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  1. Liran Piade

    Woah. Not only would he and Jasmine be able to be together, but he'd basically do the most feminist thing ever - giving her exactly what she wants, along with an opportunity to establish gender equality 😱 Congratulations MatPat, you win. You broke the Genie!

  2. The Lich

    12:36 he didn't remember tigerfucker

  3. IEat Donuts

    Step 1: wish for a factory capable of mass producing loyal slaves Step 2: use your wishes Step 3: give the lamp to one of your mass produced slaves Step 4: use your slaves wishes for infinite wishes

  4. Random gaming

    Bro look at you swaggin you be lookin like Osama Bin Laden

  5. Saahil Iyer

    It can’t be the Ottoman Empire. In the Ottoman Empire, there was only ONE Sultan, the one in Istanbul. In Aladdin, the Sultan is pretty clearly understood to just be the Sultan of Agrabah, not the emperor. The River Jordan thing is pretty flimsy as the river itself is a significant metaphorical element, like the Mississippi river in the United States. A better placement of Agrabah would be somewhere in the far corner of the Persian empire, where the title Sultan applied to regional governors. It’s not even that absurd as the Persian Empire often competed for and extended its borders into Arabia.

  6. Supernova Kasprzak

    Why not wish that Jasmine was no longer a princess? Does she have to be royalty for Aladdin to love her? Obviously not, if that was his wish.

  7. aj blake

    Lmao that intro was hilarious

  8. Gamer’s Gamestorm

    10:27 *Megalovania intensifies*

  9. norrel meriah

    Huli jing i guess naruto

  10. Neurkrotic

    Mat: 'Ew, he'd marry his sister...' Also Mat: 'He could wish to be sultan and then change the law and marry Jasmine, daughter of the sultan.'

  11. Jonas Medeiros

    Actually.. that would be a better plot.

  12. Pride Is Not Arrogance

    Why not just wish for Aladdin to marry Jasmin? There doesn’t have to be any love involved straight away, he’ll just get the status and work on her actually wanting him later. If he gives her the power to marry whomever she could just decide not to marry at all or to marry someone else entirely

  13. Lixxie Licious

    The oscars are unbelievably biased and stupid.

  14. zeldatrek

    Given these two myths I believe are Arabic in nature Aladdin could wish for more wishes. And those supplement wishes would not even have to obey the Genie's rules. How? All Aladdin would have to do is wish for a mystical monkey paw. The down side should be obvious though especially for Abu.

  15. William Dodic

    Rey should take notes from Han

  16. SHcMOOK Network

    I fundamentally disagree with even attempting to find a real life location Agrabah could be, since the multicultural nature of the fictional city is SUPER thematically important to what the story of Aladdin is. Its meant to be the culmination of all of the Arabian Nights. Which, despite what we call it, isn't JUST from Arabia. Agrabah is conceptually a place where all those stories, with their mysteries, genies, and magic, could ALL be taking place. It has cultural setpieces from india and china and all across the middle east all mixed together because its a city based off all the different cultural stories from ALL those different places. But I guess thats just a theory.

  17. Mia G.

    Can’t wish for more wishes? Easily fixed... wish for more genies.

  18. •Gachax _Yogurt•

    " "

  19. Christian Tucker

    I just watched 6 Underground it was kinda confusing but I think it would be cool if matpat did a vid on the magnet technology from the movie

  20. Thomas Hardie

    i wish they had kept geni so there could remake 40 theves ect

  21. Revenant666

    Why can't movies just be movies and not engines to push PC bullshit.

  22. KittyCatWeirdo

    **PLOT TWIST** After Elsa and Rapunzel were born, Elsa was put on Craigslist. “New born. Named Elsa. Has crazy ice powers no one can explain. Please for the love of god will someone take her. Her sister was taken by this creepy old lady and we don’t want the same thing to happen again”

  23. Izzazius

    Could be just wish the rules to be different ?

  24. Pookumz 123

    "I wish people would stop making wishes in this comment section

  25. Nathan Taylor

    I wish Jasmine joined me here. I wish for a exact copy of Agrabah here. I wish for resources to sustain it. Hands Jasmine lamp. Ok my 3 wishes...

  26. jimpy creams

    Juss wish to change the law like the move stupid

  27. Dustin Hanson

    what if he just wishes she wasn't a princess? Update, ......Ohhh.

  28. Dawn Breaker

    Once again logic does more for female empowerment than screaming about it. Lol

  29. yozois the gamer

    You're a mean one mr. Grinch you really are a heel. A HEEL??!!!?!?!?

  30. Alexandre Charest

    This matpat genie

  31. Meep Beep

    Why.why.why didn’t can’t u just wish for the law to be changed.

  32. Cressidia The Gacha Tuber

    loved the intro 😂

  33. Zachary Raine

    Can you think of a Theory on the movie Fahrenheit 451 based on the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

  34. Feliciano Delfino

    You forgot the movie detective Pikachu

  35. G G

    Genuinely confused is the beginning song baby shark ripoff

  36. Kannaberry Cat

    Solution: don't have kids. Eventually there will be no districts for the hunger games

  37. Darth Dumpster

    But in the live action one genie said he could wish for the marry a prince rule to not exist that would be easier

  38. ꧁Midnight Moon XOXO

    I heard green needle but when you said brainstorm that’s all I heard.

  39. Starrie the Soul Stealer

    If I had the three wishes, Well, here's the list. 1. Make resources unlimited 2. Give help to those who need it 3. Get it so that PEOPLE people could accurately identify what video's were not for kids so that kids under the age of 13 couldn't view those videos. Or just make a kids mode where the videos had to be analyzed by the people working at PLsel to actually make sure those are for kids.

  40. BossasaurusRecks

    I enjoyed the references in this episode

  41. Edith Dela Cruz

    saladfingers is saladass brother from pewdiepie ARK

  42. Shelly

    Did Matt just call Abu "A-pooh" ? *squints*

  43. Excalibur01

    HISHE basically told us that the wish was LITERAL. Aladdin is legally a prince. All the stuff Genie listed of the guy having is true. Somewhere out there, a kingdom just popped out from nothing and our boi Aladdin is the prince of said country

  44. Taylor Morgan

    He could have just wished for the law to be changed to where jasmine can marry anyone she wants. 😂 it’s not rocket science 🥴 the last two wishes can be for anything he wants 👌🏾😁

  45. john ortega

    Why not just wish to change the las

  46. Sam Gow

    "There are instances of female sultans or sultanas" So the males are rulers and the females are dried fruit. Great

  47. Divine Savage

    "I wish for all the wishes I will ever make in my lifetime to come true"

  48. MultiTarded

    "Make me hot." That's all women care about, even more than if a man is rich. One simple wish, no need for a theory here.

  49. BonJoviFanboy

    1) Wishing to be a prince ended up getting him a good amount of wealth, so he DOES have something to offer in terms of power to the Sultan in exchange for marrying Jasmine. Ironically, since a Prince's money comes from his family's wealth, that money likely came (without their knowledge) from the 40 Thieves (fan theory is that Kazim became crowned the King of Thieves once Aladdin made his wish so that he could technically be a prince). This means that Aladdin is essentially returning stolen money back to Agrabah. 2) Jasmine would still end up marrying a man who was a known street rat and thief. The people may not take kindly to that. The movie works this out since he ends up saving Agrabah and wins the Sultan and everyone over to his side. Her marrying him out of the blue wouldn't be as effective. 3) Wishing Jasmine to become Sultan would mean something would have to happen to the original Sultan. Even if she became Sultan, she'd likely just give it back to her father. 4) If you still wanted to go that route, just wish for the Sultan to change the law himself. This lets Jasmine and him be together and the people of Agrabah get time to know him throughout the process.

  50. Cheng wei lin

    "I wish for the power to control minds with no consequences and no limitations" then just control the sultan to remove the rule or just control another sultan to appoint him as a prince? would this work? either that or "I wish for anything I said after saying *insert keyword* to become the golden rule of the world. the sentence ends after invoking the same keyword again" then just make the rule of marrying a prince illegal, as in anyone who practices the that rule would have lightning rain down on that person. essentially make yourself god?

  51. WadDaK Films

    "I wish I have a love potion" Genie: *wait, that's legal*

  52. Ethan Cheung In

    Also shaggy ultra instinct is just a theory 😀

  53. BananaBoyBen - Ben

    Think of how many ads it would have...

  54. Excalibur01

    I wish for more Genie

  55. Scott Davis

    Slow clap. Great singing MatPat..great singing.

  56. jamie Hanley

    What if, he just made Jasmine not a princess the rule would be ineffective and he could marry her?

  57. zain deek


  58. Sam Digisphere360

    I thought Aladdin took place 10,000 years in the future. Nuclear war had destroyed the modern world and the genie was a surviving piece of AI tech. It is the reason the genie had so many 20th century references. The Genie wasn’t making references to future events, that’s impossible. Instead the genie was simply recalling events from memory.

  59. dedd_inside

    14:29 nightmare fuel

  60. Anny Nonomous

    I love that!! Give her all the power!!

  61. Noah Ziegler

    I personally find it unlikely that this is the Ottoman Empire for three reasons: 1. The Ottoman Empire’s capital was in Istanbul. If what you say about agrabah being in the levant is correct then it can’t be the capital. 2. That would be fine if this were say, Persia but the Ottomans only had one sultan, the king. He ruled from Istanbul unlike others Islamic empires who used sultan for pretty much any government job 3. You mentioned that royal marriages in the early Ottoman Empire were tactical, which is true. However, if this is the early Ottoman Empire then they haven’t conquered the Mamluks yet, they don’t control the Levant, and therefore the Jordan river yet. So in the end it doesn’t work because of historical timeline reasons. Lucky you the history timeline is not as complicated as FNAF’s.

  62. Travis Stratos

    11:06 You almost killed me with that one! How's that for an assassination?

  63. Ronin The Shark

    0:00 "Squuueeeeeeeaaaaaaak"

  64. hubertnnn

    Well, you cannot wish for love, but since 11:35 marriage is not from love but its a parent decision. "Genie, I wish Jasmine would be given to me for marriage."

  65. Papi Dwight no

    My wish is a theory for a game called Dead by daylight and a wish for more theorys about overwatch

  66. nyx xyn

    I'm trying to find the source for Sultan Osman II's death, and I can't find anything saying he died of testicular compression. According to wikipedia it was strangulation.

  67. Hunter Bowles

    Then her father dies and he knows he's to blame.

  68. Little_Jh125

    just wish that the law was abolished

  69. Ethan Cheung In

    Also krilen can fly easy so not even krilen no ki = no SSJ

  70. Lynden Pfaff

    “I’ve always hated that song, it’s heard everywhere” not earth Vader, not ever

  71. EndlessPizza 1

    Or he could of wished for her to go down to his level

  72. Jaden Jimenez

    I kinda hope that happens

  73. christianrapper

    Your sultan point is kind of wrong. The imperial guard just literally saw what happened. That’s why they mutinied. The genie just did the bare minimum to fulfill the jafar’s wish. The genie might be able to change reality to make aladin the actual sultan and change everyone’s memories so that they believed that he always was.

  74. PersonthePerson

    Can we all agree that MatPat ain’t got rhythm?

  75. Ethan Cheung In

    Shaggy doesn’t want to die is in the hole Sean so that is his 100%

  76. Logan Stockstill

    What if you just remove the law saying he has to be a prince?

  77. The dog loving Gamer

    The ice monster from frozen is seen in the mini movie with tiny snow men

  78. Willem Neuefeind Lessig

    change the law

  79. Alejandro Morales

    Yea Frozen 2 has debunked this theory........sorry

  80. Alonso Venegas

    Make your matpat picture bald now

  81. thatsenseijosh

    I wish I wont get rejected

  82. mya field

    Can you do a theory on why Genie was able to rescue Aladdin even though he didn't rub the lamp the first time but the second time Aladdin was drowning and couldn't get the lamp and Genie couldn't save him

  83. ShadowSpectre X

    Solution: Simba ate bugs but chew on wood and stuff to maintain his jaw strength

  84. DarkSnake Nerdmaster

    The region is pretty much the ottoman empire. The place looks like the historic sections of most cities in the lovant.

  85. Kirby 111

    Do a family guy therory

  86. Neemi Bronstein

    Oh Nice I'm only a couple hours late to the video.

  87. Plum_Wolf6250sy

    I think is my favorite theory so far

  88. Tim M

    I wish for Aladdin the animated series to be on Disney+

  89. Topp Girl

    Forgot the hunting scenes in Bambi. Would really be higher.

  90. Bacon Hair Kid

    “I Giorno Giovanna have a wish.”

  91. Ana Pantoja

    Can’t he just wish for the law to be gone?

  92. Adam Simpson

    Smooth as butter *holds up exotic butters*

  93. IrishRebel92

    Genie: "you can't wish for more wishes." Me "I wish I was allowed to wish for more wishes....."

  94. Marco Gamer 360

    U predicted the shield I endgame

  95. Hank Aldridge

    He should have parodied Friend Like Me at the end like this: That is...just a...fiiiilm theeeoRRRYYY!!!

  96. Burentsu

    Assassinated by Greased-up Deaf Guy.

  97. Audrey Williams

    Do svtfoe

  98. DarkryTT

    So basically the theory is the ending to the live action Aladdin movie.. glad I don’t waste 12:30 to watch this

  99. Jose Jaquez

    Good take!

  100. Owen Spartz

    Couldn’t he just wish that the law that Jasmine must marry a prince be changed or removed