fukn broken hearted, take a listen

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  1. awesome unknown

    Lil huddy: "i wanna make real music" Jaden:

  2. Lucas Tratechaud

    best artist we’ve seen in a long time

  3. Coming Up Next

    ------FULL LYRICS ARE HERE----- raboninco.com/jOLg

  4. Alessandra Truitt

    Algum br?🇧🇷

  5. s


  6. Ferlina Washington

    I don't know who this is but I am now a fan. This song really do be hitting different. 10/10

  7. Aliboo Productions

    This shit is fire, I can't even with this song. I've listened to this song on repeat more times than I can actually count.

  8. Tiffany Horner

    Wow I love this song! I can’t stop replaying it🤪😃😂

  9. Rafailia V.

    0:01 till 2:46 is 🔥

  10. Anna Derbis

    he’s so cute omg

  11. Anna Derbis

    so talented

  12. Anna Derbis


  13. ꧁Melody ꧂

    Who has been waiting ?

  14. Amelia Turner

    amazing as always, but it would be amazing if he releases another song and maybe had the other sway boys in the vid :)

  15. Del issa

    After the second verse I started singing along ❤️❤️💯😅

  16. Gracie Gebel

    Wow he’s actually wearing a shirt 😂

  17. Kamelia Majedi

    I just can't stop listening to this beacuse this reminds me of Kobe and Gigi how they were amazing... 😕

  18. Genesis Arce


  19. JC Gamingz

    I wasn’t a fan of the video but the voice🥵

  20. Саша Окнян

    мне кажется или он похож на моргенштерна?

  21. Addisyn Steiner

    I’ve been waiting so long for this omggg❤️❤️❤️

  22. Jane Karla Tibon

    jxdn ❤︎

  23. Ellie H

    Chase Atlantic: like a rockstar

  24. Ruth Tellis

    Jxdn hits diff doe 🥰🥵🤤

  25. Kacey Paige

    This video is actually so deep thi

  26. elle kappa

    So addicted to this song

  27. Lilly Sparks

    Can we all just say that we all actually relate to this song more then we think. 🤔

  28. fernanda rodriguez


  29. ᴜɴᴋᴏᴡɴ x

    His hair back looks good tbh

  30. Fantasy 2006

    fav song periodt.

  31. Chantal Steyn

    my #1 song by far😍❤️

  32. Emilie B.

    No one: Jaden‘s hair 👆🏻👇🏻👆🏻👇🏻👆🏻👇🏻

  33. kirana zaahirah

    this is not my kind of music but idk why i love it

  34. Malika Karakulova

    Аоаоаоа это так круто я слушаю уже пол часа подряд

  35. Maariyah Wright

    angels and demons,keep fighting and screaming

  36. Mykalah Howard


  37. Julianne Reyes

    He hits different with him hair brushed back

  38. Rob

    Fucking cringe lmao

  39. Yasna Yooko

    i love this song istg

  40. Laraine Sarmiento

    here before this gets hundred of million views

  41. Isabella Hernandez

    Jadens hair back gives me vibes of one of the boys in the movie IT

  42. saran Salman

    YES JADENNN🥺❤️❤️❤️

  43. its_gabrielle

    This song is fire i love this ♥

  44. Gabrielle Botica

    Damon Salvatore who

  45. Darknessy ঔ

    О господи, это прекрасно🤤

  46. _.b4rbarx._23 uwu


  47. Laura Roquette


  48. Diana Stylik

    Я тут по сути случайно, но парень, но, парень, ты горяч и талантлив. Удачи в творчестве! Жду от тебя новых треков)

  49. Swyft.thesaint

    I'm here so many times now I keep reading the same comments while listening 💀💀

  50. jeraline vongvirath


  51. Emma Blues

    OMG this song is OMGGGG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Eric Huang

    My sister

  53. Larryn Yarbrough

    The emotions he puts into these music videos is insane

  54. ayna 73

    wuuuuu luv da beat

  55. Gwyneth Soke


  56. Anic LINZ

    Very good song😍✌

  57. Lay


  58. MHM Creations

    White shirt is his angle side gray shirt is his Anxiety black shirt is his depression

  59. Lay

    ive been waiting for so long n here it is...

  60. maisie Richards carat Atiny's

    All the comments its about suicide hears me saying oh I relate to this song ha ha happens all the time tried it twice my friends stopped it and well yeah I relate to this song

  61. Beau Audirsch

    I finished my apple dippers and chocolate milk snack before this video was over so I paused it and made myself some more apple dippers and chocolate milk. After all, it’s a three-day weekend!

  62. Otshe Mahlabane

    Smoking ?

  63. Olivia Billiot

    This is my fav music video of all time. I watched this like 12 times since it came out

  64. shafiqa sukri

    no hate but he don't hv to stick his tongue everytime he sings tho. Anyway love u jadn

  65. jaylyn beck

    i’m so sorry all the other sway boys but jaden is now my favorite!!! sorry!!!😊

  66. Luna Herrera

    naaaaaaaaa te juro que no paro de escuchar estoooo

  67. Pumpy Clumpy

    Man this shit sucks

  68. Alixa x

    Wow this Hits different

  69. Chams Nour


  70. Nazafa Safa

    Jadn looks so different but fire

  71. iam_sarah.m Musliu


  72. Rhianna Domitraschuk

    I’m Obsessed with angles and demons I love it so much I listen to it every day on replay I am definitely not going to get bored of it 🤗

  73. Rasha Abrahim

    How old he is?

  74. Reyyan Gürler

    Türkiye'de tik tok anca düştüm mapus damlarına biraz da böyle şeyler yapsalar neyse hiç türk yokmu lo

  75. Janelle Bilbao

    Don’t think that he did it for the video cause he did a tik tok about how he smoked weed

  76. candypoppin 060

    I enjoy the song but the mv is a bit cringey

  77. keke

    still softish cant compare to this...

  78. avneet lamba

    The cutest video of the angles 😍😍😍❤️

  79. Millky Way

    есть русские?🗿👀👉👈

  80. CupcakeLol 1

    Lowkey lovin this style

  81. CupcakeLol 1

    ok why is this actually soo gooddddd

  82. Kennedy Foxx

    I did not know he smoked

  83. CupcakeLol 1

    ok but the black and white hit different 🥵

  84. Aminta Garcia Mundo

    I want this music video to get as much views as josh and bryce's diss track got.

  85. Julieta Rodriguez

    Encerio soy la única que habla español???bueno vengo de tiktok

  86. gwapa ko

    i don’t sleep without listening to this once a day

  87. annalena s.

    Why doesn't this have 1M likes ???

  88. Gabrielle Alanna

    0:46 so no one told me he was a cosplayer🤭

  89. Aaron Spencer

    This music video made me cringe

    1. awesome unknown

      you make me cringe

  90. Yoimmi

    guys str*am this we need more viéws than still softish

  91. Yoimmi

    who has been waiting for this song (feels like a decade) like if so

  92. Şirinsu Araç


  93. It me Oof

    Other tik tokers have tried but this...this hits different...

  94. mashunyass

    the best rockstar ever

  95. mashunyass


  96. mashunyass


  97. mashunyass

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