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  1. light light

    Heechul my baby 💙💙💙💙💙

  2. Hyperxite Lolz

    0:02 is that Yoon Si Yoon?

  3. Ha Linh Tran

    I wonder what that ending means since they said that will leads to something and we will know later when it comes out

  4. NO NAME

    No one : Itzy : 😐😮😯😦😧😲😳🤐😶

  5. owo Daue


  6. 화이트로즈

    역시는 역시 ..한국팬보다 세계팬의 댓글이 희철씨 언제나 응원합니다 화이팅!!

  7. Dita Novriana

    The best idea ever, congrats heenim so proud of you 😘😘

  8. Jein Zakariah


  9. Sherly Flores


  10. BaDUM Tsss

    They look like ladies..... 😭

  11. Choikim Sichul

    dari dulu suka banget sma Warna suaranya Heenim, bias no satu dari dulu emang nggk pernah ngecewain. Soogeunie Oppa, suaramu juga bikin kelepek kelepek ini gimana , laginya super duper keren, suka sekali.

  12. Ye.yeye00

    I'm here because ITZY there. But after i listened their song, i'd like back to '90 year ago.. i like this song!!

  13. Darisha Khalidova


  14. ألم جميل


  15. Nicolle Pimentel

    I am so happy to hear his voice and to see him happy. I love you milky skin! Te amo!

  16. Sj


  17. 김민규

    한국인 집합!

  18. lots of love


  19. Keemura Nana

    Subtittle come here please :v

  20. Nayeon anwei

    Woojoo jjokoomi hwaiting💛💛🇰🇷

  21. Jein Zakariah

    Topinya kai jatuh

  22. Kiki Puspita

    Heechul is my white winter

  23. Tashafnaf -

    how do they even style thiose hairs, hOw arE tHey aNti gRaviTy

  24. kayeanne dela cruz

    the dislikes is from those people who doesn't really know the real meaning of music, creativity of concept and the king of kpop.

  25. Bebi exol

    its somewhat a serious song but cant stop smiling seeing serious sugeun😂😂😂

  26. Sj


  27. Mŏŏŋ Lîgĥt

    *انت ضوئي ارجوك لا تنطفئ* ...♡ *ARAB EXO-L*

  28. Manel Amel


  29. Sungjun Park

    원곡을 부른 미스터투 멤버 둘도 저 정도 키 차이였던 거 같은데... ㅋㅋㅋ

  30. Sj


  31. Mary Mae Nicolas

    Heechul and Soogeun😍❤

  32. Mŏŏŋ Lîgĥt

    *ايا كان هذا الذي نمر به سينتهي* ....•~•

  33. Manel Amel

    arab exo_l

  34. ʕ•ع•ʔ

    also check out kai's gucci video everyone plsel.info/video/wideo/35HZlHSqm2tqhZw.html

  35. Sj


  36. Sj


  37. BELL KIM

    S...sm에 JYP있지가 왜나와?

  38. Manel Amel

    arab exo-l

  39. hot cheetos

    I haven't been their fan for long and wow. Their voices are so smooth and wow. Just wow. SM really has amazing vocal artists no joke. Deadass.

  40. Sj


  41. Tin Hope

    No one will talk about Heechul's dog?😍😍

  42. fereuda 19

    좋아 좋아 노래 좋아 😍

  43. Sj


  44. Def Soul

    2:54 when Soogeun bowed at the dancer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was being serious after they started singing but 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Manel Amel

    exo overdose

  46. 민쨈


  47. Alexandra Rodriguez

    엘 이름부터 맘에 들어요 파이팅!

  48. Sj


  49. 9 5

    how about jiselle and ph1 s mv..?

  50. Sj


  51. Jewel Dal

    هيتشول بالعدسات 🤤💙

  52. Silvia Ruiz

    Translation (Wow!) Everybody wake up (Wake up) haega tteunda Everybody haega tteunda Everybody every-everybody Everybody everybody every-everybody jamdeun i bameul kkaeweo neul eoreunseureon gamyeon dwie garyeojeo inneun sonyeoye nunppitgwa gateun banjjagim nunbusheo han beonjeum cheol eopshi gulgo shipeosseul kkeol ni gaseum ane saneun neoreul dalmeun geu aecheoreom i bame teumsaereul pagodeun sungan cheom deunneun rideumi neol chaja gan shigan nan machi piri buneun sanaecheoreom neon machi kkumeul kkuneun aicheoreom ja modu hamkke nareul ttara bareul matchweo Everybody everybody every-everybody ni mameul heundeureo Everybody every-everybody Everybody everybody every-everybody [Tae/All] jamdeun i bameul kkaeweo jilseojeongyeon hal iyuneun eopseo gamchul su eomneun heungbune hwiparameul bureo georireul gadeuk chaeun jeomadaye bit gesok ieojeo eodikkaji galji nado molla chwemyeone geollin deut umjigil geu ttae gangnyeolhan mellodi neol bulleo nael geu ttae nan machi piri buneun sanaecheoreom neon machi jayuroun aicheoreom neon nuguboda hwaryeohage areumdaweo Everybody everybody every-everybody ni mameul heundeureo Everybody every-everybody Everybody everybody every-everybody [On/All] jamdeun i bameul kkaeweo Yeah whoa yeah Everybody wake up (Wake up) haega tteunda No one (No one) achimi wa dashi eoreune jichin gamyeoneul sseo [On/Jong/Tae] urimane bimilseureoun [On/Jong/Tae] bameul ganjikan chae (Everybody e-e-e-e-every-everybody Every every every every) jamdeun i bameul kkaeweo Everybody everybody every-everybody ni mameul heundeureo ([On/Jong] Wo wo wo) Everybody everybody (Everybody) Every-everybody [Jong/All] jamdeun i bameul kkaeweo Everybody every-everybody Everybody everybody (Everybody) Every-everybody jamdeun ni mameul kkaeweo Everybody wake up (Wake up) haega tteunda Everybody wake up (Wake up)

  53. Siti fadhilatul umma

    Kuy kuy streaming terus exo-L😊

  54. ooh sehun


  55. Rima Marzani

    Bening banget

  56. Nabila dwi


  57. Def Soul

    It feels so good watching Heechul sing And this duo with Soogeun is really good . They make me laugh even without trying 🤣

  58. Sam Peters

    Guys, you may use PLsel premium as it allow you to stream on background. PLsel premium has 30 day free trial..

  59. Born_ Awesome

    SM will now go ahead and promote others agency idols but not it's own. I'm talking about their treatment for Exo. Talk about double standards.

  60. ooh sehun


  61. Alexandra Rodriguez


  62. ooh sehun


  63. Aa하리보체

    불량깡패가 너무 웃긴데...ㅋ

  64. ooh sehun


  65. Manel Amel

    arab exo-l

  66. Ting Xue

    宇宙小不点 打卡

  67. Heenim 1


  68. sdrftgy fcgvhbjnk

    exo-l, dont report the trolls comments or anything, theyre helping us increase the total comments, at least~ theyll probably get us to 700k on their own with how much theyre talking lmao

    1. Knock off a cracker for calling me

      lmaooo who cares my favs already have 1m++++ lmaoo yall cant even reach 1m 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. sdrftgy fcgvhbjnk

      also theres no evidence to suggest emojis etc affect the views, so id assume they dont. unless someone can provide proof? so that doesnt really matter either (eg just looked at despacito's comment section and its full of emojis? clearly didnt affect the views there)

  69. Ima Rolantini

    Bagus bgt lagunya😍 tp always ngakak pas liat itzy😂🤣

  70. Tri Wijayanti

    sarangheyo kim heechul, woyubical kim heechul

  71. Pritonia Mambo

    Oh and is heachan in nct u now? Oh my!

  72. Manel Amel


  73. Heenim 1


  74. renjuns non-existent shoulders

    VOCAL GOD TAEIL. that's it, that's my comment.

  75. peacheskies


  76. Manel Amel

    D O

  77. exo baekhyun


  78. Cai

    3 whole minutes of Itzy frozen in place. Sending love from Midzys💜

  79. 김다현


  80. Heenim 1


  81. Heenim 1


  82. Manel Amel


  83. Heenim 1


  84. the moon

    *U got me crazy* ...♡♡ *ARAB EXO-L*

  85. Manel Amel


  86. Pritonia Mambo

    Oh my GAWD!!! Everyone looks amazing and their vocals? Oooof i'm dead ,doyoung's beautiful voice the heachan's soft angelic voice then jaehyun deep ,husky voice the taeil that is slapping you on the face with those high notes, y'all ! I died a 1000 times watching this video , a true masterpiece!😱😱❤❤❤

  87. p potter

    Yeji 🥰

  88. Sam Peters

    I will leave a comment before the views reached 40 M.

  89. Heenim 1


  90. Manel Amel


  91. Sukma

    I need subs :(

  92. elf girl

    heechullaaaah why u so pretty 😂😭💙💙


    So I'm wondering what will be Xiumin, D.O and Lay's X-EXO be like?

  94. Ganesh M

    People thinking this is best crossover in 2019. What if SM drops Twice×RV at the end of December or first week of Jan, 2020. I hope it goes phenomenal whoever collaborates in that. This song is good😍. I wish they had put up the eng subtitles so that I could have understand what the song is about. I can feel Christmas holiday vibe. But is this about love?

  95. Deepi Kannan

    Universal shorty 😍 daebakkk 😇❤

  96. 유진

    엥?? 수근이랑 희철이??