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  1. AbiDoesGacha

    When the main character turned into a blue booger I was like ‘I thought this was gonna be a musical...’

  2. Xendag

    0:54 oof

  3. Nickname Nickname

    The cartoon has not even come out yet and you all already say that this is a failure👍

  4. Sam Sepiol

    It must be so cool to say like, "Yeah, I work at Pixar Animation Studios". Or even getting up in the morning knowing that you're going to spend an entire day inside this building and earn a living on top of it. I mean, what else does a person need? :)

  5. Richárd Petneházi

    Why dislike????

  6. lucas olarte

    Me parte el corazon me lo partee 😭😭😭😭

  7. МэЙбЛ

    I cried from the beginning

  8. gadiza mutiara

    Bar akbar ini gw gadiza

  9. KingDead 47

    Idk this movie looks good i don’t understand how we can hate a movie even before its released.

  10. jenson booth

    Ajr in a disney film let's go

  11. Angelic Tears

    Why is everyone hating on that poor blue blob thing? Give the movie a chance guys. You don't even know what it's going to be about. 😂

  12. Wash Mcdoo

    I already know that this is going to make me cry

  13. Helmy Geery

    Toy Story 4 in the best

  14. Ariel Arias Petzoldt

    Emmet (Ian) Shrinks Rex Dangervest (Barley)

  15. Gideon Davis

    Man, white males are pricks....

  16. Fallout Fan

    This is the sonic movie all over again

  17. Sami Kazmouz

    0:22 this will be the new meme of 2020

  18. Aamiramalik Aamira


  19. R Tori

    Looks so bland :(

  20. ʍɛʟɮɛʀτʊ


  21. Constellation Animations

    SONG: Overture AJR The Click (In case ya didnt know 😋)

  22. Зарина Самигуллина

    Жаль русских нет😕

  23. Galex Grace

    I am crying right now because the dog didn’t take the attention right away because he was used to just getting a abused and he was scared at first

  24. Lightra Scales

    I saw this in a movie theater and I only watched it again because it had overture in it.

  25. Cornelius Alfred

    Bad word alert

  26. Volt

    AJR fans anyone?

  27. Kelly Laco

    0:22 YUCKY!

  28. Fahmi Febriano


  29. Fahmi Febriano


  30. akash das.


  31. Lyndee Shallberg

    Okay but I’m actually crying real tears

  32. Amal

    This is my song. It really represents my life story it's about me and all the people I love who left me... I miss you and I am tired of losing you.

  33. Lyndee Shallberg

    So the yarn represents women just going into a men’s dominated work place and they all get along? Like I’m just trying to figure out the real meaning lol

  34. -K O K O- bean

    Why am I only realising how beautiful the score is now?


    Me as a male person that this The only Disney Pixar movie that make me cry so hard 😨😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  36. Jrod Vlogs

    What made me laugh was “To infinity and a kick !” Hahahaha

  37. Саят Кыдырберген

    Самый лучший саундтрек за всю историю кино

  38. LeemonTree

    Let's see how positive this comment section becomes once the film actually comes out and they realise their criticism of the film didn't actually effect it's quality.... this only valid point people have made here is about how black characters always seem to be turned into something inhuman early on in the film

  39. Lovely Peaches100


  40. Muhammad Arief Rahman

    Wall-E,, long time no see

  41. Lilly H

    Is it just me, or is this kind of like the Good Place, with the afterlife and ethics and stuff?

  42. Edwin

    What is love? Baby dont hurt me.

  43. HNTR L

    Guys, please! It's only a trailer! Inside Out was criticized before the movie came out and look at it now! This movie shows a blue blob guy, sure, but does that mean the whole movie will be about that blob? Come on. Give the movie time. Maybe it'll be better than we expect!

  44. ڣــڕٰا̍ڜـِـ҉ౢۦۣۧۛ͜ـہهہ. .εïз


  45. GemBros Inc.

    I’m calling it right now, those legs aren’t his dad’s legs.

  46. AnthemGS


  47. Hunter Thixton

    Art and pop fizz from Skylanders academy are one of the best, awesome,nice,fun,and cool monsters ever guys!😎😊

  48. Røad Kīłł

    Im not crying you are :,(

  49. Zachary Seaton

    russel sounds different

  50. Rubi Brothers


  51. Zain Awesome

    1 more please

  52. Fer Ramírez

    Omg they really put AJR 😍😭

  53. dj MiGUEL 957

    Que idioma es ese

  54. RBLnightmare316

    They drew me in with Overture by AJR but then lost me with blue soul people.

  55. Julia May

    Possibly unpopular opinion: I'm exited to see this movie

  56. Angel

    can anyone go ?

  57. H Silva

    Cars 4

  58. Jessica Messica

    Dude in the flannel looks like the guy from ratatouille

  59. Nick White

    Not!Dingwall is like *_F L E X_*

  60. Jason velasquez jesus Lopez


    1. Jason velasquez jesus Lopez


  61. Noah Terrell


  62. Joseph Jaime

    I love the trailer I want to see it, and I like the fact that the song comes from a band That we love called AJR

  63. Drift king dりft キング

    Cars 3 almost death furious 7 death #rippaulwalker

  64. Rin Pett

    This looks like a pretty good

  65. TheFariyOddParentsYes BarneyNo // Austin

    Happy 3rd Anniversary To The Teaser Of Cars 3

  66. MYth hops

    AJR I’m seeing this movie

  67. Nero Ashes

    Pit bulls aren’t bad,The owners just treat them bad and teach them bad stuff so don’t hurt pit bulls they’re dogs too you know I have a pit bull she’s nice and she won’t bite so treat them just like you treat other dogs.

  68. Ironbacon

    am i the only person who's excited about this one? i'm actually happy seeing this trailer and it's something that everyone hates. i think i'm just the opposite of everyone else then.

  69. 35692Zz

    So they accidentally added another trailer ok hmmmhmmm

  70. 35692Zz

    What happened there?

  71. WJR


  72. GameStart just a simple youtube channel

    well,that's not the voice I was expecting to come out of this guy

  73. Marty McFly 131

    SoUl Is InSIdE OuT CoNFiRmEd!!!!!1!!!! I don't see the resemblance

  74. Gamingwithbot Bot


  75. Tantosd 2019 Hébert

    cars 2011 and 2013

  76. sonicdtc3 yt channel

    Pixar:*swears* Everyone:*FBI OPEN UP*

  77. ♡ A y l e i  g a c h a ♡


  78. same same

    Everbody: 0:29😀 Everbody: 0:55😒🤨😠😧🙄

  79. clown

    "From the creators of: Up Coco Inside out" Me, someone who cried at the 3 movies: *haha* *I'm in danger*

  80. Bon Wattersen

    This movie looked good untill it started having the Inside Out vibe.

  81. Kandyce Munoz

    Yay it has marvel charaters

  82. Mv SantanAlves


  83. Bray W

    So funny

  84. GalacticHypernova

    1:15 ...Pennywise?

  85. Salayah.     Kelly  Kelly

    My teacher played this not knowing that it had swear words in it and she started laughing so hard 😂😂

  86. Miguelito Mendez

    I love that cat

  87. Isabelle Sparks

    Put the video on 0.25 speed and go to 0:44, then pause it. Look at the green trash can and you'll see a pride sticker. You're welcome.

  88. Tomáš a Anička

    I am disgust when i see a carp

  89. Cal Snidely

    When I heard about this movie I wasn't expecting to be greeted by ajr when I watched the trailer I'm so much more excited then I was originally

  90. lena

    oh my god that’s my teacher

  91. Bond-Potter-Morriarti

    "I hope they remember you"

  92. Bond-Potter-Morriarti

    Oh come on guys, live a little. The cowboy dance wasn't that bad, just ask any kid around you. Let 'er rip Pixar (no pun intended).

  93. Andrew Drobnitskiy

    This is so cute!!! Its is sad,cute,and a little funny! i loved it

  94. A Nice Dragon

    Tom Holland is in too many movies

  95. PugLife 21

    This is my childhood literately gonna cry

  96. Tomáš a Anička

    I am angry when i hear and see Tripledent gum commercial

  97. Cole littlelight

    when i walk into the wrong class at school 0:56

  98. Tetsui Padaloy Aoki

    I hope it is good just like coco 🙏

  99. Mr. Creatinator

    1:15 Kid doing Fortnite dances in public. 1:20 The person right next to him.

  100. Egor Chaboz