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  1. Ava Belle Lawton

    When she yelled at Declan for jumping on the table lmao😂😂😂

  2. Nicole Vaselli

    when declan jumped i actually cackled

  3. NASJAQ _

    why is this so entertaining

  4. LifeLongMETALHead83

    Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts make horrible coffee. Coffee in the US is generally garbage. Nearly impossible to find a good espresso. Drip coffee is the worst.

  5. Sam Losco

    I wanna bang u

  6. Squeaky McCheeks

    Emma chimperlain is proof that woman arent funny

  7. Emma Nemitz

    When she yells ~dEclAn~

  8. Jennifer Schulze

    you should have waited until you tried all of them before checking the bottom of the cup

  9. Leopard Bra Brado

    All the New Yorkers when she gets to the DD cup: okay tread lightly girl

  10. Melanie Mendiola

    Me over here shocked she Emma doesn’t like Starbucks

  11. Ashley Hancock

    Ok when you come back to the east coast, PLEASE try wawa coffee. Cheap and hands down the BEST chain coffee there is.

    1. Leopard Bra Brado

      You have to do this when you are in New York!!😱 Do you know how wired you would be.😂 But I love your rating from one coffee addict to another.

  12. alyssa clark

    Making a trip to Washington DC from GA because at this point I just have to try Philz I need to understand

  13. ems

    she should do this again but with matcha

  14. Paul Deligianidis

    I guess this video wasn’t sponsored by 7-11

  15. Maddie Waksmunski

    This is random but my gaydar kinda feels like she might be bi

  16. Jewel Rodarte

    9:34 me when I pick my friend on my team

  17. Allison Castellanos

    There I'm nice enough to finnaly subscribe

  18. Kylie Casey

    no one: declan: *jumps on table* emma: DeClAn

  19. The Vicious Lobster of Lockheed!

    Eh you forgot Tim’s bud. Sorry. Have a good one.

  20. katie brown

    I tried Philz for the first time when I went to San Fran bc of you and I’m pissed there isn’t one in ATL bc I’m OBSESSED 😭😭

  21. VIRGO creativity


  22. Perk on Controller

    Why do I like every video I click on whether it be emma or pewdiepie. I feel so generous with one like.

  23. Lianna Kellndorfer

    Out here in NY Dunkin’ slaps so...

  24. mckenna james

    I can’t find the second Texas vlog

  25. Jasmine Eve

    starbucks coffee literally is so watery and tastes like battery acid

  26. Ariel Star

    I don't even like coffee, and Emma is making me want some, lol

  27. Kylah Smith

    You have to do this when you are in New York!!😱 Do you know how wired you would be.😂 But I love your rating from one coffee addict to another.

  28. Jasmine Eve

    I exploded when your cat jumped up

  29. Miguel Diaz

    Tierra Mia is so much better than any of these

  30. Yaritza Saenz

    Use code James for %10 off 🤎🤍😂😁

  31. J Gumm

    Emma has never been to Canada or been into a Hudson's Bay store. I have mitts in the pattern on the red white yellow green striped jacket.

  32. AccurateAsian Btw

    None of the above the best is Tim Hortons

  33. SXN

    I like Gloria Jeans coffee. One of the bests.

  34. Brain Dead Llama DOOT

    Tbh no one gives a fuck about what coffee chain is best

  35. Squintbubbles96

    I forgot Kave exspress

  36. XxlilygachaxX

    What happened to her style

  37. Monica Nakamura

    I hate cofee Just kill me :v

  38. middlenix

    does she still not shower

  39. Kian Kok Cheong

    Latte is not coffee

  40. Catherine Hern

    Mood: 8:02

  41. Derk Off


  42. quiet kid

    I thought I drank a lot of coffee, then I met Emma Chamberlain.

  43. Daniels Life

    When Declan jumped on the table 😭😭💀I lost it

  44. paolo

    fome la wea

  45. Addison Lennie

    I think this is the only video I've seen of Emma with good eye liner. If she is wearing eye lliner, don't quote me on it I could be wrong

  46. Team Turth

    Wow! You drunk piss before?

  47. Chilled

    Ur videos suk

  48. Isabella Dalton

    u should lowkey start a coffee business

  49. Lexi H

    I wonder what she did with all of them after

  50. Baleigh Roberts


  51. MindRealm Insights

    I struggled to find decent coffee in the US. Seriously, it was terrible. Nobody knows what a 'flat white' is. It wasn't until I got to Oregon.. they know how to make a cup of coffee up there!

  52. 1984sFinest

    This little girl to too young to be drinking coffee.

  53. TJ  Bouchard

    Pay GMM

  54. •Brianna Beeler•

    I wish I had a philz near me

  55. Camila Cuesta

    try the iced mocha from McDonald's

  56. Jordan Ware

    I'm in Northern California and for me it's Dutch Bros and Starbucks that's the best

  57. Karley Thomas

    8:46 why does she literally look like the dude from lovely bones 😂💀

  58. Brittney Michelle

    dude you make everything look good wtf

  59. Stagearoo

    We all know that Tim Horton’s is the best coffee shop chain.

    1. MindRealm Insights

      Isn't that Canadian? I remember that place! Cool menu too, I liked the 'chilli bowl'. Memories!

  60. Tim Apple

    Why are you so interesting 🧐

  61. Kylee Adams

    Emma, have you had Frenz coffee? It's a cute little cafe in LA. Please try their cream latte. I don't usually drink dairy, but I swear to God it's to die for. 5770 Melrose Ave ste101. Let me know if you try it!

  62. Aubrey Andrews

    every 30 seconds: *slirp noise*

  63. Kristy Payne

    WAWA for the east coasters!

  64. 82394forrest

    Black rifle coffee company is the best period. Roasted to order, supports Vets, loves America, great sense of humor, etc. try it out. I promise the beans will speak on quality.

  65. Sensei

    Tim Horton’s FTW

    1. MindRealm Insights


  66. TheLondonCyclist

    None of that shit is coffee.

  67. sarah

    so how does she know what urine tastes like... 🥴

  68. Lauren Genovese

    you cant really fairly judge someone's coffee when you're ordering iced almond milk lattes lol

  69. Tish Siosan

    Go to Canada and try Tim Horton’s coffee. I’m curious

  70. Adam Lee

    emma is LITERALLY the queen of coffee! she owns the brand, i mean.... am i wrong?

  71. Rose Spangler

    emma i swear if you dont change your frickin merch intro i will find you and through eggs on you. it buggs me

  72. cc

    This is the most iconic thing ever

  73. KieraPlayz

    No hate but I like how Emma's the youngest and she swears the most🤣

  74. Helgi Jacobsen

    why is yor cat red

  75. Shayla Adams


  76. Diana Lee

    I wish I lived on the west cost cause I want to try Philz so bad ☕️

  77. Pop tart Institution

    Shut up

  78. Kermit

    *coffee chain: exists* *Emma: imma ruin this whole mans career*

  79. ccthemartian

    says "complex" says "acidic" Give this lady a Perrier to rinse her pallet!

  80. gemini magic

    I don’t drink coffee so your good 👍🏽

  81. grantfilmz

    7:11 i think i just had a fucking aneurism

  82. Bucknutty

    You're only pretty when your makeups on.

  83. OE St

    Omg emma you are so adorable please dont stop you ughhh i hate that you're so cute

  84. Kristy Payne

    I honestly hate that she thinks give the finger is a cute thing. It just shows off her age and how immature she really is.

  85. Rasha Fatimah

    this is how many times Emma says "hate" over 7/11 coffee

  86. Ariel Star

    Yeah, I was gonna say, how come she didn't put McDonalds ahead of DD's, but then she changed it, lol. Makes more sense!

  87. ccthemartian

    reviewing iced lattes... this is what a 'coffee snob' is nowadays.

  88. Ariel Star

    The editing of when Declan jumped on the table is stellar!!

  89. Lindsay M

    Everyone knows Starbucks almond milk is trash bruh get another milk

  90. Emmalin Burgard

    Omg did she just no she just ate at emergent c package

  91. Icey meme Boi

    Where the hell is timis

  92. OE St

    Emma you're so cute please dont stops you adorable piece of ughhh i hate how cute you are

  93. Diana Olsen

    Fun Channel 👏🍿🙏▶️💯✋😍✊❤️👏

  94. Icey meme Boi

    We wanna see what gender is the best

  95. Diana Olsen

    Anyone else here for the first time ☝️⏰ ▶️ 📺 on her channel??... OH, and🤦‍♀️how would she know that the Starbucks one tastes like urine 😂🙊 unless ✋ she has drank it before 👏😂👏😂👏😂... ijs...

  96. Maxine Kunasek

    #blackrock #dutch That's all.🤦

  97. HybridSwifty

    Costa Coffee is the best.



  99. samski2000

    *stares in Caribou*

  100. Ata Davis

    wow her eyes don’t have bags under them ¿ 😦