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  1. Colby Stice

    I stayed throughout the vid

  2. Jeevani

    1:29 I really like his butterfly necklace.

  3. Denzell Duvoll Jr

    They always say don’t spin after eating

  4. RFX -Sam


  5. Ryan Koh


    1. Ryan Koh

      100000000000000000/10👍👍👍👍is sooooooo lit

  6. Samanta J

    I love sloth they are me favoritr

  7. Gamer 123

    Rug you are the best..

  8. Dequindell Jackson

    You're welcome Faze Rug I do appreciate your two first video of nasty sodas barf soda and was funny 😂😂😆

  9. Sport Highlights

    Cliff bar

  10. Jareni Ubieta


  11. Jareni Ubieta


  12. Ganesh M

    Any marathi people here

  13. fino funtime

    I'm eating a bit

  14. Dequindell Jackson


  15. Dequindell Jackson

    Oh what is that

  16. Peachy Muno

    You made it 5000$

  17. Ali Mansour

    Rug will win

  18. IM_AGAMER For life


  19. Antonio Ayala

    Yes that is in

  20. Brandon Roblox

    9:44 when they hear the Grau he says is that Bosley

  21. PTM UnKn0wn

    Did You See That Blur Thing In The Video?

  22. Brandon Roblox

    6:21 is hella funny

  23. Omar Ajlouni


  24. Blake Diez

    If rug was my brother and tells me my car is smoking i will say Rug: OMG YOUR CAR IS SMOKING Me: what? cars don't smoke weed

  25. The Dirty Camper

    Work for Brian get paid stacks love the videos can I work for you

  26. Saing OudomPanha

    10 TEN

  27. xFuriousPlayz

    July 3rd is my birthday

  28. Erika Zuniga

    Who is holding the camera then?

  29. Kira420sweet

    Decent Nice job Noah good prank 😆

  30. Guro Elise Berg

    FaZe Rug going to win

  31. Kira420sweet

    Good vibes We like Noah , he seems like a real friend 👍🏻🎥👍🏻

  32. Stacey Moniz

    Aww that was awesome Noah!!! You got him sooo good!! You edited those files perfectly that Rug even said “wait how’d you even do that?!” 🤣 and the ended was sweet! Love the friendship you two share! ❤️

  33. Ziya Padaya

    You guys are legit!! Why dont you all colab for some ouija board or maybe for some exporing vid

  34. Isaiah Gomez 10

    Are you ok😬

  35. brawl killer gaming

    There was mo vlogger behind faze rug when he was in the buggy

  36. Jeff

    Is rug a Muslim

  37. Dmarlow 25

    4:50 $48??????? Whattttt

  38. InfiniteMortal36

    This is how much times FaZe Rug said bro in the video ⬇️

  39. Ellie Welliver

    It is my favorite

  40. JMT_ Tobbie

    I like you kaylen

  41. SSJ_ Jasonchev

    if Noah made a channel I'd subscribe


    Infinite GOD BLESS ALL VIEWER Fist u want to like like it But who dont want to like just dislike 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  43. Stephen Nganga

    I think banks is high does he even remember drawing the dog?!!!

  44. Shekha Alfuraih

    When Kalin said nay to her brother the Horse 😂😂

  45. lowrider oldies1963

    Go ahead and shave my head

  46. cute black

    Kaylen is the best ♥️

  47. ANQUK

    probably just friends he hired to make the video scary

  48. S S N

    Gucci usually wrap it’s objects, why was the bag and the jumper not wrapped ..? 🤔 .. aAnyways this was a strong prank .. well done

  49. Lukas McGee

    Hey I got the same birthday at u i turned 14 Tuesday 🤯

  50. Leonardo Tapia

    Who else remembers the old Chuck E. Cheese logo

  51. Aubrey Ambrose

    Broooo I heard the we’re locked in and oh no

  52. skrrrt XD

    when brian started opening the present's noah gave him, u just can see how he treat& respect noah like his own family. kidding aside but u have to admit that brian's a really great guy!!!

  53. merkrina johny

    I got goosebumps watching that video i loved it Noah ❤️😘😄 Happy Belated Birthday Faze Rug Much Love XoXo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Kylee Battle

    faze - slam the door (boom) me- ooop

  55. Analyst

    Prank on viewers

  56. Kyle Miller


  57. Jonathan Mika

    in reality you really did win the lottery

  58. S JC

    I’m Arabian ❤️💕

  59. Sharmz Waiomio

    Love x

  60. Coolian360

    Why does every youtuber put the wrong Disney Castle everytime on their thumbnail!! This one was Disneyland Paris’s castle not California

  61. Sharmz Waiomio

    I love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Goldgamer 3D

    Its fine everyone. You are safe in the comment section

  63. Sandesh Regmi

    My mom does same in the market yesterday

  64. Aubrey Ambrose

    Your my fav do more scary vids

  65. Denzia Jarvis

    He said.. Imma flex on them now lmao

  66. Saeeda Bibi

    Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎈🎊🎉 click this button for his birthday👇

  67. Clutch Ninjas E-sports

    I went straight into tears as soon as she started running to her dad

  68. Envy y

    This shit trash fr

  69. ali ryan

    Yall all saying take him home but they are taking it slow they have helped him so much give time! This video actually made me cry with happiness honestly you always know how to make someone’s day or life even! I hope mike lives a long happy life ❤️❤️😭

  70. Fazix Jurica

    Maybe you could turn that room into an apple store :) Love your vids keep up the good work! <3

  71. Sheldon Jonkers

    baco tell

  72. SA king


  73. SA king


  74. SA king


  75. SA king


  76. TheGuy Jed

    Rug the camera man won

  77. Zohan Khan

    8:36 same blanky

  78. Jonathan Guzman

    4:00 Black Tress. 4:02 No Black Trees. 😂

  79. BSM mystro

    Its a clown

  80. SA king


  81. Eva Abadi

    he really cares about his fans! i feel bad

  82. Sara AK

    Love rug reaction

  83. ND. aintgotnon

    Is pop not soda 😂

  84. BlizzIcey

    That’s fire bro

  85. Kar Kar

    Ooohhh !!!!and then [email protected]#$!! $$//^*(₩÷×+€*,eeaaahaaa!#$/ that was a big "BITE"from papa rug just make and complete the whole video Great "RUGS" and "BRAWADIS" family as always and God bless you all "RUGS"and "BRAWADIS"

  86. Joedh Henderson

    I would shave my head for an iPhone 11

  87. gnasior

    did i hear wall or hall?

  88. Samuel Tsigbey

    Bro !! Did you say it's her job huh?? Well I'm a different person 'cause I would get mad at ma girlfriend being a model.. No offense anyways..

  89. Francisco Solano

    This is how much rug loves us cause he thinks about us on his birthday

  90. Shereen Alhadad

    He said I hope you love me

  91. Jnr gamer

    whose watching in 2 0 1 9

  92. Palak V Patel


  93. Joshua Thomas


  94. Alex Gamer Plays

    Noah is such a nice cameraman and Rug too

  95. Ziad Torky

    How 20

  96. GWANY

    Good content watcht this video like 12 times

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  98. Elijah Major

    Happy birthday

  99. Alex Gamer Plays

    What happend to Lola? :(

  100. Diego Martinez

    People probably think they littered but they actually planted a apple tree 🌳