Electrabel is active in the production of electricity and in the selling of electricity, natural gas and energy services to retail and business customers.

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  1. John Sunderland

    Pumped storage hydro is not ‘unique’ to this site. The one in Wales was built in 1963 and is still running well.

  2. Lewie McNeely

    We hve a pumped storage unit here that does it's pumping at night when demands are low.

  3. •Køkura _Gacha•

    Salut j'ai besoin de ta vidéo pour un exposé serais-tu d'accord pour que j'utilise une partie de ta vidéo ?

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  5. Dark Mello


  6. Fırtına Kılıç

    Très bon appareil. Par contre, je suis contre le fait de mettre le début et la fin des vacances. C'est quand même raccordé à internet, des gens mal intentionnés pourrait savoir notre absence !

  7. Nunaya Doxing

    unless you're @allylaw and then u skip all this and just climb it

  8. Jerry Jones

    music too loud

  9. Creative Art Films

    Outstanding explanation ...

  10. Alok Sahu

    what's the problem in pumping the water back to ponds. It will not consume that much electricity what you produced. It's may be 1/10000 times less. Explanation: you can run 10000 pumps from one generator's electricity.

  11. max marrero

    Power of nature is better and pure green.

  12. max marrero

    world has 66.6 % water not 75. thing has to be codified.

  13. luigi ionascu

    _at a ellectric generator_motor formulla it is rotE=_dB/dt and rotH=J+dD/dt and HrotE--ErotH=div(H*E) =power ellectric identic speak_ difuzor sound__ __archaicxn lord


    Pumped storage method of generation

  15. Danarius M.

    Just wow!

  16. Regine Heyvaert

    ik kan geen app boxx geïnstalleerd krijgen zelf met gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord

  17. Karthik C

    Amazing guys 😍😍😍😍😍

  18. David Michaels

    Working nuclear reactor with the cap removed. 00:47

    1. max marrero

      maybe isnt working while the cap is removed.

  19. Sanyasirao Senapathi

    Nice videos

  20. Pierre LECLERCQ

    D'où vient l'électricité nécessaire au pompage en heure creuse ??

  21. Kadir Özdemir

    very impressive video. I have been dealing with digital technologies for energy. hello all colleagues

  22. jason raaymaker

    hydroelectric capacitor

  23. richard bearden

    A hydro electric battery.

  24. Unelected Leader

    Would only do it with a chute in case of a fire. Those poor dutch kids were doomed 10yrs age. Could’ve just been a base jump

  25. Rocco Zecca

    Nothing like CLEAN energy'!!

  26. Durairaj Ks


  27. Jhon Michael Esteban

    Fifth comment is here

  28. Charlotte Heylen

    Amai Electrabel enzo

  29. srek ashraff

    How big is the pump used to flow up the water uphill?

    1. ahmedshinwari

      The same motors that produce power are reversed to act like pumps.

  30. Salman Ishaq


  31. Klaas Moltmaker

    Radiatoren inregelen geeft ook een enorme besparing .

  32. Ss Raja

    Whats the Maximum power produce??

    1. luigi ionascu

      @ahmedshinwari _1,2gigawatts/h is 1200 megawatts/h__ __archaicxn lord

    2. ahmedshinwari

      1.2 GWh

  33. Arthur Vin

    It is cool to realize that combination of lake and elevation is essentially a battery.

  34. Julien PARMONT

    Les éoliennes poétiques, c'est ici. Bonne rêverie ! @t

  35. Bertrand Mahieu

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  36. Bertrand Mahieu

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  37. Bertrand Mahieu

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  39. phuong nguyen

    The world 1st indoor wind turbine will power your home or the city plsel.info/video/wideo/z4OwsHe3aqmvfII.html unlimited power, 80% cheaper cost , produce electricity 24/7, no noise , no wind turbulence, did i say " Indoor " yet ? please share the video, together we can be energy independence across the world.


    soo adorable..keep doing mre commercials like dis😍

  41. Yashwath Gowda

    Greater than what we known.......

  42. prasad koranne


  43. Wittoek - De Bruyckere

    hoe kan je het nog beter uitleggen?

  44. Geneviève Pissis Billard

    bonjour , a mon portail ma wifi ne passe pas , est til possible de passer une gaine avec un RJ 45 pour connecté directement la sonnette a la box , merci

  45. efini_fc

    Chances of this powering vehicles?

  46. B0BTR0N


  47. lara ileayas

    bravo je suis contente avec engie electrabel

  48. Pakistan Ishak mera

    Hi can you come Pakistan 🇵🇰 for making power electricity for Pakistan 🇵🇰 and build a water Dam .??

    1. Akash Kanade

      Hat be madarchod

    2. Umer Shoaib

      @ENGIE yeah we have some problems with water shrtage and elctricity

  49. Umesha Nomad

    Wow .....great engineering ....civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

    1. luigi ionascu

      __yes yes all_total engeenering is military engeenering__archaicxn

  50. Richard Goode

    Sector as growth as hydroelectric power.

  51. blipco5

    Whenever a power company produces such a beautiful video they have either done something wrong OR they are about to do something wrong.

    1. blipco5

      Another indicator of wrong doing is when they use a female spokesperson to explain the situation. "Mom" wouldn't lie to you would she?

    2. Trumpington Fanhurst

      Haha my thought exactly, when I saw the slick production I knew there had to be corruption afoot.

  52. Sliman AZKA

    Il faut comme-même une puce de telephone et brancher sur internet

  53. Gage Coleman

    Nuclear power stations produce far more then 1100mw

    1. luigi ionascu

      _a single_singular reactor product 1000 megawatts __archaicxn lord

    2. luigi ionascu

      _a reactor nuclear of 1000 mw is very power of energy__a hydropower plant station of 1000 mw is very power of energy__etc etc__archaicxn lord

    3. Basil Minhas

      Gage Coleman Some of them produce more than 11,100 MW when combined with other nuclear power power plants nearby

  54. Manabar Singh Rana

    Thanks Hydroelectric energy is a type of solar energy

  55. Kk Srinivasulu

    Great video.

  56. Guy Brown

    Have a need for a good Machinist text message me. I have Hydro experience.

  57. Raja Rizwan

    Impressed BY the Design Hats of Guys

  58. Anubrata Chakraborty


  59. Nicolas Deloyer

    Bon ben coup dans l'eau, l'installateur est venu et ce n'est pas compatible quand on a du chauffage au sol relié à la chaudière :(

  60. wicus bonnet


  61. Jay Dev

    Sensible engineering and safe unlike nuclear

    1. luigi ionascu

      _the mathematic callculus correct and exactley in project and in build_constructing give dam solid construction and invincible_incorupt__ __archaicxn lord

    2. luigi ionascu

      _the dam not colapsed if is good project and good build_construct__archaicxn lord

    3. Shrek 103

      Jay Dev the dam could collapse???

  62. Amish Rathod

    What is cost of hypower plant

  63. Jimbo087

    Lekker fissa in je osso als je moeder weg is. Lekker bezig broer. Misschien pop je nog een pirkie weet je zeker dat je hard gaat RUST BROER

  64. Elisabeth Bardiaux




  66. Ravinder K. Rulhania

    Great voice of narrator! 👌

  67. Fh Vb

    This place and process r awesome...soo excited thank u

  68. Riaz Husain

    The last type is basically a gravity battery. Very nice!

  69. nilspin

    What a brilliantly produced video.

  70. Jeeta Josan


  71. ghafar khan

    Wow really great video

  72. stratt doug

    Thats great and all but power produced vs cost to build is much less efficient than nuclear

    1. stratt doug

      @Robert Northrup Do you know how much electricity all those hydro plants produced together and how long ago was this? if it were a long time ago then yes hydro would be great but todays world has just a little more demand for electricity. I'm not dissing hydro power, I'm just talking from a logical point and in current time. the amount of hydro dams it would take to equal the output of one nuclear plant is not worth the cost, not to mention nuclear for one can go 24/7/365 at any power level but hydro can't go at its max but for a short period of time. watt per watt hydro can assist nuclear/coal/gas but not effective as sole source. If you hooked multiple hydro dams together then yes it could supply as sole source but not today or least not in a big area with high consumption.

    2. Robert Northrup

      stratt doug : I don’t want to get into a p***ing contest with you but I grew up in the Pacific NW of USA and hydro was king. They produced much if not all of the electricity needed. When supply couldn’t keep up with demand then nuke plants, gas and coal fired plants were built and brought on line. The Columbia River has many hydro dams on it and still carries much of the load.

    3. stratt doug

      @Robert Northrup your talking about the fuel rods right? the nuclear power plant itself lasts as long as a hydro dam can, its just maintenance like everything else. my point is building a hydrodam compared to building an actual coal/nuclear plant is much more sensible if the goal is to produce power. hydrodams only assist coal/nuclear plants when needed, it can't run as a sole source of electricity otherwise you'd run out of water, logically they are not the right choice for producing electricity.

    4. stratt doug

      @luigi ionascu most of what your just said didn't make any sense, english please.

    5. luigi ionascu

      @stratt doug _it s true your say s but partiall not all_totall because hydropower plant station maybe be build_construct for very much power and in this causal_object is not ellectricity suply for time to time because power is very much with debbits of folowing water_aqva_egzample powerfull hydropower of rossia of united states of china of ethiopia with dam of renaisscence with 6000 megawatts and romania iron gates 1 with 2100 megawatts __1 reactor nuclear powerfull is maxim 1000 megawatts and for eqiuvalent for gorges dam of china on of 20000 megawatts is must 20 nuclear reactor of 1000 megawatts__very much number of numeric reactor and nuclear combustibil and wast on where??__archaicxn lord

  73. Margot

    Er is niks duurzaams aan het transporteren van biomassa uit Canada naar België om er dan in centrales elektriciteit van te maken aan een veel te laag rendement! De categorie van dit filmpje zou 'greenmarketing' moeten zijn in plaats van Science & Technology.

  74. சோமு somu

    அருமையான விளக்கம்.

  75. Kevin Tyler

    Ahhhh....Industubation video, a video where industries they you tell how good they are, how non-environmentally damaging the are and how without them your life would be like living in the slums of Bangladesh. So, remember, if you think it's bad now, wait until we don't get to build that new dam and it's August and you want to use that new air conditioner. Too bad for you, now you have rolling black outs, just to remind you how to vote the next time we ask.

    1. Gammareign

      Herp a derp. This said by someone using either a phone, tablet, or computer to say it.

  76. Basant Sahu

    So very nice video

    1. Basant Sahu


  77. Dick Woods

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    Its like taking the gift from mother nature.

  79. I-Tech World

    I visited in tanakpur barrage banbasa power station. I cleared each everything

  80. Liam O'Reilly

    Can produce power for up to 6 hours, then it needs to consume power to pump the water back up... I'm pretty sure it'll take more power to pump it up top than it generates on the way back down...

    1. Leonhard Printz

      The purpose of this is not to act as a power source, but to act peak power supplier. Nuclear power plants and coal power plants can't change their output very quickly. It takes hours to ramp them up or down. However, in the morning and in the evening there are usually huge demands of electricity, for just a few hours. By storing energy during the night, and the midday, and releasing it quickly you can deal with it.

    2. umar mahmood

      I think it is not possible to produce energy and consumed to shift the water in same pound,otherwise the water from different source.

    3. Tau

      This process is perfect to function as a battery for solar and wind. Just what it needs.

    4. stratt doug

      Thats probably true but we are missing a very crucial bit of info... It can produce the power equivalent to a nuclear power plant but just for six hours, this is great engineering but wasteful, Nuclear plants produce power 24/7/365 not 6 hours, the cost to build a nuclear plant might be more than this but it pays for itself much faster than this ever will

    5. publicenemymcmenemy

      Of course, but the reaction turbines used in such an installation function very efficiently as pumps and the increased cost of electricity when demand is high makes this a worthwhile process.

  81. Fee son

    Nice. C.G

  82. Knetterkop

    And yet Belgium keeps having power outages and is short on power (the Netherlands sometimes diverts some of their power to Belgium)

    1. luigi ionascu

      _for netherlands is good powerfull greatfull hydropower plant station mareeo generator power at atlantic sea_ocean__archaicxn lord

    2. lpt

      ja ja gij hebt gelijk , maar het is niet mijn schuld dat de kerncentrales kapot zij

  83. Wouter d.B.

    Cut down the music plz...

  84. Mukesh Kumar

    Isme aap ko video me parts ,s ke name bhe btane chaye

  85. Mithilesh kumar

    10000000000k like karta hu mai

    1. tumansky chikov

      apne bahan ke chuut me se @Archit Mishra

    2. Archit Mishra

      Kaha se late ho itne likes

  86. Mithilesh kumar

    Jhakas video hai

  87. Shubham Sanyal

    Enthralled and speechless by this advent of technology in these European countries. Salute to this scientific endeavor.

  88. Omkar Nanaware


  89. Robin Hoste

    Wat je zelf doet, doe je altijd beter!

  90. Aditya Partap Sharma

    There are three comments and it shows four

    1. Maxwell Butler

      deep state

    2. Ajay Kumar

      Aditya Partap I think 4th Comment is in reply of first Comment

  91. Gacha Grande

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  92. Aayush Rijal


    1. Saroja Rajan

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  93. Redou Rere

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  94. guy jorens

    als het werkt wand bij mij valt een van de twee toestellen altijd uit en beide toestellen moeten werken

  95. Daniel Hernandez

    est-ce qu'il faut la connecter par-dessus une sonnette déjà existante ou c'est pas necessaire, Merci!!

  96. peterke ok ok peterke

    160 euro distrubutiekosten als afrekening op mijn jaarverbruik., ??? Ik ga op een ander.wtf.

    1. ENGIE

      Best, de distributienetwerkkosten zijn voor alle energieleveranciers identiek. Je betaalt ze via je energiefactuur, maar deze worden doorgestort aan Eandis. Je vindt hier meer informatie over de samenstelling van je energiefactuur. www.engie-electrabel.be/nl/blog/energie-nieuws/wat-zit-er-in-je-elektriciteitsfactuur-in-vlaanderen/ Groeten, Daphné

  97. ItzBeexie

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