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  1. Elias Stadler


  2. Taka Masuda

    Damn. This song is really catchy. I don’t want to like it but it gets better upon every listening.

  3. Elias Stadler


  4. Elias Stadler


  5. Elias Stadler


  6. Beatriz Moreira


  7. Jeremy Ledbetter

    You have to let go of everything you think you know to find yourself You fall downward to go up...

  8. Anônimo Se liga

    this song is amazing

  9. america G


  10. Igor ig

    This is vibe "Pantera" by Anitta singer Brazilian , Selena ❤

  11. Emmanuel

    Anyone here 2020?

  12. you And I


  13. Z V

    The only person I've ever seen who looks pretty expressing all emotions. She wins at life.

  14. Vane GZS

    Yo siempre apoyaré a Selena Gómez.👍

  15. Andy Revi


  16. José Miguel

    #1 🔥♥️

  17. José Miguel


  18. 10K Subs In 2020 Challenge

    *dear strangers whoever like this comment, congrats you'll be a millionaire one day*

  19. Nasfikry Nasir

    Me to my crush: “why don’t you recognise im so rare?”

  20. Rhei Guintadcan

    Parang gagu.

  21. Juan Juan Juan

    Okay, yeah we feel bad for Selena for being in this toxic relationship and how she is so hurt that Justin got married two months later but look at it from Justin's side. You can't just keep saying that he shouldn't have left her. You shouldn't stay with someone if you don't love them. It's a one-sided relationship. If he doesn't love her, it's not his fault, it is his feelings. I support both of them but I'm not a real big fan of either. But stop trash talking Justin because he loves someone else.

  22. Rosalia Nahuelñir


  23. Bunnie Bun

    Nobody gonna say it "Sang off key in my chorus" You sing off key in yo own chorus or we jus gonna act like that dont happen 😳😳🤣😂 he probably trying to not upstage yo ass

  24. Murat Aitolkhyn

    Wow why can't this already song beat 100 mln already?

  25. Stacy

    This is better than rare or look at her now.


    I mean, we all can definitely tell how broken & hurtful she has been throughout the relationship. & how could someone possibly has a heart to actually did this to someone as pure as Selly? 😭💔 my heart aches just by looking at those meaningful lyrics ✊😔

  27. João Paulo Carlos Di Carlo Oliveira de Andrade

    Thank you so much Selena, since there I'm trying to release myself from an abusive relationship. I'm tired about getting hurt.

  28. Nekron Cifer

    Wow she finally made a decent song bloody nice

  29. Sam Singh

    They could have done a way better job with the video.

  30. Reana Beck

    Okay admit it, when you saw the thumbnail, you thought it was Camilla Cabello.

  31. V 0736

    Ugh this song just😫.....melts my 💗

  32. Agung Ratna


  33. Jean Pita Diomi Kazadi K

    i kinda dont like mmmmmmmmm part

  34. Naye Alien

    La Amo

  35. V 0736


  36. Kazumi mizuki

    Its 4:26 AM. Pleease 😂

  37. 리사Łisä

    *why are people not talking about how aesthetic this MV is?*

  38. Unknown Writing

    Crash and burn like every time *before* is definitely lowkey *jelena*

  39. kevin manss


  40. Lauren :

    reminds me of my toxic ex

  41. 방보경

    We are all rare..♡

  42. Z V

    As they say, she would look good in a bin sack. Not fair.


    This song make me cry🐱

  44. Z V

    Oh bloody hell Selena, wow.

  45. Celeste McDermott

    everyone listen to Jude'sGuitarCovers hes a legend

  46. Yohalakshmi Kumaravelu

    Most. Amazing. Song. Ever. Love you Selena ❤❤❤ So happy that you're back 😍😍 Queen always rocks 🤩🤩 #selenatorfaever

  47. Z V

    She just makes hit after hit, looks and gets better and better. Selena you're winning at life man!

  48. Sorria La Vida

    Love 💙❣

  49. Z V

    Since I hold a qualification in First Aid at work, I may use that line just to scare people.

  50. James Hutchison

    I wonder why this didn't get more views.

  51. Z V

    She always looks beyond gorgeous - not fair!

  52. Priyanka Ghosh

    Toxic relationships are the one which keep us bonded for years, draining our energies and keeping us from knowing there is better out there. Was in one for 2 years and took me 4 years to heal. Sending everyone the love and strength they need

  53. Z V

    I dont know anyone prettier.

  54. L S

    Puse "Willyrex no me quiere" y me salió está canción

  55. Jhasmine Almeria

    She put down the ring that justin gave hailey. 😂👀💍

  56. Luca Ravosa

    I’m glad that Bebe Rexha had a hand in co-writing this song for Selena and 6lack! I could definitely hear Bebe doing a song like this for sure!!!

  57. 0 suscriptores aiudaaa

    Soy de Perú alguien más ?

  58. adriana arce

    Es la canción más hermosa que e escuchado

  59. BadBoy Breeze

    Love it 😍

  60. Z V

    She was such a baby and she still has a baby face but is a lot more refined now.

  61. Z V

    She's always been super chic.

  62. Bernarda Cruz Moya

    Hermosaaaaaaa de costa rica🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷

  63. おかだ


  64. Luiz Henrique

    Essa musica é simplesmente maravilhosa. 🤍

  65. joyce magdalin laput


  66. Deanna Rings

    wow girl go get hem you are pretty and your gonna get hem

  67. Soul-.

    No es el mejor álbum de selena en mi opinión pero esta canción me gusta mucho❤️😍

  68. Sunshine Thompson


  69. Ed Kiss


  70. Zadinello

    A love u

  71. LizCamacho03

    2020 y apenas escuchándola 🤭

  72. Batool dibs

    Really really you are amazing Selena babe

  73. MrKamBlack00

    I feel u...

  74. Noemi Miranda

    Amo a sel❤️🌈

  75. Yazmin Hernandez

    Después de cuánto tiempo apenas me vengo enterando en pleno 2020

  76. Luna Moon

    this song came out at just the right time for me

  77. hector estrada

    I selfishly want people to stop listening to people you know so vulnerable can catch up with views. So vulnerable would be the next single 👀

  78. mochi chi

    I like ducks

  79. Nilka Santos


  80. adriahn aguayo

    like si lo escuchas en enero 2020

  81. Mahya Hosseini


  82. Mahya Hosseini


  83. Mahya Hosseini


  84. Tawanna Wilson

    No more axince

  85. Jean Pita Diomi Kazadi K

    when your ready come and get it na na na na na na na na

  86. Eric Davis

    She’s pretty👍🏼

  87. Liliane Camargo


  88. Marlon Wallace

    I like both JB SG

  89. Jean Pita Diomi Kazadi K

    this is my favorite song rlly

  90. michael butalid

    So much glitches going on

  91. isabel salguero

    Your good to sing😘😘😍

  92. Mila Lemos

    Completamente maravilhosa!!! ❤️

  93. stasy Gabrielle

    Wow this song is very touching😰

  94. Micheal Jones

    I tell the love of my life she's one in a trillion because there aren't a trillion. She is one of a kind<3

  95. Nicole Medeiros


  96. Christina Isselhard

    You are beautiful and such a strong woman, you are rare👑🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💐

  97. valient vacafa

    Selena Gomes 😍mashmello 😎👏🏻

  98. Aleksandra Perovic


  99. ghofrane gharbi

    When i watch to this vedio i feel sad :(

  100. Fernando Corcio

    Why didn't hear this song before???😍😍