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  1. London Stackhouse

    He can run

  2. gdc615

    Ingram will have a job on tv when he retires

  3. London Stackhouse

    Josh Allen MVP 💪

  4. frankburger4life

    The 49ers will run them down like grass, managing the clock. 21-17 sf

  5. Kevin Paul

    To me he will always be an Eagle ✌

  6. Tanay Athreya

    Anyone that calls the patriots cheaters are brain dead. Deflate gate was debunked and was just goodells power trip trying to taint their championships. It’s simple ideal gas law for you uneducated idiots, as temperature decreases (cold game) pressure decreases which is why the balls were “deflated”. Also the “spying” on the bengals was their documentary team filming for a video, it had nothing to do with the coaching staff of the patriots and also, the nfl has already dismissed it. I’m not surprised that idiots are still saying they cheat because of companies like ESPN spewing bullshit every day

  7. Virginia Ybarbo

    And on the next episode of “Should’ve went for 2 and the win.”

  8. Adam Morrison

    DeSean Jackson=🐐

  9. the big one

    19 years later...

  10. BIG H8 Baseball


  11. Takia Sandy

    Beyonce kilt it!


    When the patriots best highlight is Brady running

  13. Pablo Ferreira

    Packers 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000--1000 Bears

  14. littl3m0nkey

    "......... NOOOOOOOOOO!"

  15. J024

    Brady is so slow xD

  16. FamilyMSV

    Falcons 31 49ers 28 Falcons recover three onside kicks to tie it up then kick game winning field goal in overtime.

  17. Austin 123


  18. ir10031981

    so what if you won Bears? you're still in 3rd place in your NFC North division regardless, while the Cowboys remain 1st in their division NFC East, despite now having fewer games won than you this season, and also, how many Super Bowls have you won? ONE, how many Super Bowls have the Cowboys won? FIVE! so what if they haven't even gone back to a super bowl in 24 years? well you haven't won a super bowl in 34 years, so shut up!

  19. RBIG

    Is anybody watching in *2020?* I had to be *advanced* so I'm the first one

  20. London Stackhouse

    Josh Allen MVP 💪

  21. Dj Quack

    And at that point I went outside to yell "HELLYEAH!" But I wasn't the only one. My whole neighborhood did the same thing! It was frikin amazing!

  22. The Fast Life

    Lamar Jackson may not do well enough to win a Super Bowl. There is a reason why its played in the colder part of the year. (Just like how we have SUMMER school break). This country is tailored for our caucasian counter parts becuase they are in control of the society we live in. That creates a disadvantage for people of color. Cold weather is not for us. That is for the causcasion. If the playoffs was played in the summer it would be a different story. Just speaking facts. Black people need heat and moisture to be at peak physically, and spiritually.

    1. Nate Franklin

      We dont need* anything to be great

  23. Hater Hurdler

    Who tf makes these 😂

  24. Too Real Loyd

    As a bronco fan I miss Sanders he is a beast

  25. Kewawn Jamison

    Wish my cowboys had a coach like Tomlin with some fire and passion.

  26. FBI

    Why the does the 50s (7:03) have better quality then the 70’s-90s clips

  27. flexibleskedule

    The people who disliked this video hate the world...

  28. Taking Off91

    The redskins have never been a good team. Lol. But Vick was ballin!!

  29. Moises Perez

    Brandon Brooks is best guard

  30. Skullranger Lover

    Worst super bowl ever so many turnovers like horrible football

  31. 905 Jay

    Bottom line Mike Vick

  32. Harry Aviles

    Rookie mode on Madden

  33. Nice Guy

    Me: waits the whole video for bengals to show up Also me: save the “best” for last

  34. Mark Oliver

    Chargers playing their 14th road game.

  35. gor9027

    If the Vikings can’t even win this one they’ll blow the final playoff spot.

  36. Saniyah Campbell

    Such an iconic slip.

  37. Kendall Campbell

    Fantastic Baldy

  38. Orl Mdz

    Murió el Rey. ... Viva El Rey

  39. amber Williams

    Were bezaly

  40. jeff card1A

    i'm having randall cunningham flashbacks

  41. King Of Wakanda Forever

    I'm gonna tell my kids this Was Super Bowl 53😂😂Lmfao

  42. Iam Kingcat

    If this dude gets drafted ima be screaming

  43. Marky Mark

    Shout out to Mayock for damn near nailing the Lamar Jackson pick, right team a few picks earlier

  44. Itsme Itsme

    Wait did all 3 predictions pick miami?

  45. Ethan Carlo

    is anyone watching in 2020 lol

  46. Cash The Realest

    Nagy reminds me of my mentor, I would have killed for him. The Bears players love him.

  47. MyBudinesd

    Great 👍🏼 video and narration

  48. fat as fuq boi

    just imagine if the refs didn’t call the offside penalty on the chiefs in the afc championship...

  49. Aris DiBiase-Stephen

    This was such an amazing game we came up just short. I’m never gonna forget this game

  50. Elana Mccullum


  51. Brandon

    9:15 imagine Seth or Conan talking about whites

  52. Briankitis

    Cynthia and the beta males

  53. Anemic Royalty

    WTH was that roughing the passer call on the Wayne-almost fumble play?!

  54. Mazen Slayer

    Does anyone else thinks Patrick Mahomes sounds like XXXTENTACION

  55. Sahasra Veerapaneni

    williams is stupid

  56. Young Twilight

    I think the 49ers are gonna win but the falcons are the most unpredictable team in the NFL

  57. My precious one 2/11/15

    That's why Mullens is our back up QB#4.

  58. Stronger_than_life

    I'm really liking how we have rbs who can run downhill and break tackles. No offense to leveon bell but I just didn't like his style of running.

  59. Jordan Mitchell

    TITANS TIME💪🏈💪🏈💪🎥🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  60. Barben Howard

    Roll on Ravens..

  61. Adam Mundok

    Great reel on some great ballin!

  62. Munkh Bat-Erdene

    Tom Brady: I’m not even trying Score: 3-28 Tom Brady: I can try... PATRIOTS WINS THE FALCONS WAT A COMEBACK!!!

  63. Mylesthe Goat

    mark fields looked pretty fast

  64. Fhhv gfghv

    Put grove kittle on the pro bowl

  65. Matthew Alvarez

    Odell was overratted

  66. Steve Abitante

    Giants Need Chase Young In the Worst Way Possible!!!!!

  67. Pelinal Whitestrake

    #61 at 10:47 lmao

  68. E Mukabi

    Who’s watching this when Lamar is the best QB in the league -------> Edit: that’s the amount of people who are watching

  69. Jay Phx

    so you were on point since day 1

  70. Randall Heather

    Some of the worst highlight editing ever. We go from 4th down and on long on the 45 yard line with 0:42 on the clock to 0.03 with the ball on the 27 - no explanation.

  71. Mirza Baig

    This could happen again this Sunday...except on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field

  72. Melissa Gee

    Go pack go

  73. TheLastWalenta

    Rodgers hail mary pretty sweet, but no way that honor doesn't go to Freeman's Monday Night Miracle Catch

  74. The Dude Abides

    What a waste of Talent

  75. Towelie Sr

    This team is the perfect team but what stops them from becoming or thinking they can become perfection is simply they know they can be beat they are terrorizing yet humble I believe they picked up peters knowing New England wasn’t there main objective in the afc but the they knew it was the chiefs all I’m gonna say 9 times outta ten the ravens beat the chiefs but the chiefs put up points if there defence keeps playing like they are playing watch out don’t get me wrong I know Lamar and the ravens are with out a doubt the best team in football but if there is one team that beats Baltimore it’s the team that can out score them and that is the chiefs

    1. La’ Garv

      Towelie Sr as a ravens fan I agree 100%

  76. Fly Guy Chris

    GOAT 🐐🐐

  77. Vikings Rule

    If Rodgers switched to Allstate instead of State Farm, he'd be protected from mayhem like 0:09 3:10 5:11 5:59 8:56

  78. Danie dexter


  79. Pao Vang

    Cynthia pick LA Charges over Vikings ? It's a business pick.

  80. William Lafferty

    Let's not forget a short history lesson. Without Mahomes, the Chiefs beat Denver IN DENVER 30-6. While I'm an MU fan and will support Lock in EVERY game, I don't see him going off on a D that I was very skeptical about earlier in the season, but seems to be gelling at the right time. Plus, they're at home. I don't think Denver can put up 30 pts. against the Chiefs, and they'll need more than that to win.

  81. After Asteroid Survivor

    DM pulled a Winston at the end. Life of a Bucs fan😡 I think Winston was watching this game.

  82. Troy Crith ll

    Ert dhe shew erp 🎄 👶 🌟

  83. Troy Crith ll

    🎄 neh 👶

  84. Planet 9

    Is she/he a man?

  85. samuel B.


  86. kk kubistek

    Hi Odell

  87. Dillan Artis

    P: Pay A: All T: The R: Refs I: In O: Order T: To S: Succeed

  88. Dillan Artis

    New England Prostitutes

  89. Alex Fu

    This kid looks legit. Finally!! Finally, John Elway might have just found his QB.

  90. Elian Diaz

    He probably got the Bengals record right

  91. Nuzhdar Hamdoun

    Bills: 13 Steelers: 30

  92. Nuzhdar Hamdoun

    Rams: 13 cowboys : 55

  93. Micah Stuart

    If this game was played in 2019, almost every one of these plays would have been roughing the passer. Denver absolutely annihilated Brady.

  94. T Wilson

    I listen to the same stuff every year. NE basically beat KC with very poor officiating. Never count NE out until they lose.

  95. pj on mobile

    Let's go broncos let's go and prove everyone wrong again

  96. Camille Castle

    Undisputed. One of the GOAT'S

  97. gregory barham

    Bills 34 Steelers 24

  98. ThatsSoKJ

    Idc wat anyone has to say about his ab and his character, aside from that he is still the most talented wr today.

  99. Lauren Libou

    Jets sideline

  100. Orsteezz פ

    Yo who was this chopped and screwed by?🤮