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  1. J6Y xx

    please have single player option...

  2. Abhijit Zankat

    Is this the voice of Altair?????

  3. Supremefrey

    WAMAi is not human

  4. Butter Panda

    Why would release this but anything about ela’s elite

  5. 12buggy 1

    When i played it i realize that its really just casual hostage with 2 ops equipped cosmetics along with the hostage

  6. 윤성환

    No new weapon

  7. Themis

    where is the tachanka&finka rework

  8. Nut

    we should protest this shitty event by killing hostage

  9. ViperFPS

    Kali T H I C C

  10. zig zag


  11. DJ wolf Devil

    I love far cry 5

  12. PotatoKitten

    What if there was an event if attackers are to rob the bank of certain amount of cash and defenders are to protect the duffle bags with the said cash. Netflix: *wHaT iF tHe EvEnT wAs A rEsKiN oF 2 oPeRaToRs PlEaSe WaTcH oUr ShOwS*

  13. Bacon Bitz

    Who thought this would be a big event it’s not even mid season it’s just something they did on the side

  14. Tsuno


  15. Charles so

    By the way how much i pay the game tournament

  16. Charles so

    I want to joined n ubisoft tournament

  17. ItzYaBoiDane HD

    No alpha pack? Ain’t playing

  18. Jrae

    one word. basura.

  19. youngdaggerdick

    y yall play like ur brain ded??

  20. Toga

    Event kinda doo doo tho

  21. Nina Howley

    U should make an operator who has a hacking thing where they can hear the voice lines of people on the other team if they're close but they cant use it all the time and it has to regenerate it would be so cool for intel

  22. Tiny Oats

    Strat: put a medium sized hole in the ground, on the other side (floor below) put a womai magnet. Then the grenade will fly through the hole to the womai magnet)

  23. Recon

    So. Like. Do i have to connect it to a Tv? Or is it by itself? I hope it's by it self.

  24. North

    Everyone should’ve been Hibana and Vigil. Would’ve been a lot more hectic. Oh well...

  25. Gaming With JC

    Really wish that they did more with this event, but I guess it helps fund future content and just gets people to watch the show on Netflix.

    1. Bacon Bitz

      Gaming With JC at least the show is good

  26. Soulsender

    Will Kali's sniper be able to shoot through the windows in the plane map?

  27. ham burger

    why would they not give jackal and mira the cosmetics the GEO is literally in the show

  28. Killer Cougar75


  29. DarthVaper \//\ Gaming

    2:33 Ezio is revealed to be *KEANU REEVES* the entire time.

  30. Branden Maffei

    This is the worst event ever

  31. AlienNite9

    ubisoft, what engine are you using to make the maps and the games?

  32. gigaswardblade

    AC3 is the wind waker of the AC series

  33. AviatorFN

    Everyone Is Getting So Mad About This. It’s Just A Fun, End Season Event For A Promo With Netflix. The Game-mode Is Ok, But It’s Not Meant To Be This Crazy New Game-mode. Try Making A Full Set Of Skins, Rework A Map, And Add A New Game-mode For Doktors Curse, Then Two Weeks Later Add Another New Map, New Bank Heist Game-mode, And A New Set Of Skins. Everyone Needs To Just Relax With This. It’s Free, Anyway. They Aren’t Forcing You To Play The Mode. Just Play It Or Don’t


    we're just playing hostage but its a mode...

  35. Bossross69

    Terrible, nothing is changed except for the hostage’s skin. No new dialogue, intro, funny little end quip(from what I’m guessing, I left the first Round) and not even a subtle change to the map, overall it was just fucking garbage. Can’t wait for insurgency sandstorm to come out next spring. Then I’m deleting this waste of space for good

  36. Spottedprism

    I couldn’t help but sing along

  37. Sublimesmile26


  38. Slimjim 4474

    Super disappointing this "heist" event is just hostage on Bank 24/7 😔, no actual new mode.

  39. Lethal Napkin

    could’ve like made the game better instead of this

  40. Brutally Honest

    The real highlight(s) of the video is that these people are *NOT* using the BOSG ACOG on Vigil! 😭

  41. Spicy

    This is for me one of the worst R6 siege events so far. This event is lazy

  42. TmanjoeR

    I loved the TV show and the costumes look good in the game along with the hostage. But this event doesn't feel special like many people have said. I was disappointed to see it was just regular hostage with no incentive to play the gamemode. I think everyone was excited with the collaboration but if it means the content is going to feel empty many will change direction.


    i loved that show

  44. Skummy

    2:50 female with a beard

  45. psronnie

    Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiii🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  46. Gaming Ghost vicky

    i love assassin creed man so good man and i waiting for next manke assassin creed 10000 bc

  47. mario Cazares

    As artists I'm surprised you don't get tired working on the same game for years, much respect for that! If I have to see the same shot for even a few weeks I get tired

  48. Rey Flowers

    Blonde skrillex

  49. 404nocoolnamesleft

    So much wasted potential

  50. ted dkd


  51. 2343 919Designs

    Theme park rework is the biggest failure of this season. Its not even a theme park anymore.

  52. Marcus Trinidad


  53. Vollmeric

    Esperava mais desse modo, muda basicamente nada kkkkkkk

  54. Kicksrocks 42

    But here is the real question...can kali’s sniper bullet penetrate clash’s shield?

  55. Daedra78

    Italia ❤️

  56. patric j

    Other operators: Jager, your gadget is so unrealistic Wamai: get introduced Other operators :why do i hear wakanda music?

  57. Insert_dark_edgy_username

    What about payday 2? Cmon maannnnnm Give it to meeere

  58. Berserker1110

    Annoys me how maps are mega bright everywhere now

  59. Ouya _

    You guys should add a new map like maybe at an oil rig

  60. ThesevenSkygames

    Skins are cool! Event is just bad, nothing special just hostage...

  61. Behzad bz

    Ubi, your forums is drunk, I just posted and it said someone else posted it. And now the forum is down lol

  62. Liam Hermes

    Netflix "Hey ubisoft how much money would it take for a sponsored event?" Ubisoft "Yes"

  63. TheRealOn3

    Was there a new enemy included? I've encountered one in one of the control points "Choke." He had a huge backpack and a cap with an archetype symbol i have not seen before depicting of a hand over a circle. It was a weird encounter because of how he ran off after being shot at, and after being chased i only got attacked by The Ambushers.

  64. Pcjack

    ubisoft focus on character story arc that no one cares about, but doesn't fix cheaters and ddosing

  65. Cassius Mcallister

    It’s pretty bad it’s just a hostage and two skins

  66. Carlos Galvez

    Bro ubi u realize ur tryna sell this so hard lol it’s 2 skins and nothing special or new to the game. Ya’ll wanna sell skins easy but dont make em like its a big event or something its just regular damn hostage game on bank. This aint any special. Tbh

  67. J_Glocky

    Limited skin?!?!

  68. Kalin Ridenour

    4:08 Glaz elite skin

  69. Amber Beckford

    It’s lit🔥🔥🔥. Omg 🔥🔥🔥

  70. J_Glocky

    Is the hibana and vigil skin limited?!?

  71. No Name

    Hostage mode?????

  72. Unapproving Grandma

    When you get a deal from netflix so you paint Hibana, Vigil, and the hostage red and call it a special event

  73. Sheep C

    Why does Wamai look like a sith lord in the thumbnail

    1. Seth Salas

      Classic death stare

  74. Nick R

    I think they need tdm or a diff game mode I think everyone is bored of the same gamemode

  75. Postal

    You guys should honestly just stop adding operators, you suck at balancing enough already

  76. Ethan Baker

    When is the cross play!

  77. Hing Jang

    bruh they got the worst player to play this mode.absolute trash

  78. Andrew W

    Hostage on bank with cool outfits isn’t an event

  79. Just a Valerian Sword

    Petition to make the hostage Arturo

  80. Willy Lopez

    Does everyone look like the hostage to confuse everyone? To make you accidentally shoot him?

  81. Mrdeath109651 Death

    Who the hell uses a red dot now a dayz

  82. Miguel Gonçalves

    wtf do u mean "it cancels gameplay" ? bruh, u just denied a frag,flash; HENCE changing the whole gameplay, and approach.

  83. PBear

    2:51 That is a hairstyle

  84. generic generic

    After the absolutely amazing Halloween event this feels lazy and pointless. I hope Netflix gave you a lot of money.

  85. TicklyManChild

    Netflix: *partners with rainbow six siege* Payday: am i a joke to you?

  86. I_360_No_scoped_JFK



    we could have had a working train? 😥😭

  88. lonely 999

    I love how the trailer took the most work not the gamemode but the trailer

  89. Daniel Andreini


  90. ForceIsHappy

    whens the release datew


    Please let us buy the cosmetics with renown please cause that show is amazing and I’m not able to buy the cosmetics with r6 credits. PLEASE UBISOFT

  92. xDAM0CLESx 556

    God Kali is hot asf

  93. T_N_T

    So is this an online free roam

  94. Aleo Aninda

    You had such a good opportunity to make a bank heist mode for this special event, and you missed it! Disappointing


    I like the fact that all this event costs real money and not renown thanks Ubisoft for a trash event. I would’ve really like the vigil outfit but I can’t get it.

  96. Draconaforce2

    Sooooo where's the event?

  97. Azmonarth

    thats not even an event, its basically just a promotion for the outfits and they dont even look that good..

  98. Efrain Moreno

    Why do they make a game mod that u can only play it for a few days..

  99. Error 404

    Why tje new operators introduce new guns in the agents (except the new bolt action sniper)???

  100. SykoNB

    Bring Sam Fisher to seige and or solid snake. Those two are badass in a wetsuit lol