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  1. Anton Birch

    Man this awesome

  2. Ivet Kuncheva

    let's make 100M views

  3. Latifa

    Eww loser

  4. Aphrodite Z

    What a interesting song! So neat!

  5. Erica Franco

    Ok but this have one direction vibes, had to say it...

  6. Aaron Str8

    What a song glad he went solo

  7. Lovely Tay

    The dancing scene was so cute 😍

  8. Night Angel

    Soy ese comentario en español que estabas buscando :D

  9. taanz meow

    some bitches personality trait is to listen to falling by Harry Styles and cry and call it a day, its me. I'm bitches

  10. hnjap hnjapj

    I like harry but............ One direction....... 😭1D❤️

  11. taanz meow

    gonna tell my kids that he was the king of the world 😌✌️🏽

  12. mariavitoria almeidabarbosa


  13. Isabella Maria

    JOALINNNNN 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  14. brandy beach

    Weird video 👎🏻

  15. Digital Rhino

    I hear Peter Gabriel influences here. Well done!

  16. Deanuh Osmani

    imagine being one of the girls that were just kinda in the back background and just not able to touch or even be close to Harry. I see some of em lowkey tryna squeeze thru ahaha... fuck

  17. Gloomy Doll

    Who here came after his new album, *"Fine Line"*

  18. The storyteller

    I used to work in a bakery

  19. Andre Ulloa Cardenas

    I Just broken with my gf and this song identify me, idk if I can superate this part of my life.

  20. The storyteller

    It is a family show or is it?

  21. Samaira Sivan

    the fact that this didn’t get nominated for the Grammys just shows how rigged they really are

  22. wiss kadri

    To make your heart break more this song is for a mother couldn't survive childbirth and she only have 5 minutes to say goodbye to her newborn baby

  23. Ana Luise

    O Harry styles ele canta bem mesmo tendo filha para cuidar um verdadeiro pai que Harry e.

  24. Toria Lucenilla

    I'm actually diggin this vibe ♡

  25. Marta Krzyżaniak


  26. Yixing Wu

    How the simple 'we haven't spoke since you went away' can spoke so much

  27. Leighton Freyre

    This song hits different after the news of Kobe and GiGi

  28. Riley Pegram

    I love you Harry.

  29. Owen

    Great guitar and bass!

  30. Antonio Mihai

    And yummy has 110m views.

  31. Marygrace Amor


  32. Maik Gr

    Esta canción es descorazonadora, por la verdad que transmite.

  33. Marygrace Amor


  34. Marygrace Amor


  35. anam tanvir

    I hate it when a person is all strung up and stereotyped..

  36. anam tanvir

    I still believe you are the best human being ever born!!!

  37. Froilan Enriquez

    i see this as a movie teaser dont know why

  38. Jorgelina valdebenito


  39. Salvatore N

    I guess the return of YESHUA with his angels with this song..he'll wipe away all our tears..Yes LORD, AMEN

  40. Sebastian Christie

    kobe just died.... this world

  41. golden curls

    just let me adore you💜

  42. Learn First

    WTF?? Billie Ellish's song won grammy amd yet this song ain't even getting any credit. That is song is depressing af and got a grammy whereas this song is fun to listen. What happened to music?

  43. nashvalera

    Мне понравилась и идея клипа и сама композиция. Шикарно.

  44. No Naem

    Jenny... I accidentally thought of Jennifer while listening to this song while reading a book, please tell me I'm not the only one. Edit: Well, I'm hinting on something here, I hope someone actually would notice this line. Because I don't know what's with my brain during times like reading something. If anyone gets the hint... you get the hint.

  45. H owl

    I'm not american but i could feel 60s American atmosphere with this song

  46. Ania LK

    La historia leida por Rosalía : )))))) Saludos desde Polonia : )

  47. wait what

    I listen to this and Watermelon Sugar at least 3 times a day and I'm not even a big Harry Styles fan but now I am.

  48. ryszard klara

    Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Video) 1080p klara fragment

  49. JP Channel


  50. JP Channel


  51. JP Channel

    best song i like dis 2020

  52. Stranger Things

    for the millie bobby brown fans this lets me think of her (millie) like if this song lets you think of somebody who is cute <3

  53. Axel Santana

    Since I met you I listen to Harry's songs thinking about you, because he's your favorite artist. I love u so much.

  54. mimi

    why this is weird

  55. Amalia González


  56. 4 Ever P.D. Ace

    0.34 HE first Checks if the water Temperatur is ok ,not to hot 😍😍 HE really cares for the fish-- GOALS

  57. smonaful

    For zayn. For love. Always treasured. Soulmates. Destiny.

  58. Haley Browning

    when you realize he put rocks in his pocket because he wanted to kill him self and the fish jumped out to kill itself.... i-☹️

  59. purposelesscat l.

    This is best.

  60. purposelesscat l.

    This is...... what the heck..... Harry, you're killing me boy.

  61. 100% Trash

    Ngl, I thought the fish was going to die near the end and I became sad🥳

  62. Kimberly w

    Mmm.. He is exploring ! Do you, Harry!

  63. Jenny Xin

    This is so deep oh my god 😭

  64. Yvie Lewis

    Who is watching 1D and why did u guys splits up

  65. Chi Do

    Te amo Harry😊

  66. Amber Lynn Networking

    Why are there no cherries in the hand 😭

  67. Amber Lynn Networking

    Put yo shirt back on boy lol nobody got time for that

  68. Smarkula


  69. LivingDeadGirl Melissa

    its so bi I LOVE it lol

  70. Amber Lynn Networking

    Kendell Jenner and him would be cute lol

  71. Amber Lynn Networking

    Silly watermelon hand 😂

  72. Moira Grant


  73. Moonlight Babe

    Man god damn Americans ain’t say shit 😭

  74. Alejandro Barella

    Esa influencia de Bowie sí se puede ver

  75. Itzel Demer

    Narration by: LAROSALIA WUUUU XDD

  76. estereotipo 14-20

    De lo mas hermoso que he econtrado hoy, no era fan ni nada pero me parece que esto es realmente muy muy bueno.

  77. Tatiana Pacheco Ropero

    underrated bop

  78. ____Paw

    Miss you Harry... Love You Zayn

  79. Suchi

    Dunno how yummy got 119m views and adore u so less

  80. Wethaman 12

    I never liked OneDirection, but Harry Styles' music on his own is the sHIT

  81. Kamoz _Nz

    All I ever hear is " want another sugar hi!!! "

  82. Ashley Baltz

    I was really used to him being a pop singer. This song sounds a lot more rock n roll.

  83. Dr. Ramneet Kataria Chhabra

    Here's the thing: there have, in fact, been several hints this year that One Direction will be returning. The Evening Standard reports that in July, a mysterious tour date for the band appeared on Ticketmaster, claiming they would perform at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, on December 31, 2020 Is this true?

  84. nicolle

    sexy as hell so to say

  85. TheHolyJosh

    I dont know why but i wanna see the last shadow puppets cover this

  86. Anna

    This whole album is soooo amazing from the secondddd the songs start, all the intros and endings are so good and I love all the layerssss of the songs and how they come together and what they could each mean it’s beautifulllll

  87. Kat Romero

    The song of my life 🤣

  88. neverendingstory

    I’m in my bed too

  89. PHENOM Aryan

    Now i can see that love is unconditional 😜

  90. all_that_jazz V

    0:50 if you came from tiktok

  91. Jessie Hurst

    Thank u Kobe

  92. Adelaide Mills

    Mum pick me up I'm scared

  93. Alexandra

    Don’t you call him baby We’re not talking lately Don’t you call him what you used to call me I, I confess I can tell that you are at your best I’m selfish so I’m hating it I notice that There’s a piece of you in how I dress Take it as a compliment Don’t you call him baby We’re not talking lately Don’t you call him what you used to call me I, I just miss I just miss your accent and your friends Did you know I still talk to them Does he take you walking around his parents gallery {Don’t you call him baby We’re not talking lately Don’t you call him what you used to call me} (2x) (Coucou! Tu dors? Oh j’suis désolée Bah non... Nan, c’est pas important... Ouais, on a été à la plage, et maintenant... Parfait, Harry)

  94. Catherine Eng

    Did Harry Styles just make a music video about A Fish Out of Water (1961) by Helen Palmer?

  95. Becky Is zuuded

    I think...I’m in love with you harry.

  96. Keyara Armstrong

    “there’s other fish in the sea”

  97. Raul Estrada

    "It's really great👌💖"


    B-but I liked the short film version

  99. kay

    One of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard

  100. Rain Falls

    Look at my baby