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  1. GuamIs TheName

    I don't know why,but when i looked at his eyes i see him holding back tears,but keeps talking like one of his regular videos.This makes me feel uneven.

  2. just why

    You know its serious when mat starts *CRYING*

  3. Electric Universe2.0

    Matt:The end Scott: Ha you thought I’m gonna release another game

  4. Nerdatron 5,000

    Guys we should stop these videos, don’t you think it’s rude to talk about someone who’s listening?

  5. Gabriel zzstu Gampala

    Time is relative, so he could just be moving super fast and the force is just the matrix of space

  6. Sueky Toro

    I am sorry I couldn't donate

  7. Mellobean

    true fact: My name is Mecca B O W D O W N T O M E

  8. The dummy Studio

    OMG Kirby is my main character

  9. op games

    Windows: now listen here you little frick

  10. Bighokiefan757 The Big Chungus

    Add 1:23 minutes long Comment 23 likes Wtf

  11. Gacha - Julie

    5:45 offended me I luv Ballora

  12. Wendy Bird

    Parents can’t get off their phone, so they give their child a phone, and then they get mad when they see their child viewing something offensive they get pissed

  13. CJGamimg Videos

    Rip Mat Pat😭😭😭

  14. The Huntsman

    Something I've always wanted to point out from these Minecraft theories, following the history of builders centuries ago, they seem to have used a lot of GOLD then, as if they never discovered diamonds yet. Sure, iron still existed before gold, but as the ranking of resources from cheap to rich, gold trumped over the rest in their era, which is a pretty amazing thing to think about.

  15. Xxarctic_ WolfxX

    2004: PLsel 2020: PLsel Kids Doesn’t PLsel have a separate app for kids 😤

    1. Xxarctic_ WolfxX


  16. Janice Todd

    100000000000000000000000 nugs

  17. Brendan O'Hagan

    Scott: doesn’t show us what’s in the box *Lets motivate him with a controlled shock*

  18. daniels rose

    If all the people were killed or trapped in The End, who are the villagers?

  19. Gabriel Williams

    Stop saying char-I-zard

  20. Gay bird playz uvu

    Mat there's a book now well Boris isn't Wally it's someone named Daniel or buddy so plz read the book!!

  21. BornVolcano

    4:35 to 4:52 why am I just watching this part of repeat? XD

  22. Sharon Van Zandt

    And I heard some voices I heard heard a voice sang r u I knew what it was going to say run and I heard a golden Freddy voice it was kind of a yellow and I heard another voice at my uncle me and my uncle Hunter at a sharp not a real shop it' sounded like balloon boy and I noticed there was going to be another update four or five nights at Freddy's special delivery and there was a new update is five nights at Freddy's not VR help wanted so that's why can you send me a text on the text bottom hat your at your videos and and you couldinvite me and we could go to Scott cawthon's house and tell him that tell him all about what I said and that's end of it🙂

  23. Roblox Darknesschangirly

    4:45 *Sees nugget* "Oh wow thats hot"

  24. Kanrast

    So I needed to memorize this for my bio class, and it is an interesting thing to know, imo, and if I didn't have something to use it for i would be very sad. Part of one theory of the origins of life is endosymbiotic theory, of course, and part of it is that the mitochondria was a small prokaryote cell (bacteria) that entered into the eukaryote cell (plant/animal/ etc. Cell) and had a mutually beneficial relationship. There's a few indicators like the size of ribosomes, their having DNA, and that they have double membranes. I found it pretty cool, idk ^^ Edit: my sleep deprived brain wrote embryonic instead of eukaryote, don't mind me lmao

  25. Karlos Rupert Molina

    game theory:hes no hero. me:LIES!!!!!!!

  26. James Williams Williams

    Theres children watching and you cursed woooooow

  27. Ike Gex

    I hope popularmmos doesn’t stop youtube

  28. T Bone


  29. Sharon Van Zandt

    Deer matpat I know that you're trying to solve five nights at Freddy's but I found some pieces to I hear voices and stuff but I heard some things and I'm going to tell you something real quick and there's five nights at Freddy's dimension and our dimension all of Scott cawthon when he made all of the five nights at Freddy's once and the new one all of the old ones go to are dimension from five nights at Freddy's 1 2 and 3 and 4 and 5

  30. cier tempest

    Did they war with the other ancient civilization that Steve is descended from?

  31. Olivia Hinson

    Actually if anyone one was copying anyone.. it would be skylanders copying u.b funkeys

  32. Rockstar Leafy

    Man, PLsel, I love you, but please just shut up and let us content creators do our thing.

  33. O5-15

    We have portable emp’s we can fry any drone.

  34. Trey Young

    It if was all a dream

  35. Almighty Egg

    Y'all ever think about how one day we'll place our last Minecraft block? I want mine to be polished andesite.

  36. Hugh Davis

    mat pat there is also force speed in Jedi challenges.

  37. Foop Arts

    A dark figure moves from beyond the shadows........ITS Odyssey!

  38. Camilish pilish

    I was waiting to finish the game before watching this, but my little brother basically never lets me have the switch, so screw it, spoil me

  39. Le Minh

    then the disater happen

  40. Muzammil Khan

    A whole advanced civilization far beyond your own comprehension gets destroyed by the wither and ender dragon Steve and Alex slay both multiple times

  41. Le Minh

    my theory is the anchient builders build them

  42. Gachax V

    When you live in the places mentioned Me: UoU

  43. Kasper_YT jr.

    First Instagram and their mass ban wave, and now it turns onto PLsel.

  44. Nicholas Johnson


  45. NEVER Gaming

    Notice the eye falling at 18:24

  46. Aires Monreal


  47. Sea Shell

    No, you didn’t find jack. You’re obnoxious.

  48. Gabriel Aldrete

    Well that's what they think you don't listen to them you love yourself

  49. Galaxy_Starlight OwO

    That was a nice video but me and my best friend have done a night of research and we have found that Michael Afton is the older brother because also to a few songs that listen to I in one of the songs it was the crying child talking to the older brother watch conforms that there is 3 Afton children and the crying child is the bite victim not Michael Afton also in sister location Michael was looking for Elizabeth but how could Michael look for Elizabeth if he's in a coma because he got his head bit off I know you more likely won't agree with this but this is my idea Edit: I know that Michael and sister location is actually a robot but me and my best friend came up with a theory that Michael Afton was never a human William Afton belts Michael and then a few years later he had Elizabeth and the crying child

  50. Pink X Blue

    I don't know if you noticed or just didn't know but Bendy and the ink machine has a backstory book out... along with an employees handbook.

  51. Logan Ferguson

    Wait can we find out what kills the first wither? I want to know!

  52. Picklebobpie

    I guess you could say Matt had the ELEMENT of surprise

  53. The Gaming Bread

    Ha I is gud

  54. Andrew Kostrub


  55. Stephen Ford


  56. WC TTK

    Ribosomes Mat Ribosomes

  57. Cryxonia

    This is the video that got me into this channel, what's yours?

  58. Quinn Vision

    I am in 2nd grade

  59. Aldahir Broa

    Him so he sold a boss painting maybe Luigi manshion 3 hellen gravy maybe buys the painting then uses a brush to free king boo

  60. Tiana Cabrera-Sweener

    This changes everything that I like about Pokémon go

  61. Thryden

    Matpat: So I have a theory... Scott: Did you just assume my game?

  62. Waleed Darabaih

    The new voice is bendy’s Voice

  63. Mestoyo

    Dude, I just want to build a dirt house and make chainmail armor

  64. Just Playz 1.0

    Really Matt, Golden freddys name is *Cassidy* .......Lol

  65. Odilia Diaz

    All i want for christmas is to not have tge coppa law

  66. Jacob Clemente

    abt why greninja was popular in those 3 countries in the anime, when ash owned a greninja (i think), it was a HUGE deal cuz on some occasions greninja would turn into an ash-greninja or somethin

  67. Alejandro Gutierrez

    I am are smelling jealousnessity

  68. Tiana Cabrera-Sweener

    Wait, how does he say vaporion?

  69. Gamer Gp12


  70. Jahsani Phillip

    Theres a ending where yuri killed herself it was actually sad


    Im INTP but I would still sacrfice the city because i cant give up on the one person i love. They are the only reason i have the will to live.

  72. Leonardo Diaz

    So its the same world BUT different time

  73. Odilia Diaz

    I know the answer to this stop giving kids phones but if you do well then USE PLsel KIDS WE HAVE THAT FOR A REASON PLsel ABD FTC

  74. AustEP

    Copper V's VS Platinum II's

  75. Sonic Plush adventures

    Hater : 7 min intro 😒 I hate it Fan: 7 MIN INTRO I LOVE IT

  76. Apt Albatross

    0:33 0:42

  77. Ria Chen

    I always assumes that because the original villagers were bipedal pigmen, what if they were kick out, and thrown into the Nether by the rising raise of the villagers, as the villagers evolved, they needed somewhere to live, and because they can’t place blocks, they raided the villages, once inhabited by the bipedal pigmen, and put them in the Nether. Is this theory good? No. It is just an idea I had. Matpats theory is better, I just wanted to announce my spin on it.

  78. _Max_

    Your voice makes me less scared of gaster’s face, background and his followers.

  79. Ashley Wells

    Did anyone else notice the typo in the last hashtag?


    Oh golly I wonder how depressed he must be counting EVERY. SINGLE. BLOCK. PLACEMENT!

  81. Goldengabi

    today we solve fnaf me:HAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU ARE KIDDING RIGHT?

  82. Tiffany McClanahan


  83. Timothy Michael

    8:16 Not gonna lie, I thought you were joking at first

  84. Spam And spam

    I would fight both mat BOTH

  85. Goldengabi

    -I TRAVELED IN TIME but waht year is it? Hey kid wahts the recent matpat fnaf theory? -fnaf wil neever end -2015

  86. el monito feliz YT


  87. Travis Bowes

    I don't think this is how a republic is supposed to work. Shouldn't Internet laws be made by people who use the internet? Honestly, twisting PLsel's words is not going to stop kids from finding mature content. It seems like COPPA is actually doing more harm than good.

  88. TuberJay Gaming

    I'll be honest, in terms of gameplay, I REALLY want FNaF to continue. But lore-wise, the series should have ended with UCN. VR's story is... Kind of a stretch...


    *MatPat are you okay..?* Edit: That was my brother. But I do agree- NO OFFENSE And why did this appear in my recommend like 8 years after.

  90. Nathan Gehman

    Ah yes, I remember when I had hope for the next Doki Doki... My money is still waiting Dan. Please produce.

  91. Jr

    Yeah but they turn into zombie pigman by getting struck by lightning so no it wasn't nethar wart it was lightning

  92. Olivia Hinson

    I hope it comes out this year in 2020

  93. Star Charm


  94. Lpsshimmerstar 101

    how to you get the pickaxe to get stone without?

  95. Gabriel Walton

    Says it was the first and last time bobombs would have arms. .... ShoWs KiNg BoBoMb SEconDs lAteR WiTh HiS ARMS (Note: this is a joke I really love the channel)

  96. Awesome Swagger

    I gave up because not the the puzzles, but I was having a literal nightmare trying to use simple technology

  97. Shy Guy

    Wait if the whole world drowned how come there is land when you spawn did the water levels go down or am I just missing something?

  98. DxG 6767

    10:03 it didnt feel like forever it felt like 3.3 seconds