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  1. Ethan Hunter

    fire gotta get carti on here

  2. Daniel Weiss

    smh they really charged my man $300 for two pairs of white AF1 lows

  3. Exyst

    imagine saying pop and forgetting the smoke

  4. Hella Rich

    these shits

  5. John Norris

    Man said Kobe felt that 💔💔

  6. Daniel Bostick


  7. DigitalDope Vlogs

    RIP KOBE 😢

  8. Flex Forever

    Bottom teeth need to be done 🤷🏿‍♂️

  9. Katz Wick

    Thought this was Andrew Wiggins

  10. Chef Tony G

    Les Twins x Air Jordan 1???

  11. Shad Tha Roast God

    How come POP SMOKE ONLY got the top row of his teeth fixed??? The bottom row of his mouth is🌽 as fuck😄😄😄

  12. moonthegoon

    wecome to the party

  13. Jordan Fagan

    Pop pulling up in his stolen Rolls Royce ❌🧢

  14. IL2

    Lmao “that nigga used to get me sandals nshit”

  15. _Solough


  16. 25 000 subs with 4 videos challenge

    I know 99% of you will IGNORE this... But have a nice day 1%.

  17. Nate Smith

    Nobody cares about shoes. We here for Kobe RIP Mamba 🙏🏻

  18. SurviverH2

    Hold up.... 8:41 that's a mistake right

  19. Daddy Flacco TV

    Hit home, when he said Kobe. RIP Mamba

  20. Lil Spooky

    I though he was in jail

  21. bcarp3

    “Give me my credit man, I got some 18 and 21 year old bitches in there too!” 😂 I miss this guy so much, holy shit. Name another artist that makes you feel like a personal friend solely through their music.

  22. Trending Uk

    nah nah nah whos teeth this guy steal they aint his

  23. Tevaughn


  24. callê

    300$ for 2 pairs of af1???? What the fuck

  25. Louiiv Music Channel

    Nobody:..................... Pop smoke:dior dior 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Nick Felarton

    Lemme see sum lmao

  27. Shad Tha Roast God

    Fuck these niggas on here tryna get "R.I.P. KOBE" likes....

  28. Clean Instagram Videos

    he said he fucked with kobe.. thats heavy

  29. Raian Paunchici

    My heart broke when he said Kobe .

  30. jamel sinclaire

    What tims did pop cop

  31. moon

    Pop looks like Michael B. Jordan if he Was a rapper😂😂

  32. Hodge 808

    *Pop Smoke goes Sneaker Borrowing with Complex*

  33. Zano

    Pop Smoke is AWESOME🔥 Like to agree⬇️

  34. Tyrique Charles

    I fuck with Kobe 😭 lost it🥺

  35. Manny N

    Rip Kobe

  36. Sammywavy


  37. Montalvo Monteka

    This guy is too cool for me

  38. Trending Uk

    "Hopefully gonna buy some sneakers" "Yeah" 0:36 He aint wanna spend no money LOOOOOL

  39. Frankie Reveles

    fresh pair of cocains

  40. Thiago Barbosa

    s/o to arc'teryx for the very sound windbreaks

  41. Scott Burnhard

    He better not steal them kicks......

  42. 許侑銓

    Nobody : Pop Smoke : Lu v lu v🌚

  43. La flame


  44. Jay Banks

    Sadly the Dior 1s aren’t out yet 😂

  45. Zebraa

    2x white air force 294 ?? he got robbed

  46. Hahsh

    2 pairs of white air forces for 300 dollar? Really?

  47. Mo Jo

    40:27 felt like a healing therapy moment. Unfortunately, he wasnt ready to receive.

  48. Marlo Newkirk

    4:05 💔🙏

  49. Mr C

    Couldn’t afford bail his mama had to put up the house but buying almost $2,000 worth of shoes.

  50. Patrick TAYLOR

    This video was crazy.

  51. Exist6nceMusic

    I’m ah 19 year old engineer and artist stopping by keep grinding 🔥💪🏽👩🏾‍🚀

  52. Marvox45

    So sad that Kobe is dead now. R.I.P 🙏😔

  53. Krishiv04

    rip kobe 💜

  54. ibsyoyo


  55. Finn Leys

    The only thing i think bout is kobe never being able to get his own episode 😖😥

  56. Louiiv Music Channel

    Bro look like 50 cents with braids 😂 but he fire 🔥🎧

  57. Brazy Cinco

    Pin head ass on the thumbnail 😂

  58. Anjelica Violetta

    If i'm allowed to be rude, everytime he pushed questions to me right after i take a bite, i would probably say WOULD U STFU 🤣

  59. King Ky

    Next video pop smoke goes car jackin

  60. Looser Kid

    You set all this just to lose 🤣🤣

  61. Jay Kay

    Rip Kobe man 🥺🖤

  62. Lauren Ashley

    He needs to change the size of them horse teeth veneers

  63. LUH Baby

    Yo popsmoke head don’t match his body

  64. dd69

    wooooh Wow thanks for 100k likes guys

  65. althea walters

    Love listening to Kevin and his wife... but these interviewers are just NOT aware... just clueless

  66. Beanie Spades

    Get Maxo Kream next. #RIPKOBE

  67. King Ky

    Nobody Popsmoke: ok OK !

  68. Ali Erzurumlu

    4:04 😢

  69. Thunder Gamer Gio

    Rest In Peace kobey and the other people and I want all those shoes

  70. Admiral General Aladeen Of The Republic of Wadiya

    He’s got a net worth of $480,000 and he’s acting as if he’s worth $50 million

  71. LN

    Pop smoke really has burst in to limelight in the past 12 months

  72. Marcus Levy-Ash

    Rip Kobe

  73. Corey Murrowood


  74. Cookie _ee

    His voice so fucking sexy & calming like damn...

  75. Mo Jo

    The way he has accepted his faults and the way queen allowed him to go through his transformation is the most beautiful thing. Their bonds and spiritual kindness is so strong! Shalom

  76. Rooster D

    4:35 yeah im pretty thirsty like she baaaaayd

  77. Jays So VLone

    RIP Kobe The Goat💯🐐🙏🏼

  78. Toggle PunaanyKING

    Why he can't keep still

  79. Peter Swift

    Kevin needs to go on Russell Brands podcast. That would be some amazing shit

  80. homer wisdom

    We need a Westsidegunn episode FLYGOD edition.

  81. DANNY RUI2

    Sorry brayent died

  82. Savageboy Savage

    Damn when he said I fuck with Kobe 😥

  83. PlayBoi Reacts

    Okay tell me why pop smoke lookin like that one Snapchat filter 🤣🤣😂

  84. King Ky

    He’s short

  85. Tumi Hlongs

    This dude real voice don't sound like his music😂😂

  86. Marius Soko

    His hair and teeth are on point...

  87. The Sneaker Scout

    Why his head look so damn small? Ouuuu ahhhhh!

  88. King Ky

    Spoiler alert : I’m in all the stores!

  89. LAT_F

    Christion Dior Dior!!!!

  90. King Lambert612

    Nobody cares about complex right now, R.I.P Kobe Bean Bryant

  91. Heden

    popsmoke goes car shopping

  92. Jay Dulce

    Nigga was off the perks in this video wake up 🤣🤣

  93. Max Bremen

    ohkey ohkey

  94. Free Dream Brim

    This nigga keepin it straight hood.

  95. Pepe Hernández

    I lost it when he said ''I fuck with Kobe''

  96. Margie Wine

    Asé ✨✨✨

  97. Snappie

    Isn’t this the knockoff rapper that stole a rolls Royce, why he on here LMAO

    1. samuelsson sanchez

      Snappie lmaoaoaoaoaoooaoaoao😂😂😂😂😂😭

    2. Mr C

      Snappie Hahahaaha!

  98. Nano Jurassic

    Rip to the Goat and his Goat In training and to everyone else who lost there life yesterday morning

  99. trapchoinkus

    Pops smoke face be like 😊 His voice tho👺

  100. Same Black Shirt

    Bro this dude paid $294 for 2 whites AF1s... WTF smh