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  1. Jasper Roblox -other games too

    You can’t here sound in space because there’s no atmosphere

  2. 黃欣儒


  3. Red _zier


  4. Mr. anonymous

    Tyler us such an irresponsible guy....shame on u.......Garrett u r my man harry potter forever



  6. Anmol Tyagi

    Unlucky no. 13 for overtime . Accident happened.😂👍

  7. Ridwan Playz

    Yo I’m watching at 4:40 am oof

  8. Gaming with Supergamergirl

    Love the overtime show keep it up😊😊😊

  9. Harrison Beal

    No, dudy is an idiot.

  10. Judaii Juntado


  11. Josiah Carpenter

    WILL WAS AN ABSOLUTE FREAKING LEGEND 😂😂😂 A much better legend than the other one anyway 😜😁. Can’t wait to see him in more content!!!

  12. Landon Kinder

    How did they record it if the cameras were backwards

  13. umair hasan

    Wheel unfortunate was the most entertaining, thnx alot for making us smile and laugh, we love u

  14. Connor Stnson

    I’m just gonna say what everyone is thinking We haven’t seen panda in a minute😞😞 is ... panda........ dead....😞😭😞😞👀

  15. Julian Mascarenhas

    Game time is boring

  16. Jesar Carduza

    ***Dude Perfect- Can live a life whatever they wanted*** Me: *Living a life where theres so many math quiz*


    My skiing stereotype misses crashed into a tree and broke her foot

  18. Nathaniel Schexnayder

    More Will!!! He could be a Dude!

  19. Aparna Paul

    Spitball launcher from VAT19

  20. Blue Spark

    Me: finally, another Game Time. Dude Perfect: alright today Raid Shadow Ledgends! Me: oh what the fu-

  21. Red Pool 04 Mobile

    3:49, I have found my favorite person of Dude Perfect

  22. Mauricio Madrid

    15:26 the will cardboard date segment was pure gold, so super cringe and super funny at the same time, one of the best things I have seen on PLsel!

  23. Marco Chan

    I love Will already please actually make his own segment 😂

  24. B. Franklin

    You guys should have Will in the videos more he’s awesome

  25. Darshan Gabani

    carryminati: I've broken the monitor twice. Tyler: Hold my lightsaber @1:42

  26. Daniel Dechello

    how many toilet paper rolls can you go through as a record

  27. Joelmark Bauto

    Next challenge.Dart

  28. Nathaniel Biek

    My new favorite DP member is will.

  29. River Frost

    The editors need a raise

  30. Jnana Smout

    I agree with ruling of

  31. M.s. raj

    TT broke the TV😂

  32. Hockey & games

    Oops. Eye in saber

  33. Harley Moore

    At 11:00 was the CaptainSauce Intro

  34. Tucker Merrill

    Rip kobe


    Subscribe to me


    such a missed opportunity for ty to get a super cool by buying a new tv

  37. Aly likes gacha

    Where did u get that wand? I WaNt iT

  38. zack son

    I want lightsaber

  39. Zach Rappaport

    Video ruined by game promotion

  40. Red Pool 04 Mobile

    3:32, if it was an Xbox I would have been happier

  41. william andrews

    My name is will and I will do it

  42. William Lambert

    I believe that the viewers have earned another game time segment on the next overtime. Judge Dudy’s ruling.

  43. WindBlaze Anims

    Wheel Unfortunate turned into Impractical Jokers lol

  44. Player Gaming

    This was long

  45. Alex Beaudry

    Try some trick shot whit Valentino Rossi plz


    Plz do hockey stereotypes

  47. Sonia's Way (Weird YouTuber)

    Dude perfect : this video is sponsored by raid shad- Everyone : That’s treason

  48. JustKaiツ


  49. ͡ Clxps

    My nickname is TT lol

  50. Sam Farnsworth

    100% a Potterhead ( Harry Potter Fan)

  51. Nathan Dias

    I honestly cannot imagine how much they got from this sponsorship

  52. Saad Alam

    Who else skipped after hearing Raid Shadow legends 😂

  53. Joeilyn Labrador

    Can I hava the game box

  54. Ilan Penkower


  55. AFNAN Rizq

    You five looks cool, amazing

  56. Kassidy Montgomery

    1.7 MILLION views in 5 HOURS How is that even possible?

  57. gamercat21 9

    More Will!

  58. LazPlaysgames laz

    I’m so upset, I got caught off guard by the raid shadow legends

  59. BTS ARMY 2.0

    Was that the future?

  60. Djbomber

    CaptainSauce intro much?

  61. Nathaniel Colish

    RIP Kobe Lost But Not Forgotten.

  62. xXdaveYTXx

    13:00 you think as an editor youre save huh? Well there you go XD

  63. Joe Haag

    Like for Kobe.

  64. facttechz fan club

    I watching from Assam, india

  65. Killua Zoldyck

    Im switching from Team Coby to Team Will

  66. Mason Prockup

    It was like a rip off Impractical Jokers, but Will actaully went through with all the orders without lookin super embarrassed

  67. Ivanderz 23

    Spitball Canon Buy at Vat19

  68. Keith Sherman

    well that date gave me depression

  69. Watermellon Potato Pants

    They really found a way to put an entire segment in to a sponsorship

  70. Everett Brooke

    10:55 is when raid shadow ends your welcome

  71. Storm Grewe

    Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox

  72. Drew Gallant

    Where’s the Kobe Bryant tribute?

  73. charzardisnotonfire

    Rip kobe

  74. Luke Miller

    u know what would be absolutely hilarious if they start posting on another account and we don't find out until 2030 when there drafted in WW3

  75. MCham08

    I legit watch overtime in hopes one of them has to own a cat

  76. William Corbett

    Wow shadow legions is really trying lol

  77. Brody Lee

    Cool piano hands that could help you learning piano: 2 not cools BOWL: 1 not cool

  78. D.O.A.

    Wheel Unfortunate was just an episode of Impractical Jokers.

  79. Nishi Rai

    Bring Panda

  80. Agnes W.

    Will needs more credit for doing the cardboard date thing, he pulled that off amazingly!!! I would have died of embarrassment long ago but he look like he genuinely enjoyed it😂

  81. TheMasterJedii -

    Their reactions are so pained while playing

  82. Celery Stick

    Anyone just waiting for VAT19 to sponsor Cool Not Cool?

  83. Lj's Many styles Gamers Ml

    Hey slandose whats up men

  84. CandyPumps

    Ned forester is so funny😂😂

  85. Teo Shae-Nern

    RIP Kobe😭

  86. Cooper Strahorn

    Wills task reminds me way too much of impractical jokers

  87. AlenAndTyler

    Tyler seemed upset after he broke the tv

  88. Romir Swar

    Not more than 3 times a week lol



  90. Jake Dunavin

    I thought the vid was over when captain sauces intro music played...

  91. Fahd Aldosari

    “911 what’s ur emergency” “Raid shadow legends is taking over sponsors ads

  92. Marvin Rangel

    14:30 he said dog cause hes asian

  93. The Mouse

    The staff at that place is amazing

  94. Jesse Ontiveros-F

    They left coby hangin in 9:31 😂

  95. Jajar Binks

    Who else was triggered when ty through away endgame

  96. Driftui

    Yesss we want a will series

  97. Kevin Parker

    What about the tv

  98. Spitfire 78

    Dude perfect: And a word from our sponsor Me: no no no don’t do it Dude perfect: raid Me:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dude perfect:shadow Me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dude perfect: legends Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  99. Rajandeep Singh

    9:30 Awkward Handshake.........