What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

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  1. Marco Diaz

    Drink wee or do weed or give up ur whole life and be homeless adam Pick one

  2. 1spicyBoi

    At 1:12 When he says “..and down at the same time because I do not give a WHAT!” I listened to it on apple music, and its not there and he actually says it, and I actually liked him saying What instead of what he actually says, it just doesn’t fit when he doesn’t say What at that part.

  3. Matthew reyes


  4. Andres Ordonez

    My math teacher acts and looks the same and I do the same thing you did

  5. Ur Mom

    🌼◻🤘🏻"I need HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPP"🤘🏻◻🌼 Me too bud 😂

  6. Ur Mom

    2067 gannnggg 👇🏼

  7. Ur Mom

    *breath intensifies*

  8. Amy Elizondo

    i can tell its hard expecaly with two kids oh my lord

  9. Amy Elizondo


  10. Mythical Memes

    who’s the daddy then?

  11. DiĖ pŁėÚĖ ThÃñK ÿØū ÙvÚ

    I want to die ;)

  12. Amna Aleem


  13. Oásis Lemonada


  14. Iron Gamer

    3:01 my favorite parts

  15. gunga ginga

    Parents: ViDeO gAmEs ArE BaD fOr KiDs Adam: I'm bout to ruin this man's whole save file

  16. Tiffany Weaver

    i hate it when my siblings drink all the chocolate milk

  17. ima doggo

    Jaden: yes PLselrs: *YES*

  18. Bruno MG201

    One time i got two nightmares with herobrine inthe same night

  19. Dr. Woofington

    eat pineapple pizza

  20. Spidernate 104


  21. Nora Sanchez

    That's funny cause all those are my fear

  22. Jeremy Lewis

    Going to get chocolate milk hearing 'idk mom did you find my god da** chocky milk yet' sitting back down (only reason i made this comment was because i had chocky milk while watching this) hehe lol

  23. Qwerty Qwerty

    "Chalky milk"

  24. Jakub animations

    1 like =1 RIP for the IKEA coffee table.

  25. Mîşťý Vìøłëť Šťøřïêş

    2:58 Did AnYone Notice Bakugo Poster In BackGround x3

  26. Patricia Sierra moncivais


  27. Jeremy Lewis

    Adam: this is all i have Me: *gets bulldozer* Adam:so eh weres my money Me: i spent it so i could play eny meany miney mo Adam: kill me Hey mom weres the god da** chocky milk Adams mom: were do you think Adam: im gong to live in chocky milk store

  28. Eijiro Kirishima

    My dude I didn’t know you were Bakugou’s long lost brother

  29. Sophie Halliday

    tella...tella.... HELLO

  30. David Whynot

    U am making an anime based off you're channel,do you want to voice the lead roll?Like so adam can see

  31. Jeremy Lewis

    Me: drinks the last bit of chocolate milk Adem: were is the fu***** chocolate milk Me:0_0 uh oh Adam:and were is the rest of gods cylinder Me: (realizes adams saten) oh sh** Adam: i can hear you Me: fu**... It was james Adam: then why did you say fu** Me: cuz i can James: i heard my name Adam: someone drank the last bit of chocy milk and threw away gods cylinder (Everyone's silenced) Me and james: well... Were dead 1 day later Adam: weres jeremy and james? Hmm

    1. Jeremy Lewis

      I was playing minecraft whilse making this comment

  32. Geleyna Tovar

    Words of wisdom😉👌

  33. julizaberrelleza

    My new favorite song i cant stop hearing it

  34. Eijiro Kirishima

    One of my fav songs

  35. Clare’s Life troubles

    U pUt VeGeMiTe On ToAsT aDaM

  36. Logan Kuipers

    Everybody NEEDS THERE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Summer Arinto


  38. Micah Guillemette

    I love how James makes his voice higher to immitate Adam but Adam has a deeper voice than James😂😂😂

  39. The Satanic Sock

    9:53 yea the 3 pillar men

  40. awesomedude 555

    4:19 So what's it like being in a Kojima game?

  41. Javier Rios

    choco milk is god tomato soup is sh** life is good now that u know the universal rules

  42. Kamado Tanjiro

    I’ve never played Pokémon. I’ve watched it. But I haven’t played it.

  43. CalebTSM

    adam having zumberos

  44. Nancy Fatout

    Bois...and girls ....Since eeer body besz getting the most likz can iz gets my mostz likez

  45. Spoon uwu

    Bruh SomethingElseYT looks like a rare breed of a Markipliar and an Anthony Padilla..... Am I not right?

  46. Micah Guillemette

    *Me, a scout for 10 years, has done camping many many times, is trained in survival, has done actual winter camping before, knows my way in any forest ever:* lmao i'm gonna predict everything that's gonna go wrong with this.

  47. Harry Potter

    I meant "or I die"

  48. Harry Potter

    Once I had a nightmare about when I was a scientist and I created a portal and jumped in to it and I was in an weird devil universe and I had to do as he said of I die and I went back into the portal disintegrated him and everyone else and woke up at 4 a.m

  49. Summer Arinto

    Not only am i somthing.. Im somthing else.. NIICCCEEEE

  50. small tiny really tiny kairos

    Nobody Not even a single soul Adam: MOO BEES

  51. CalebTSM

    you ment to put it on toste with butter no a spoon put it with toste and butter

  52. sLeEpY dOg FiLmS

    Is the person markiplier

  53. Moonlight Gacha

    Another example that school teaches you nothing

  54. Drawing With grim

    Hey Adam how’s your day

  55. Terry Campagna

    I slalk people………………………………………I’m serious😕

  56. Eli Rivera

    I need to poop!💩💩💩

  57. clash devil

    pro vs noob montage level 99

  58. Kaeleigh Garrick

    Thanks Adam for this nightmare

  59. xiaomei zhou

    Clap clap clap clap and bruh

  60. Sir Yeet

    Who thinks Adam should remake this in 3D animation? I do.

  61. Genalynn Bacarro

    Oh make ur mom thro up dat jockey MILK MAN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎

  62. I Make Random Videos

    Somebody turn this man's dreams into a movie If anyone does, I deserve half the credit

  63. A good name Boi

    4:02 did you guys see what his shirt said?🤣🤣🤣

  64. Lychee

    Adam: "is this how their audience are?? ..starving people?" Me: ....yes. I got invisiline around April??? And bc of that I was told not to have it off for more than 2 hrs and bc my mom was strict with it I ate 2 meals a day within 10mins ea. And bruh. jFC I start watching like makbang and asmr r e l i g o u s l y, at school, at home, passed out watching it, I have no shame at this point breh I was hungry LOL But yea.. i kinda take however long i want to wat now cuz I'm a slacker kekW

  65. TheQuackMaster

    heyyyy your birthday is right before mine!!! (June 18th)

  66. Kenny Young

    Hey Adam what does the yt in your name mean

  67. Corrupted_Dragon Eating Potatoes-675

    Dude I feel your pain Vegemite is horrible it just taste like I don’t even know how to explain it it’s just gross

  68. Lara Middleton

    Did u come up with a different voice for ur animations

  69. skullcrusher 2000


  70. Sandra Lever

    I still do that and I’m 9

  71. Ben Haight

    You had a shocky thing coming out of your toilet


    2020. Anyone?🤔 wait...

  73. Sandra Lever

    I am a kid

  74. Death

    When you get the worst thing for your birthday 5:46

  75. sugaisawesome 93

    "There are 2 dogs killing themselves. STOP IT! SHUT UP!"

  76. angela Cox

    Commet number 2. I got two glow dinos

  77. Angel Butterfly

    The animation squad : *James: Depression*😁 *Jaiden: Anorexia*😋 *Adam: Bullying*😎

  78. Marsha Brown-Barfield

    I hade 5 nightmares in one night

  79. RedPandaboss

    So if you sed the F word

  80. Gecky 42

    Wow that voice for the kid is ahah I it’s cool I guess

  81. RedPandaboss

    I Love it so cool and I’m a little kid

  82. sleepy centuar1087

    0:01 basically my cousins

  83. Jesse Spence

    some of of the lyrics are kind of childish but it still bops so hard

  84. wolfy plays

    I feel like by 2026 this video will blow up.

  85. ClapMotion 2020


    1. ClapMotion 2020


  86. handburger Ro

    Non educational games taught me how to speak English and read almost perfectly while not being able to learn from books

  87. ツZeroX


  88. Cecile Lee


  89. but like, no hetero or anything

    I misread the title as "coming out" :p

  90. Victor Vv

    Um everybody is talking about Cheerio but no one mentioned where is his god damn CHOCY MILK

  91. Hi UwU

    Geez good freaking animating

  92. zap cool

    Stup that billy

  93. Sacksapot

    I walked in as shy as a cucumber and walked out as a sea cucumber


    You need 60 cards to make a deck

  95. Laura Bagshaw

    I watch the odd ones out Jaden animations and something else yt

  96. SmolGamer Lol

    Somethingelse:...and end up on your tombstone...Me:REST IN PIECES

  97. cool gamer

    I was here the entire time

  98. Maximum Max


  99. Red Van PlayZ

    Yea it’s markaplyer

  100. Lakeetra Candley

    You scared a 9 year old 1 inch away from a heart attack really and I like your video and your song something else