1. Catie Anne

    His kids are going to be the luckiest people in world

  2. Cynthia Rapp

    harry’s eye contact to everyone scares me bc i make eye contact with everyone i talk to. everyone probably thinks i’m in love with them.

  3. beepbeepimajeep

    His shirt😂 it's about calories that's so random

  4. Charlotte 24

    I'm french so i don't understand everything but i can finally see who is the real harry styles . For many journalists the only important thing is the number of girls he dated ... I don't care ! I want to know the artist and the person he is! Not his love conquests . Thanks for this interview 😉

  5. A237 xza

    I’ve always known that Harry talks slow but I’ve just realized how slow he talks. Speed up the video and you’ll realize it too.

  6. Sampurna Saha

    this is definetely one of the best interviews of harry i jst cnt

  7. Charlotte Utting

    yeah bro please come to australia and new zealand or you can go to zurich, switzerland in september when i’m travelling there all the love, C all jokes aside congratulations harry! as much as i miss one direction you’re doing AMAZING BEYOND AMAZING as a solo artist. love you harry

  8. Séries Flix


  9. m B'Llo

    I am madly in love with him and obsessed with his voice, physique and personality.

  10. Stevie Collins

    I now want to get a tattoo saying “calories” 😂

  11. Michele Azzu

    Zane lowe is the best interviewer in music now, period. Such a pity that we don't get all these videos on youtube because of Apple Music...

  12. Damien

    "If you're happy doing what you're doing, than nobody can tell you you're not successful." That will stick with me for a long time. That's one smart friend you have there, Harry.

  13. T Christine

    Holy.......shit.... this all just took on an entirely new meaning.

  14. Eleanor Joseph

    Thanks to Harry I know know an egg has 100 calories

  15. Yasmina Aldahi

    When i heard the interviewer say that its their first time having a conversation or whatever i was shockkedddd. It felt like two old friends catching up.

  16. Sarah Botelho

    yo that interviewer speaks so fast

  17. h,


  18. JVill

    Zene is gay af

  19. juliana costa


  20. Izzy Winkle

    Why did i just notice harrys facial hair

  21. Ha dir

    this is PER-FECT 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  22. Poop Trashbucket

    Harry seems like a cool dude. The interviewer kinda seems like a chode though...

  23. ciarra

    the way im in this say sike

  24. Deanna Lynn

    Walking to get the paper to see themselves in it was Louis most memorial moment too. :)

  25. Hannah Mae

    He has the most beautiful yard and view. It’s so relaxing. I understand why he would like living there

  26. Ava Callaway

    so blessed to exist at the same time as harry styles

  27. Alba

    This was BEAUTIFUL

  28. Ashley Ewald

    My hopes of 1D coming back is getting too high. I saw a interview of Louis talking a little about the band and then I found this one of Harry talking a little about the band 😁😢

  29. Kirstine Hviid

    that sunset is just beautiful


    This video was supposed to be 25 minutes long but Harry was talking to slow😂❤

  31. Josie Velarde

    I love harry so much!!

  32. Lily F

    ok harry is cute

  33. Anandhy S. kumar

    Best interview of harry i have ever seen.

  34. Orlando Rizzo

    Its tough to talk about Non Sense !!! Harry does a good JOB !!!!!! Guys its tough to answer what do you think about a song !! Ummm 1,000 times it makes me think of producers,studio and marketing ! Thanks for making my life a BOX

  35. Lea Niven

    why can i visually picture harry, niall, liam, louis and zayne sitting at a table freaking out over a picture of them in the news paper going "let me see that again! ahh look at us!"

  36. Now Today

    Wow, 26:33 really hit me

  37. MadelineGrace

    make an album and don't release it... hmmm.... RELEASE MEDICINE IN STUDIO, HARRY! I LOVE YOU

  38. abeer humayun

    7:24 the part that makes me smile

  39. Chiara Puddu

    He said “stuff “ 32 times

  40. :d :d

    i just think he's the purest creature on this planet. i hope he realizes it.

  41. Imke

    Please don’t get addicted to drugs babe. You’re too good for that.

  42. Dorothy Mathers

    I need help from someone who already saw Harry live! How looks his stage setup?? IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT PLZ HELP ME

  43. AlberteTDK

    Idk why but I feel like him and Selena Gomez would make the cutest couple

  44. teytey


  45. teytey


  46. teytey


  47. softpheonix

    I have to say this I absolutely hate watching interviews with solo artists because I find it so uncomfortable for me as the questions are all kinds of weird. But to me this interview gives me the feeling that I’m having a dinner outside with two friends and I’m simply just listening to them talk while feeling content Best interview I’ve ever watched

  48. Mark jimwell Abenoja

    Are you distracted by bird too? Fuck that shit. Haha

  49. Dawn Lee


  50. iconic sister


  51. James Grey

    I love that he's going to tour with Koffee...she has mad skills, a great message and humble. They'll get along like peas in a pod.

  52. James Grey

    He was enjoying the view...at one point got distracted by the sunset. I love that he appreciates the things so many people take for granted. The little things.

  53. Fernanda Belizario

    Chega logo dia 9/10

  54. Louise Robinson

    I dont like Zane Lowe here.

  55. kendra bloss

    how can i get “don’t worry about it, everything’s gonna be fine” tattooed on me

  56. Karen Guzman

    Only Harry Styles can make me watch an almost 50 minute video.

  57. rick clout

    Harry- “i dont like to explain songs” me- we done knew that

  58. Danielle Cheddesingh

    i’m going to the london show on April 22nd and i’m so excited!!🤩🤩🙌🙌❤️❤️

  59. Zusiex 3110


  60. Moira Ariana Rimene

    love you

  61. Janet Liu

    I swear to god if I don't go I will c r y forever

    1. Janet Liu

      But in a cool way

  62. Alexis Powell

    i love this interview so much because i watch a lot of interviews but this is one of the few that i’ve seen where it’s not about the drama or the celebrity but it’s also not boring. it’s just him talking about what his life’s been like the last few years and how he’s doing. nothing insanely dramatic or overly exciting but still entertaining. also harry is so eloquent with his words and it’s very relaxing

    1. Alexis Powell

      ps pt. 2: anyone who says that harry doesn’t deserve the hype he’s getting i don’t understand. he seems to be a pretty great guy and his music is absolutely incredible so he deserves what hype he gets.

    2. Alexis Powell

      ps when he talkings about how when he was writing falling he was sorta checking himself and questioning whether or not he was who he wanted to be i love that because it shows how internal that song really is and how down to earth he is because most people don’t like to admit when they’ve fucked up but harry wrote a whole damn song about it.


    Hey there, Harry! How are you? How's your day?

  64. Somya Agarwal

    Listening Harry and looking him opening his heart in the interview about everything, about band, makes me feel so good and I love him... Yeah, I love him so much ❤️ he is so vulnerable and pure soul. In today's time it's really rare to find a very successful artist like him who is beautiful inside out❤️❤️

  65. Angela Jade

    Zane you did a fab job with this interview. I was interested and intrigued from start to finish. I could sit and listen to harry tell stories and things about his life all day. He is so engaging and captures your attention. He stays so humble and kind but stays now true to himself and what he wants out of life. He is truly an inspiration. We are lucky we now have two great albums to listen too! Thanks Styles!

  66. Karthika Manoj

    I died when the guy said "it's always open to interpretation" at 25:17. It's such a Harry thing to say. 😂

  67. twinklybones

    “are you actually ok?” 🥺🥺

  68. Monique Waterheart

    okay listen yall, if ur going to a harry styles concert and he says he is going to sing medicine be quitt because that is the only way we can get a clear audio :( x spread this message so everyone can see it :)

  69. Kirti Goel

    It was golden...


    I don't know how I am feeling after watching this...❤️🤞🥺😭

  71. Aida bhrfcb

    I've been there for 6 years Sunflower.vol6 28

  72. Ana Cook

    I wish I was friends with him, he seems like a good guy to talk to you about anything. And not to mention he is humorous, and has a soothing voice to calm you down.

  73. Maria Pia

    He’s a fantastic friend!

  74. Maria Pia

    Camille breaking Harry’s heart actually breaks mine...

  75. Ashley Olmedo

    honestly don't see harry as a sex symbol bc that's kinda awkward. i just love him with like admiration and care bc he is so adorable

  76. emil3947r8y70

    i think harry and i could be great friends, it's frustrating because i realise we'll probably never meet

  77. aexhailing 9

    I cried 🥺 I love you Harry ❤️

  78. Zarina

    This is the 1st 1 hr. interview I've actually watched like without skipping any part of it

  79. Wendy Southwell

    Loosing his lovely Northern english accent ...

  80. Vaidehi Patel

    im crying in a cool way

  81. Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

    Please don't do that drugs call, magic mushroom, again, Harry, from right now, don't do that at all again

  82. Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

    I don't want your mouth to bleed 😢😢 don't want your mouth to bleed at all 😢😢, don't want anyone to bleed even a little on your physical 😢😢

  83. Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

    Harry, please don't do this again 😢😢, I beg you, don't do this again at all 😢😢 "Then, one day, he was minding his business, when he stumbled upon magic mushrooms just...there in Malibu, in the Shangri-La studio. Or, I don’t know how he found them, but he did. That’s just a small mystery embedded in this tale. The point is, suddenly, he could sing. There it was, his voice. Also some blood. A lot of blood. “This is where I was standing when we were doing mushrooms, and I bit off the tip of my tongue,” he told Zane Lowe for his show New Music Daily, out at noon on Apple Music. “So I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth. So many fond memories, this place.” "He may have diverged from his closest friends, his mates, but he ran right into mushrooms, and so gained his voice."

  84. bkwski flwrs

    Love this ❤ Best interview

  85. Mike Bolwell

    Is Canyon Moon about Laurel Canyon, Joanie Mitchell, CSNY? I think so.

  86. Mervenur Metin

    Her eyes 😭❤

  87. karma leglass

    THIS IS NOT HARRY!!!! your missing the lock and key on his left hand. nice trytho. lmfao fake people ruin it for everyone....stop with your shennaniggans.If this is your Harold please confirm.

  88. Chelsey Reyna

    ...I will now be using this when I meditate.

  89. Gal Shalev

    I didn't mean to but I fell asleep... *Harry* talking slowly with that deep voice completely hypnotized me... I freaking adore this sweet creature ❤

  90. Ava Dillhyon

    The random person walking in the background at 32:11 😂😂

  91. Lais Resende


  92. L u

    7:23 he did such a good impression of himself, that doesn't even make sense but he did

  93. Keven Restrepo

    sooooo longgggggg........

  94. Анна Яковенко

    Просто дайте мне пожалуйста субтитры

  95. Анна Яковенко

    Кому заплатить за перевод?

  96. Mimi M.

    The more I listen to him and get to know is univers the more I'm falling for him as an artist. Fine line is such a beautiful piece of art. I love his ceative and free spirit so much.

  97. Trinity Interiors


  98. Alice Evans

    The interviewer is more focused on material. Harry is down to heart, so vulnerable and speaking his own feelings, not situations. The way he expresses his emotions is what makes him rare. He is so confident in his character and it’s so beautiful.

  99. Music Lover

    If you’re going comment what show you’re going to and find a friend!!

  100. Sara Rostami

    This was really nice. Thankyou both for doing it.