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  1. Cassandra Gutierrez

    Ok so we’re playing basket ball in PE and some girl yelled “for Kobe” threw the ball then missed and tried to play it off by saying all the basket ball players names ngl all of us were kinda pissed

  2. goldenbulls53

    What's in the heart, comes out your mouth! She may have used this several times in the past with her close circle of friends.

  3. Awful madden plays.

    Erykah Badu #the paintbrush of music

  4. Danny Hoang

    How do you get Lakers and the n word mixed up...... She's from MSNBC too....

  5. Official New America

    Dam Yee looking 🔥

  6. Jennifer Hall

    We all need to learn to live together.

  7. Erwin S

    In real time it sounds like the N word. It took my guy over on The amazing Lucas to actually be one of the only people out here with any critical thinking to take the video clip and slow it down. If you do, she 100% says "Nakers". Go listen for yourself. You can believe facts and evidence or believe what you wanna believe.

  8. Vanessa

    CTG said biographical? did he mean geographical? lord oh lord

  9. Lovevibe

    We heard her loud and clear!


    That woman is trash and deserves to be fired.

  11. Ceara Benson

    Advocate for mental illness ,yet all of your donkey of the day have mental illness

  12. Stuart Martin

    Wow. They get away with everything. Pretty clear to me what she said and it was Nakers

  13. Jennifer Hall

    I see what your saying KM

  14. Kwame Twumasi

    Blacks really need to be careful with whites. I see today you have a lot of blacks who think these people are our friends and racism is not still a problem that is so crazy.

  15. I-B RA'SUN

    I first seen that movie as a child...and I did not know he was a white guy playing a black guy...thought he was black

  16. Edwin Easy

    We should be blowing up msnbc to make sure she gets fired. Then follow up to anywhere else she might be hired. To make sure stuff like this doesnt happen.

  17. Hakujin713

    Yea, it's terrible that we lost Kobe and his daughter, my heart goes out to them, but everyone is forgetting the 7 other people who died in that helicopter crash. What about their families???

  18. djbigreign

    Real talk

  19. Angelic TroubleMaker

    What's up My Nakers?!!!! Where my real Nakers at?! GIRL....🙄

  20. Pray Daily

    There was a long pause before She said the “N” word like she was really trying to say lakers but stutters. Come on guys. The “N” word doesn’t even make sense in the sentence she was trying to say come on guys

  21. Rita


  22. Abu Eyad

    I clearly heard Los Angeles KNICK-ERBOCKERS! y'all trippin (Westbrook voice) 😂😂💯

  23. skye da69

    Fuk u Angela yeast infection

  24. Zalva

    Roddy Rich is #1 at the moment and he ain't claiming shit lol

  25. Henry Womack

    She’ll be picked up be a local FOX affiliate in 2 months..

  26. ytRbro

    "LA N**** is probably a "joke" she hears or tells her friends a bunch of times when she is not in mixed company. And so sorry to say she may have "black friends" who are around her the group when they hear that and laugh along with them vs saying u out of line!!!

  27. emeka onwuka

    No one in this history of donkey of the day has deserved it so much

  28. 49jubilee

    The singing tune sounds like early 60s soul You should form a group

  29. Jennifer Hall

    Aww come on man you should be able to be with who you love.

  30. Wynter English

    Damn I would of used that money to start my own business so I could leave that 9-5😩

  31. Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay

    Charla’s brain is 💩💩 today. He missed the entire point of what Tyler was saying.

  32. GhostFace FE

    You don’t make no mistake like that! I hope they fired her azz!! Click my link 2 help me support the dream Thanks good People Long Live The Goat & the snake Black Mamba 🐍

  33. LT Nation Radio

    Charla gay da god is trying to secure that butter check lol

  34. Maliq Scott

    CTG n Envy are not terrible interviewers bruh they dont watch the show and they cant watch every episode a interview is to get to know the guest they doing they job asking questions that they wanna know about the person and yee is asking about the show because she watches the show. CTG is the only person on this radio station that can be there alone and niggas wont even notice, yee and envy are cool interviewers minus envy with the for the people that dont know questions. niggas sensitive lol

  35. Robert Owen

    Tyler doesn’t want to be in a box. Simple as that

  36. T ejiofor

    How's my fellow anti-racism, anti-black, mean mugging, having high standards for white, and lower for black people, family?

  37. Jennifer Hall

    Reverse racism is not a thing it makes no sense. Its either racism or its not. Think about it if it was reverse it means it would not exist.

  38. Darrien Payne Jr

    Why is everyone so pressed about him & his situation with his wife, that’s there problem that they handled so why does it matter to everyone else

  39. Bonnie Klyde

    This guy & his whole cast are racist as fck. All you POS need to grow the fck up. Stop playing the race card Bytch & get on with your miserable life.

  40. Laben Brittenum

    i try not to watch W.W but seriously something like this is below high school!

  41. Montajah Bartlett

    I love charla but I feel like he missed the mark Tyler was trying to convey. I feel like Tyler was trying to say that his album was more than just rap and that black artists shouldn’t always be thrown in that category. I love Tyler and his sound and he wasn’t looking down upon rap but you can tell by the sound of Igor that it’s more than what it was being framed as.

    1. Montajah Bartlett

      I’m glad the comments can say what I want to say in a better way cs ctg did miss the point 😭

  42. Addam Smyth

    "You should always believe women" might be the most ignorant statement I've ever heard come out of a frown man's mouth, because we all know women never lie!?

  43. Cae Jis

    She's used to using that word


    He is the reason I watch CNN today....he will be missed

  45. balogna bandit

    He loves calling himself a kid.

  46. Darcy Lee

    Dude! You can’t even pronounce Calabasas correctly ! Calabashes .... really ,?! Everyone needs to stop being so sensitive! I believe she made a honest mistake 🙄

  47. Martin Torrez

    And you know for a fact that The Knicks was on or never on her mind at all? How stupid for anyone to think she said that. Your reaching just to have a moment of race-baiting! Like you never said stupid things in your life. A bunch of hypocrites!

  48. Xanyo

    The real insult is this clown being considered a rapper

  49. TriL TV

    I'm bout to go to the tryouts, where are the Los Angeles Niggers holding tryouts at?

  50. Shusty KO

    No disrespect but every time Dame Dash talks I zone out.

  51. Kiddogainz

    Sounded like nickers to me ...

  52. john doe

    Who’s more pointless yee or molly from first take?

  53. erec707

    I didn’t even wanna watch this at first because of how cringey this would be.

  54. Linda Williams

    Don’t they read of a monitor..they always find a way to “accidentally “ disrespect US people of color 😡😡

  55. luke jr jordan

    I did that so hopefully you don’t have to go thru that....... interesting

  56. Rae Battle Rap's Mood

    What she said is a behind the scenes joke for NBA BIG WIGS, & joked about regularly😖

  57. T Charley

    She clearly said the "N" word... She clearly said what was on her mind... She needed to be 🔥 on the real!

  58. brent s

    Wendy williams is disgusting

  59. L S

    Kodak black put himself in that situation stop crying ✋

  60. Gerome Egans

    Terry Crews has the nerve to talk

  61. Danke Smith

    Good taste of their own medicine for MSNBC

  62. Samson G

    Ms.Union is another Jessie smallet case

  63. Danke Smith

    black man realizes if he forgives people for making mistakes, he'll lose power.

  64. MrZimeir

    I heard N word perfect, you know damn well she said it

  65. Curtis Harvey

    The Lakers are literally one of the most famous sports teams in the world even people who don't like basketball know Kobe and the Lakers, no excuse

    1. Clam MacGregor

      actually they don't, even the most famous basketball team in the world is not that famous compared to other things

  66. Attah Germany

    She should have mistakenly said LA creakers

  67. Erik Holumn

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! RIP DeeDee Mega DooDoo 🙊

  68. Alexis Bentley

    The only way that can EVER happen is if you actually USE that word, smh.

  69. raenil1

    A lot of the time when white people are off to theirselves they give inappropriate names to others. She probably said or heard the name Los Angeles ni88ers so much that it came out by mistake. it was probably a mistake, but that’s why you don’t practice BS. You can condition yourself unintentionally to say something inappropriate at the most inopportune time.

    1. Clam MacGregor

      probably not because whites aren't sitting around talking about basketball in their leisure time


    Lol msnbc reporters dying by their own swords. Go get em black mobs.

  71. Bobby P

    Hardest reach so far in 2020

  72. SoniB Xo

    Oh man. I can't no more about this story, its heartbreaking. I'm not even too into basketball like that but Kobe was like a superman, seemed untouchable because he is such a legend. Hard to hear all this. RIP.

  73. Dee

    He wants to go against all artists not just hip hop artists.

  74. Bella_RobloxYt Idk

    My dad posted this and it went viral then they scrubbed the internet to take everything off but my uncle still has a recording

  75. ytRbro

    "clears the air" I see what u did there!!! 😂😂😂, new motto for 2020? let fart be free!!! 😂😂

  76. kbrigsby61

    Fuggg Harpo. She a ho!

  77. Julius Tillery

    "Blacklash" that's a new one Haha RIP KOBE 1978-2020

  78. Jason Gafar

    You can tell Birdman was scarred scared out of his mind

  79. Clemsonshawty

    does sound like she said NAKERS...

  80. Ossie R

    She’s in MSNBC she’ll be forgiven

  81. Paul Piper

    It is that obvious that she said the n word and I think it's sad that a lot of people are delusional and don't wanna admit that she said that word.

  82. steeler1979

    Naker please!

  83. Monk Killedababy

    Legend just died tragically and YOURE focusing on this... Jesus Christ.

    1. Jay 88

      Go watch the other news channels then

  84. Angela Tolbert


  85. chadrick mcknight

    She said nakers

  86. Edward Lee

    that's what she normally calls the los angeles lakers lol

  87. Billy Frachete

    Now this the only episode that was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 an elder giving y’all the knowledge NO CHASER SALUTE

  88. War Age TV

    Whoever liked this video is 70% of the problem of the world today...

  89. William

    Ctg is doing this on purpose

  90. sean L

    In her defense, white people have never had to be as careful as they have to be in today's social climate

  91. kbrigsby61

    He got wht he dezerved, cawz, he duznt hav a 'sense-of-identity', OR..., pride in hiz actual ethnicity. Weak-a$$, mofo, beetch!! Bwa..., haw, haw, haw, haw!!

  92. Darryl Hoagland


  93. Mary Stephenson

    I would expect no less from this channel.

  94. VIII-IX Media

    She should have atleast put "Nickers" instead of "Nackers" in her tweet.

  95. Isreal Entertainment

    She needs to loss her job

  96. Letina Day



    I thought Jamie Fox said Robert called him asking for advice about taking that part and Jamie told him to do it.

  98. Salamander

    Seriously, u all really think that’s what she really said, & on purpose gtfoh 🖕

    1. Kim Jong Barack


  99. Todd LP

    Love it when liberals eat liberals.

  100. Grayson Wayne

    People shooting eachother in Chicago and y'all are worried about a stutter