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  1. Lauren Wakefield

    I love you

  2. Coco P.

    They start destroying the make up at 12:50

  3. Fpjc _

    even if there wasn’t a pandemic going around i still think this pallet is in bad taste people die everyday regardless.

  4. saw san


  5. Nikolas

    "Mama don't like the sun." Same.

  6. astral_bunni

    JEFREE STAR ⭐️ if you’re reading this, girl your amazing truest one of my favorite people ever ha! I watch everything you put out and LOVE your cosmetics 🥰 In all this negativity girrrrl you need some praise 🙌🏼 love ya!

  7. Jamie_Hearts_Subarus

    I'm on the site right now and wierdo is still sold out?

  8. Maeleigh Moon

    Is she rebranding from Jeffree Star to Jeffree Lynn?

  9. Brittany Ponder

    Jeff bae we love u u love the pallet but unfortunately there are so many of these COMMENT KARENS out there that will always find and pick out ANYTHING they choose to dislike!

  10. Dimitra Gianniotis

    when a scorpio and taurus unite 😍 i’m here for it

  11. Pumba

    Markiplier looks good dint know he changed his name to jeffre

  12. VibeOutW Nay

    Sooooo I Might Just Be High But I’m Totally Seeing Faces On Madam Starr’s Chest It’s Like A Guy With A Pompei Type Style Idk I’m Smoking Watching This Tell Me I’m Not Crazy ?!

    1. VibeOutW Nay

      Wow :/ She Just Didnt Cover The Tattoos That Well Told You Guys I’m High

  13. Familia Davila Pasten

    Sorry to be that guy but are they quarantining together? Or?

  14. Juli Kerr


  15. Emma Walton

    This video is so satisfying omg

  16. Martha Kourogeni

    Why they burnt them?.. they could give it to meeee

  17. Rachelle B

    Thank you for making a palette for us black at heart / goths / in the dark side and the only color/shade we love. I don’t think the palette is offensive at all, as you said, it is ART!

  18. Maeleigh Moon

    Wait none of these were that savage? I feel like these were fan videos laughing with Jeffree not at him. I love it though 💕😘

  19. Clair Bear

    Jeffree: Grab a red bull, grab a snack! Me: *blunt in hand* grab a blunt?

  20. Shriya Thapa

    Sorry to hear about this Jeffree. Hope time heals everything. You both were the cutest.

  21. Ice Kream By Sammy

    I freaking love this pallete it's as dark as my sarcastic mind. 🖤

  22. Tori Brock

    Two queens👑

  23. Jenny Rabalais

    I don't think I've ever seen Jeffree so blowed on a video 😂 I'm loving it!

  24. Sabrina Ann ASMR

    "It's almost like I got punched in the face and I'm not into that!" Same girl 😂😂

  25. bekki0127

    The snort lol but this look omg slay!

  26. Regina Cora

    Every last video I see of yours you litteraly brighten my spirit's...thank you so much for being you.💞💅🧚🦄

  27. keren waisman

    I’m just looking for Barbie and ken’s breakup. I’m confused

  28. Elizabeth Bender-Young


  29. Crafty Angells

    My heart is with you and even though it is a cliche? I do know what you are going through. Different situation yes. But love is love and when it ends? It rips your soul out. You can't breath or barely function. But everyday gets a little bit better. One foot in front of the other. Like you said, " Do You". Do you Jeffree. Everyday will get easier and one foot in front of the other. Who knows what the future will bring.

  30. She.Just. Does

    Not sure why people are offended.

  31. grace schomer

    Omg you should honestly have a red bull dispenser like how there is water dispensers in the fridge you should have a Red Bull one with all different flavors

  32. Cinthia Franco

    @liquorice black this is your palette!!

  33. Stacey Bennett

    The name is not offensive AT ALL. The pallet is stunning and high quality like all Jeffree's products!! I swear people try to have an issue with any and everything these days, it is f#%cking exhausting!!!

  34. Bethany Healy

    I lost my dad last year. He was cremated. I don't feel offended. In fact if it ever gets back in stock lol I will buy it and every time I use it I will think of him. Which is happy to me.

  35. Autumn Marie

    I dont think there anything wrong with it. I just lost my grandfather last friday and he is being cremated. My grandfather always loved seeing his women in the family dolled up, my friend is getting me this as a gift and I love it and will keep it as a sentimental piece. 💚 Might have to buy a second to play with. Lol.

  36. Berivan Sönmez

    Gerçekten Videolarına bayılıyorum İngilizce bilmesemde

  37. AnaSophia Barco

    Jeffree complains about the lightest shade being too dark when he literally mixed it with the darker shades🤣🤣

  38. Lindsay Donophan

    Sorry you had to go through this but no I never heard of this but thank you for enlightening me girl

  39. Serena kerem

    He such a good person

  40. epic person

    “i’ve never heard my name this many times ᵉᵛᵉⁿ ⁱⁿ ᵇᵉᵈ”

  41. Daniya Osman

    What to hell you did not soy how are you girl

  42. Eochroa

  43. Gem Tunstead

    Me too

  44. Naureen khan

    Does anyone feel swelled their upper eyelid after applying this lash paradise waterproof, guys i do have swelled my eyelids after applying, please reply anyone what to do???

  45. Amelia Perez

    Shane is some what innocent in the makeup community like he doesn’t want to be a scandal 😂

  46. J. Chan

    Amazing Reliable, fair and honest review 🙂 I'm new here in youtube and I released my first film 2 days ago hope you guyss help me and if you guys have plenty of time please do watch my video and subscribe I really do appreciate that love you all. Keep safe ♥️

  47. Noemi Martinez

    At first I thought that was Bretman Rock 😩😂 can i get a “hey b****”

  48. Lindsay Donophan

    Yes thank you Jeffree you are so down to earth and talented...but speaking for all the broke bitches like me lol why dont you make a drug store line of make-up so people that cant afford the high end things you create can still enjoy the Jeffree star expirence?

  49. Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    When I heard that people were actually offended by this, i was speechless. Cosmetics is NOT a quick turnaround product, and time goes into the creation, the naming, the testing, perfecting of formula. I absolutely adore this entire collection!!

  50. Momma LeFevre

    Just wanted to send you love Jeffery! I LOVE your new pallete ! And if all these people who are getting offended, please get over your self! Maybe read a book? On how a company is ran and how long it takes to make a product! I am so excited about your cremated palette it’s LITERALLY the pallete of my Dreams !!! Been a fan since 2008! Love you love you love you!!!

  51. Ben Dover

    17:05 jeffree looks like that spider from that cartoon with the insetcs I don’t remeber the name

  52. Susanna Chinaka

    OMG you look amasing

  53. Emily May

    People complaining about the name of the pallet make me wanna kill myself. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Starting to hate this generation of absolute snowflakes, absolute losers. GET A GRIP! Can’t say it do nothing without someone crying about it, sad little individuals

  54. Gabrielle Dean

    Hey jeffree love you

  55. Jessica Satan

    I love all your stuff Jeffree I wish I could Support you this new Launch but I’m totally broke lol I been out of work for few months and woth 4 kids it’s kinda hard to buy anything for myself these days I’m hoping you Restock it so I can get it soon. I wish you the best Jeffree and hope you sell out everything:) I totally can Relate I have no one to talk to I don’t fit in with my family I’m the different one hahah but I totally ok with that. I am Inspired by you I watch you and buy all your makeup when I can. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Take care bitch lol

  56. Emma Walton

    Woah, he has eyebrows

  57. Jenise Sanchez

    anyone here on 2020

  58. Jalkruti Mehta

    Jeffere whatever you do in your past is representative of the you now. Karma bitch.. learn n forgive.. u keep losing everything. Learn bitch learn now.

  59. Bakudeku Maximum

    Todoroki looking hella snatch hunny!!! Flexin his mansion and disappointin his Flame Daddo with hus new life choices. I'm cremated.

  60. Makayla Wallace

    Ok so I'm in may of 2020 and when they made the Corona joke I was like don't even fuckin play😭😭😂

  61. Isabella Richards

    Can we see the dogs/puppies again as we haven’t seen them in a while.Also can you talk about your house,well we want to see your progress.

  62. janice lee

    Jeffree dogs be livin the LIFE

  63. IcePrinCess22

    You look sick .

  64. janice lee

    honestly im so happy for Jeffree. he worked so hard to get to this point. also he still sold makeup pallets during this difficult time. he just so... like productive unlike me lol.

  65. Sadia Mohiuddin

    He doesn’t look weird without eyebrows :")

  66. Elizabeth pring

    Oh my God I wish this video wasn't two years old I would so put all kinds of Rose emojis in I've been subscribed for the last eight months I need these brushes

  67. Lindsay Donophan

    HONEY......God I love him

  68. Elizabeth pring

    Okay so I am one of those quarantine binge Watchers but my question it's because this video was recorded and put on line two years ago are these brushes still available I myself I'm obsessed with anything roses the same week that I was born my father got a long-stemmed Rose tattooed over his heart and I grew up with him telling me that that was my very own long-stemmed rose that would never die but that was his Rose for me over his heart so I have a very very deep connection with roses very sentimental I got to get these brushes

  69. janice lee

    who watched this video mutiple times during lockdown?

  70. Radhwa Ahmad

    How the hell you look good without eyebrow?

  71. janice lee

    this house is bigger than my school

  72. janice lee

    kid:*swims in the pool* mom: you'll get corona if you swim in the pool kid:*goes inside to swim in another pool*

  73. Savannah Kennedy

    Again... People stay attacking his behavior in 2004. Here it is 2004 had a huge punk scene. If you look at influencers from that time in the punk scene you will see they all portray the impulsive carefree goth attitude. Jeffery did this. It was what scene he was in and it was the life he was living " The alternative style". Hun you do not have to apologize to the normies that had no feet and the goth culture. Great if you never had any influence by it, but for some in that time it was a huge part of their life and growing experience.. Never apologize for that. They say once a goth always a goth. It is not about dressing dark it is about embracing the fact that life is both dark and good. It is about embracing that the dark things are just as important and are often brushed under the rug. It is part of our culture now to pretend that everything is perfect and no negative thing exists... But that is just not realistic. Leave people alone. Take into consideration his age and the culture that he grew up in to form his ideas. Problem is you got a bunch of offended 14 year olds. Jeffery you have support from the early 2000 and 90 kids. 🤘✌ We get it. This is bringing something back for alot of people.

  74. Renny C

    11:24 when Jeffree is the sassy lady sipping wine for 1 second then he says something weird X'D

  75. Chanan Wyatt

    OMG!! Have ever imagined Nathan cheating on JEFFREE with Maddie plz JEFFREE spill🤔😂✨

  76. Harley Rodrigo


  77. CasalocoOldskool83

    Detox did the black and white look years ago

  78. DannyAlion

    I love how postive Jeff was about littarly everything even while eating no flavor chicken 😂 we need more positive daring people!!

  79. emmasoft1982

    Sorry this is late but did you decide to have no eyebrows love your vids watches since day one

  80. Frances Lopez

    Yooo people are fucking dumb and ignorant I didn’t think of correlation that had🤦🏽‍♀️ I thought of the palette as a reverse spring /summer and I live

  81. Chanan Wyatt

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH JEFFREE!✨💕thankyou for turning me into the woman I am now😂✨😘

  82. Zayda Garza

    I love the little speech about 4 yrs ago he was depressed.. etc, jefrees humor gives a shine to all of us, she gots what she deserves 💖

  83. Mei Senpai

    Anyone notice that shanes shirt literally said ohmygod with a pig on it and in the ending part of the video he was saying oh my god costantly to the pig/sculpture he got

  84. Rachel Gill

    IS THAT YOUR BACKYARD? Lord have mercy on my broke soul

  85. WorldOf Sewa

    YOU BETTER WORK MISS THING We love a queen that looks out for fans 🤧✨💙

  86. Αντωνια Μ

    Wow jeffree used to do eyebrows back then😂❤

  87. Renny C

    5:35 Shane: see I know you want me to say cocaine but I wasn't cool enough to do drugs Jeffree: you have never tried it? Me: wot???

  88. DannyAlion

    Omggg lolll jef looks like a fine ass f-boys that break your heart 😂 it looks so good!!!

  89. Alicia Barnes

    Nicely explsined. Love it and all the best 😍

  90. Mirna Koren

    Why are people offended ? My friend committed suicide couple yours back and got cremated and it doesn't upset me or anything. Jeffree was saying cremated a YEAR ago. Actual proof is in kylie skin review with Shane video.

  91. Sheyla Paredes

    All I want to know is when are you gonna restock your website Jeffree???! Your like E N T I R E website is empty like everything’s sold out lol when will you restockkkk?!? ;( I feel like it’s always A LLLLLL Sold out makes me not want to buy anymore lol

  92. Sarah Korver

    🤣🤣🤣 the teeth tapping is Epic lol! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 xxx

  93. indecorum

    "i know i don't have as many subscribers as her" well look at the difference now🤩🤩

  94. Randy Bender

    Starr Mcdonalds wig lol

  95. Jana Fokkens

    Okay but Shane should avoid fragranced products like the plague

  96. Randy Bender

    More like hair by nakkita

  97. Renny C

    10:46 I thought he was going to say lucky charms ;-;

  98. Angie Turner

    I lovvvvvvvveeeeee makup but its so expensive! Id do anything to just shop in this room for just 20 min!

  99. Makeup By M

    What happened with the audio and video. Looks like it was filmed with a iphone

  100. Caroline Tidnam