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  1. Mimi Tahrani

    nO cAp bruH 🤣

  2. Chantha Nop

    I would want to be in a Dolan's sandwich like in Kyle's position indeed 😉

  3. Tia leigh Wilkes hibbert

    Dring back the sister squad

  4. Fr0st Splatt

    Role number one: don’t mess with people’s phobia

  5. Nicole P

    Am I the only one who is strongly reminded of that episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon makes a robot version of himself really similar to the Ethan bot?

  6. Chara Spiro

    Guys I first watched the vid on my laptop ngl it is one of my faves Imma rewatch it soon

  7. psotelo342

    Get the flipen Toad

  8. Govinda Sivakumar

    utah is a bad word in filipino

  9. Aravindi Perera

    I like how they are equally excited for each others work!

  10. Eri

    this series has to be the best thing they have ever done, i’m loving this sm. i hope they continue it

  11. Livi Tate

    I love the Dolan twins this is kinda cool and creepy lol

  12. guapamaca -

    Grayson should have his own show about building. His energy is amazing, we can see he's soooo into building.

  13. Christiana

    Grayson is so cute when he gets excited about something like it gets me excited about that thing too. Totally want to see more building stuff from him, i'd honestly watch a show of just the 2 of them building stuff

  14. Luna Pusheen

    It was fun while it lasted...

  15. jasmin is a clown

    4:14 I wanna cry

  16. Cady Cashalimadareja

    Their bond is so strong WHADAFUCKKK

  17. Kaeli Field

    25:14 there was three graysons??? Hahaha

  18. J Iosefa

    Ethan- You look lik- Grayson-WE LOOK THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO🤧😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆🤦🏽

  19. J Iosefa

    Grayson sound like he from the hood after surgery.😂😂😎😎😋😆

  20. Hawaii _ Paradise

    Gray went flying, I feel bad for eth

  21. GᖇᗩᔕᔕY ᒪᗩᗰᗩ

    Wow this is so fake

  22. sinnabvn

    fuck eggs, glowstick is a viable answer, no objections

  23. Holika Holika

    So the views are down, I see

  24. Nicole Mosley

    They are so cute awe and now there grown I'm so proud lmao jawline check 🙅 lie they lookin hecka good ❤️ I love them

  25. Ffion Jones

    You could get a hypoallergenic dog, I have allergies too, and I got a dog that actually has wool and not fur and now I don’t get allergies anymore

  26. Alexa Gillespie

    Is it just me who is scrolling down the comment section and clicking all of the time links?

  27. laurie campbell

    I'm from Kansas, word to the wise, just stay the fuck out of Kansas 🤣🤣 and if you're also from Kansas get the fuck out, fast. I did.

  28. jasmin is a clown


  29. Ibrahim Bfd

    This video just called me poor in 10000000000000000000 different languages

  30. Kenzie Jade

    Ethan: *drinks coffee with almond milk* Also Ethan: IM ALLERGIC TO ALMOND MILKKKK!!!!!!

  31. zoya usmani

    Ethan was actually hurt by grayson's answers

  32. Nadia Rondon Carreno

    All Emma cares about is being rich!!😂😂😂😂 LITERALLY ICONIC

  33. Frankie Mchugh

    did anyone else think that ethan's shirt was addidas

  34. Sultan Solmaz

    Look behind there is something at the back when Emma comes😭🤐

  35. Lizzie Lifestyle

    Oh no😮

  36. Stream 1516

    Twins my ass ok bye

  37. Bart Polpe

    Create a sisters quad channel

  38. Dianne Hershey

    I miss them so much😩😢

  39. Ffion Jones

    Number 1= tie

  40. shaqreia Carlton

    33:08 made me die grayson walk was was hilarious and when Ethan redid it I laughed so hard.

  41. Seanna G

    his face at 19:40 though

  42. Ally Hocker

    Nobody: Ethan: imma do a backflip right now

  43. shaqreia Carlton

    29:08 I died his face he was looking like come on grayson you know better tight ass small ass underwear lmfao.

  44. bssni touir

    Imagine if Kyle just left them in the middle of nowhere

  45. Baileigh Angell

    No he's not annoying us you're annoying us Ethan by telling him to stop

  46. Anahid Dominique

    Fan “fic” means in German fuck

  47. Mr. AlexTube


  48. Love edits !

    I have a question...where did they get the nail polish or did they just go buy them

  49. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    but wheres the quy sleeping who does the camera????????????????

  50. Paige Foster


  51. Hamda Almuhairi

    Ethan said “I don’t wanna stand next to him” well y’all are twins u look the exact same

  52. Beatrix Kiddo

    What is he on, i mean what does the dentist give him? Ive never seen anyone this drugged at the dentist in Norway 😅

  53. Ryders World!

    I didnt get anything about the video untill like the end. I thought when they were like cryin they were just depressed.

  54. no name

    The scenery looks so boring in America haha

    1. no name

      @bssni touir ?

    2. bssni touir

      Ocean, or natural body of water. It will still mess up the ecosystem! The chemicals need time to break down naturally before they are completely safe for our environment. The

  55. Carmen Barboza

    Who else notices this type of adventures makes Grayson SOOO happy! I’m so glad

  56. Catherine Fletcher

    I only just realised this but what happened to the Dolan twins warehouse!?

  57. A crazy Person

    I live in Kentucky trust me Kentucky is a piece of flipping garbage

  58. Oksana B

    Jeffree is pimp af and deserve hiss Bragging rights , fk yessss...,.. get that’s 54,9000 bag. Yessssssssss

  59. Annie conboy

    me in Colorado watching this inside wall were getting 15 in of snow :)

  60. Olivia

    Vegan apple??

  61. Elana Mashadi

    Cuties ❤️

  62. Sarah Stovall

    This honestly got me so hyped, I planned my own roadtrip with my best friend, we're going from seattle, to Los Angeles, and from there we're gonna go to New York, thank you for the idea🚎🚎

  63. Nobi Wan kenobi

    “should we invite people into our house?”

  64. shue bex

    Is it just me, because I can’t see the giveaway

  65. Elliana Savage

    5:34 the words of ethan “do they have longer ones” That’s what she said😂😂

  66. Liliana A. Ochoa

    Ethan: You guys kinda look like us The mini Dolan Twins: Are we that attractive?

  67. Sweetzerlandia

    Nature makes the best crevasses!

  68. Sweetzerlandia

    I feel like their camera man has a side job of safety supervisor. I rarely watch a DT video and not say "I don't think that's safe" at least once

  69. phoenix asterix

    Go to Canada and mexico.

  70. aex0tiic

    Grayson “WHAT!? I could never loose the play button I could never do such a thing”

  71. Oksana B

    🤣why did we do this? I have no idea “ teeheheheeee

  72. Chelsea Gilbert

    So cool you were in Kentucky! That’s where I live!

  73. vivienne Villarosa

    Yeah we always have cold showers here

  74. Yaretzi Carlos

    James was not getting hypnotized or it didn’t work cuz he was trying to hard to pretend😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️

  75. Super soggy- Nuggets

    Ok I know it’s fake but that was kinda sad I feel bad for Nolan AND THT WAS SOOO CUTE!!!

  76. Alex Ngyuen

    How r they gonna get back with the van lmao Part 2??

  77. Ethan King

    If you put sub titles on at 29:27 it put that he said I am very Jewish

  78. Edyta Luba

    You think that's cold I live in Canada and its -40 Celsius I think it's the same in Fahrenheit I Googled it said it was the same so I'm just going to hope it's the same by the way you are my favourite PLselrs

  79. Sttg Teh

    You can leave the van on and sleep , it isn’t dangerous unless you park in a garage lol, I’ve slept in a parking lot in my truck with it on

  80. Roxy Lover

    Emma is a mood tho

  81. Ajok Dau

    ngl they actually look sooo good no cap

  82. Sydney Hesse

    aw I feel so bad for E

  83. Alyssa

    (3:11) IMPORTANT: just because a bathroom product is biodegradable, does not mean it by biodegrades immediately. It is still harmful to use these products directly in a river, Ocean, or natural body of water. It will still mess up the ecosystem! The chemicals need time to break down naturally before they are completely safe for our environment. These soaps need soil to break down! So get a bucket, and make some soapy water to bathe with. When you're done, pour it out away from the Stream where it can break down! Lets keep our earth safe please guys ❤😊

  84. K a y l e e

    “ Never have I ever Peed my pants” “ you’ve never lived before”

  85. Rocio Gonzalez

    i want to be graysons gf i got this jk

  86. Baylie O’Neil

    I literally want to meet all of these amazing people, soooo much 🧡

  87. Lindsay Suter

    I like his haircut more than the long hair.

  88. matt kukla

    lol no shower december

  89. Amy Elise

    Snow storms in Nashville don't exist. I know what day they were talking about... it just flurried.

  90. Lemon Porpoise

    Vegan apple

  91. Stela Matković

    Did Ethan get in the shower with a fresh tattoo?

  92. Just Commenting

    Still waiting for Grayson to get back at Ethan so bad.

  93. Kaitlyn and Kailyn

    Dolan twins:reply Dobre twins:Like

  94. princess lia

    awww they played original by ricky dillon i miss them together

  95. Dayanara Torres

    Been subscribe to them for so long 🥺! It’s crazy to see how much they’ve grown

  96. Lindsay Suter

    Happy early birthday!!!!!!! 🎉🎁🎊🎈🙋👬

  97. Emilie Gilbert

    I love this new content! So much better and natural!!

  98. dberker

    Came for the video about the van. Stayed for the quarreling.

  99. Lindsay Suter

    The worst thing about that is that lots of people's swet on that thing and you are touching that.