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  1. Sony Sony

    ترى شاومي وصلت حد الجنون في تصنيع الهواتف👨‍💻

  2. Conan Edogawa

    I hope iphone se2 will be as small as the iphone 5.

  3. Iqbal khan


  4. A J

    When I still have Iphoen6P

  5. Aashish Kumar

    These video is fake

  6. asley moore

    It looks more like a Samsumg style to me. Just saying 😂

  7. Sajid Hussain

    I love huawei

  8. waleed ashraf


  9. Dima Schröder

    Best design ever I would buy it

  10. Carlo cauton

    Image processing please improve

  11. china Jack


  12. Mikei Mike

    there will be the same deficit as in 7t pro no always on display. and spare parts are also not available !! be careful when buying

  13. Mähriban Araliýeva

    Блин пожалуйста не создавайте новые телефоны и т.д. Лучше найдите лекарство от нового вирусу. Если мы все умрём кому будет нужен ваш Iphone 11??? И чем он может нам помочь??

  14. Gokul U

    Battery capacity makes disappointment

  15. Grenzschutzgruppe 9

    Me just now getting an iPhone X *am I a joke to you*

  16. عبود ي

    يحبيبي هذا جلكسي

  17. Contenido Basico

    No creo que sean los precios

  18. Shankar Shinde


  19. Ejkeej Dueijeeh


  20. Satyabhama P

    Looking like a china phone

  21. Fatima Dabo

    2019 2 and 3 camera 2020 4 and 5 camera

  22. 鲁伟杰

    你这不行,隔壁iphone18都出来了! You are not good,your neighbor design an iphone18

  23. Phumlani Mbeje

    this is boring now, give us a chance to enjoy our iPhones you are moving to fast.......

  24. Jimin wife

    I think thise is fake

  25. LuboPowerGame

    Best !

  26. Chris Upton

    Why is everyone in the comments so stupid they think this is an actual phone being released by Nokia 🙄

  27. Andrin Laeber

    Bin ich dir einzige der diese kamera gar nicht geil findet?

  28. mranis chy


  29. cory maharani

    Omg, i can't wait

  30. Rohit Bhatt

    Who are seeing this vedio in feb 2020 so like this

  31. imtiaz sufi soomro

    . osm

  32. Blesk Krab


  33. ĐOÀN SANG vlogs


  34. ĐOÀN SANG vlogs


  35. Andrey Oliveira

    How is this official ? It's just more rumors...

  36. Tejashwini Joshi


  37. Ridas Sormin

    Apa kelebihan Samsung Galaxy A71

  38. Henry M.

    Pa cuando

  39. Bakakuk Sunsuron

    Amazing design and spec👍

  40. Paul Flores

    Then how can you put headset or headphone?

  41. shahid sawan


  42. Guitar Benda

    Android man design apple iphone 12 pro ?

  43. Ali Ozturk

    5G has begun in the UK but is minimal. So no point in getting a 5g handset give it 1-2 years.

  44. YouTube on fire stick

    Yes I know it is a concept but u do not know how much this will take as an AT&T employee myself I understand the concept I’m just saying that the 12 will not have a lighting charging port

  45. YouTube on fire stick

    It’s fake cause the I phone 12 will not have a lighting port and the some stuff for qulity are on the iPhone 3GS just saying

  46. Sadaqat Ali

    Sir is fune.ki.price orr lounch date kyaa ha

  47. Sadaqat Ali

    sir iski.price or lounch date

  48. sovanndara soun

    What a beast!!!!

  49. Emilia Carroll

    It looks like a Samsung

  50. shashika ent

    Is it official

  51. Meenu Dhiman

    Jldi laao plzzzz i’m gonna buying thisss definitely

  52. Abdullah Tuan Thanh Tran

    I like it

  53. อัคเด่น คําอ้น


  54. jøjö bérrÿ

    Almost same like iPhone XS

  55. zufar boybekov

    Hi. i really recommend to mi company to create monster phone like mi 10 pro. but i think 1 camera in front is not beautiful and not enjoying. that's why please do it with 2 camera abd what it comes to back flash is not like note 10 pro and design of back is not really norm i think note 10 pro's back is so serious but mi 10 pro is not attractive with locations of flash and some camera. 2 objects a really recommend is change front camera and flash type. if some can this message to mi company. i would be glad. thank you

  56. SSS丶CQQ love丶


  57. Sonu Reddy

    Battery problem only 1750 mah

  58. Deni Andrian

    did you enter Indonesia ...?🥴

  59. kareem khan

    No words

  60. Risabh Kafle

    It is a copy of Samsung galaxy s10

  61. Biju Prasannakumar

    fake 100%

  62. Islam Suraim

    It is real or fake iPhone

  63. Charles Aipia

    Wat happen to the I phone plus

  64. Aamir Khan


  65. Chiken nougget

    wtf stop playing WTF STOP PLAYIN WTF 👎🏾👎🏾

  66. kamal sharma


  67. Gaurav Toshniwal

    Looks like iPhone 9 is basically iPhone 11 internals crammed up in an iPhone 8 body at about iPhone 8 current market price (much lower than iPhone 11 price)

  68. Jonathan Villagomez


  69. Gaborik Wapass

    I hope this is fake


    That camera is definitely fake

  71. Khanna RRR

    Poco x2 render creating

  72. mateo XD


  73. Jewel Hyacinth Getalado

    This might be true, but still apple company studying it. Maybe this one is just one of their ideas. Well~ still I can't afford 'em

  74. Jure Francetic

    The best phone is Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo and other Chinese-Indian phone.. IPhone is zero 😂😂😂

    1. Arpit Mishra


  75. Ezitis Migla

    Опять дермо без "sd" и 3.5мм. Смартфоны становятся всё хуже и хуже.

  76. Molla Biplob


  77. Joel Utate P.

    Esto es falso

  78. Bangash Khalid

    Bey bey samsung full time battery tension .

  79. Youssof Assefy

    I think the name will be Note 20 just like the S series !

  80. Karkee Dharan

    Very good! I need

  81. Punit Otwar

    All fake editing is nice might be getting views but in last did stupidity showing touch screen sensor on displaymakes ur all hard work disaster

  82. Bogor Tea

    Hoaxxx design f15 wtaerdroop

  83. Jake Javier

    They just released note 10? And there is note 11 already?

  84. Ly_onel

    My next Phone...

  85. Neeraj Nehra

    Camera iphone 11pro jase said me ho to acha laga ga ib to chinese jasa lagra baki or fingerpaeint vivo jasa h ye change hone chaiye baki thik h

  86. Rachad Salemeh

    Sa coute combien

  87. Rachad Salemeh

    Sa coute combien

  88. humera Amir

    Man I love this mobile

  89. Lorna Berry

    Why would you pay a grand for a phone which still has shitty MP cameras!!! Sort it out apple!!!

  90. Big Meech

    This is not how Apple makes trailers

  91. Pick_ lebear

    Headphone jack?

  92. Bib Flin

    Samsung phones are good, love taking nice pix and also playing lots of songs on it. Google ZillaTube, it can help

    1. Venita Cicille


  93. _e_z_e_l_ Rzayeva


  94. John Jpnl


  95. Kulbir Singh

    Rich people:- my iphone 11 pro is too old let's buy 12 Me:- let's explore the drain test if nokia 3310

  96. MD Asif tricks


  97. Cruel Gaming

    rea price but fake phone

  98. md rasel khan


  99. Lol

    I believe the most of the information inside, but 「Full screen」is not sure yet . But seriously, I really hope that Apple will soon release a phone without fringe.