taliban blowing up the buddhas.

  60. Cellkist

    The length of this video pleases me.

  61. Edward Rendon

    Interview Dr. Buttar and break PLsel! 👌👌👌


    I, Pet Goat II

  63. Zachary Milos

    Can somebody get a count going on how many episodes in a row Joe will bring up the good ol Heat Shock Proteins??? JESUS CHRISTTTT.

  64. Keviv Tawar

    Jamie is high level man!!

  65. Ricardo8388

    You are allowed to risk your life if you want it.. yes.. but can hospital workers say fuck you and die when they are tired. I mean if you sign something that says Its my choice to go out and maybe get sick.. and I get sick.. I refuse treatment.. yes go ahead.

  66. bo 1988

    Joe you've signed 100 million dollar deal, sure you can get another lighter between 3 of ya.

  67. Brett R

    Soy boy is annoying. I think he dreams about Trump in his sleep.

  68. Ryan G

    Joe "I dont read comments"....."I get tweets everyday about my horrible music taste" Rogan

  69. Hawk

    Three mile island was basically just used to scare people away from the idea of nuclear energy. It went into lock down because one of the thermostats used to make sure the temp inside the reactor didn’t get to hot broke, so the safety system realized the temp wasn’t being read so it turned itself off to prevent an explosion from even being a possibility. But it was taken as it was gonna turn into Chernobyl.

  70. Travishamochory

    Mr Ed just sunk everything he said up to this point by saying Obama wanted to protect America 🤨

  71. Yaiza Sánchez

    Duncan is so wise, I love him

  72. Piper Up

    Anyone catch the title of the book about puzzles in texts that Matt mentions at the beginning?

  73. Nick Burnley

    My favorite people that I have met have been all of my East Coast friends that I work with in Breckenridge Colorado.

  74. Watermalone

    This man has the most practical, pertinent and applicable solutions for the present time out of any guest I’ve seen on the podcast.

  75. Evan Brunye

    David Strawman

  76. Donalda Trompas

    Joe , back in the day is wasn’t as nasty as it is now

  77. counter Chaos

    My life will change forever, I want to succeed more than I want to breath, thank you. (David goggins)

    1. Özgür Aydın

      Ur just get motivation. It means nothing u have to be diciplined

  78. Basia G.

    jesus he's crazily hot, my god myyyyy myyy myyyy ooooohhh xd uuu

  79. Barry Woods

    This is like listening to 2 Atheist, discussing Christianity. Amazing.

  80. Sneyzz

    Tony " like I said" Hawk

  81. D Roshi

    This guy puts all republicans under one tent to make his argument, It's also really frustrating to hear someone talk about government regulation of big business without even a fundamental understanding of how the stock market works let alone the costs of running a big company. The worst part? I agree with some regulation in certain industries but when people hear this guy talk they'll recoil in the other direction and never even consider the logical argument for.

  82. John Booker's Full spectrum

    Great interview, great guest, great band.

  83. James Hardon

    Google acquires Spotify, then Spotify acquires Joe Rogan.... see the pattern

  84. Sebastian Boonzaier

    AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH ... what shirt does he have on?? I want one!!!

  85. Harrison Lynch

    Just got the book and I don’t even read books. Bold move

  86. Jennifer Westberry

    radiation ruined the moon photos. then how did they send a live feed? Fake ass shit Now the excuse is that they faked the photos for my benefit? all space photos are beautiful because they are drawn by artists. fake news

  87. Im Dunes

    Pakman has TDS


    The great thing about this guy is that he is not trying to sell you a course or has a financial stake on the advice he gives. He already is a multi-millionaire in investing in various startups and owns most of Angellist.

  89. Sam 2000

    Does Joe pay these big names to come on the show? Just curious. If yes, are we talking 5 or 6 figures?

  90. Thotticus Motticus

    *“Yeah yup”*

  91. plok ijuh

    1 sauna session = anti-depressant effect after 6 weeks? What kind of pseudo-science is this? Maybe works on Karens only. I have a sauna in my house by the way and it never helped my depression when I go through it.

  92. M Pezant

    joe ' dave chapelle flex ' rogan

  93. Adam Soul’Ja

    1:15:26 Joey listening to Joe high and tired by now, he barley move his mouth, then he come up with speaking again and suggest sleeping “on a story”

  94. MegaVegan

    The idea that local farmers like this can meet the demand of this meat-addicted country is ridiculous. He couldn't fill one day's supply order from McDonalds alone.

  95. Tom Condon

    You say, "We," have destroyed, pummeled, our biologic partner. I posit that there is a malevolent force of powerful capitalists who are deliberately damaging the earth, specifically to harm us.

  96. Chris

    This dude is seriously downplaying the brutality of the torture that occurs. Do some basic searches online to get a slap in the face with reality. Don’t plan on getting any sleep that night.

  97. Nico Morrone

    I like Wiz khalifa.

  98. The Infamous Horeldo

    "you're not allowed to say that, it's fascist" - many fucking idiots Che G is simply "this is a cool poster, people like it" Just teenagers trying to identify with each other. Some basic tribalism. they don't have a damn clue

  99. chris gerrard

    Many things he said make sense. In France, universal income already exists (a bit less than 600€ a month). IMO, It doesn't solve much. I don't think France is particularly prosperous.

  100. GVIGuitarist

    We need Eddie Bravo vs. David Pakman ASAP.