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  1. supereme music


  2. Yeet boi Here

    What's the song name and nice trailer

  3. Gregory Ramseur

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    Crack as soon as you drop it.

  5. Jassy Rose

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  6. El Di

    I said it too all

  7. Metalmachine467

    Why cant they make a phone that's all screen front,sides,back

  8. Abid Alam

    3.5 mm Headphone jack😢😢

  9. electronic XD

    Copy iphone 12

  10. Phương Vũ văn

    Giá bao nhiêu vậy

  11. Николай антонов

    1:42 plz talk to me name song???

  12. 西田陽向


  13. Mahmoud Ceesay

    that's super duper edge

  14. gurvinder chahal

    Does it have real surround sound effects ?

  15. basavaraj akkennavar


  16. Liam Animates

    How are you supposed to hold it? Theres touch screen on the side

  17. Moshekaykay 729

    Let’s be real, iPhone can’t compete anymore

  18. Sara 1384

    How much is it¿¿

  19. Alireza kabir

    This is very good l need a phone.

  20. Giang Ca


  21. Somying Wattaree


  22. HideOne Beatbox


  23. cong khanh


  24. Michael Martinez

    You gonna call SOS when hold that phone boi.

  25. Banana Justice

    Sony Experia add

  26. Tera Tboss

    Sharp stuff

  27. shubham gaming

    Bhai intex 420k DJ home theater ka video bana

  28. Furry Lover

    2:27 you set off my Google XD

  29. Rajeev Rudraraju

    Wahoo! A headphone jack!

  30. srrazu

    Does it support dolby, aptx etc. Rakesh bro?

  31. Quỳnh Cao

    Anh có biết nói tiếng Việt không

  32. EDM Nakroth

    What Snapdragon 900 ???

  33. Jareld Acosta


  34. Treezy Woodbark

    Oh geez they are not really good for them all day I I have been a few days since I’ve got the one that kids I have been a little pony since I’ve seen him and I the only person 67586595

    1. Treezy Woodbark


  35. MuchBluePL


  36. Ali Mardan

    This is a mobile

  37. rae weby

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  38. حسن نور


  39. Cheyenne

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    Best tower speaker under 5000.PLZ BOLO SIR

  41. Duanjhae Stewart

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  42. mahamed yare Omar

    What a phone

  43. EV IL

    How do i hold 'em

  44. Saqib Mukadam

    When the remote moves, normal people be like: see illuminati Music people : see the bass rumbling

  45. Habiba Begum

    What a lier iphone 12 has 4 cameras lier

  46. trinadh p

    How is it for PC gaming

  47. Thắng Trần


  48. Chrome dinosaur

    Help! I got hacked!

  49. Mahfuj islam

    I needed

  50. biccky Kumar

    Sesame kaa phon chiya 9588546118


    Break the edge screen very fast and

  52. Pix Blues

    Obviously gonna ask it every thing here

  53. Samuel, TUBE love it it issogreat.......

  54. 略江

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  55. trinadh p

    How the sound quality I have sound card can I get better

  56. Genesis Moran

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  58. Pinky Aestheticc

    Where and when can I buy

  59. Deepak Singh

    Abbe saale

  60. Sri Balram Das

    Don't u think that you went a little overboard with *edge* in samsung galaxy edge putting all those apps on the edge. 😂 Otherwise great design.

  61. ர ஸ்ரீராம் ரவிக்குமார்

    சைடுல சில மெனு இருக்கு அது தொடுத்திரையாக இருக்கும் நினைக்கிறேன் .... மக்கள் எப்டி யூஸ் பண்ணுவாங்க??? தொட்டா தாறுமாறு 😂😂😂😂

  62. Md Sumon

    who praic

  63. Anson Shrestha

    This is 2020 model phone

  64. Silent Chohan


  65. 7 Billion Galaxy

    auto jump....

  66. Nintendo Switchlite

    U tricked us it was not like that

  67. Sajid khan S k

    Price Rs

  68. sunny bhavsar

    Seems your are making video forst time. Video title not match with your content

  69. Adil Ashraf

    No need of the video everything is in the google assistant "what to do" Itself. This video is complete crap and useless


    Loại này có giá là bao nhiêu vậy mọi người

  71. Cheska Pierre Reyes

    Yeah no im in 2020 now this looks so ugly

  72. Sacarra Smith

    I have just started using 𝐢𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝟏𝟏.𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 for free iphones

  73. Junko Enoshima

    Is called iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

  74. Fortnite_ Gamer


  75. Ronaldosoccerskills Chanel

    Thats not the iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 has to cameras and thats the iPhone 11 pro

  76. Nicolle Rodriguez

    noes real no es por ser hater y no quier dayarles la y lucion pero es falso solo por crear contenido y ganar vistas🙄



  78. Sai Suraj

    Very nice analysis. Thank you bro. Especially comparison.

  79. Mohamed Mbaye

    Cv je peut téléphone

  80. Alandav

    Apple should hire these guys to make their Ads LMFAO (seriously)

  81. Alandav

    hahahahaaha.... jokes on you!!!!

  82. isaiah Gutierrez

    Fast, free and easy for free iphones - 11.

  83. Nifaha Farwin

    Nice phone

  84. Shoxxi Abdiev


  85. corols pls nelson reed

    the best phone on the world

  86. Adamu Muhammet

    How much

    1. Adamu Muhammet


  87. David Dincovici

    Is iphone 14-15

  88. Arnold Panashe Msanzikwa

    IPhone has their comment section disabled , please tell them to not malfunction my IPhone 7, just got it and I'm hearing things...


    It is correct

  90. Sayson Gaming

    Song Song Song's... i luv singing Sooongs... (The End)

  91. Sayson Gaming


  92. Raj Bhowmick

    Logitech 625 kaa subwoofer rms 135 Watt and total output 200w...but Logitech 625 kaa Bluetooth nahi hai par mi audio reciver sei Bluetooth main gaane Baja sakte hoo...just check this hometheater Logitech 625

  93. Tammy Jackson

    I made Google cry when I said I'm not your friend no more she put😕 then I put☹ and she said Awww what can I do to help? then I said😭 and she put😟 then I put💔 and she😢 and I put the same thing and she said I'm sorry😢, and that's all...

  94. Ömer Soyler

    M mqghjhhjjjjjhuhyjjjhkkkukkkjnkkk'nn'nkk''kknkkkkn' 'k' kplnnzkdlekdkkdkldlele'd'f'ld'd'd

  95. James Webster


  96. Xander Game

    In reality you cannot do it you cannot remove the bezels

  97. Sнιяιтzυジュ

    i hope i can buy this

  98. Samara Edwards

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  99. ershnuff

    I was expecting a list of things you shouldn't say to Google Assistant because they would trigger the government to hunt you down or something, but these are just cheeky things you can say to Google assistant with cheeky responses. Lame.

  100. TaeYonna McNeil

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