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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. yeoungO kim

    아...아.. 아버지 그는

  2. 佐倉すず


  3. Maria Torres

    Que clip incrível

  4. 狼牙

    im inlove with ahri

    1. 狼牙

      i guess she charmed me❤

  5. Sinckz

    Achei foda a música

  6. 진덕배

    전소연 진짜 그는 신이다ㅠㅠ 조미연 미쳤어ㅠㅠ 음색 어쩔겨

  7. 진덕배

    미연 얼굴 얼마나 작은거야;;

  8. Victor Bruno

    Kobe Bryant!😥

  9. koniCon k

    Soy la única que cada vez que escucha esto siente como que la están llamando?

  10. Arthas

    2020 anyone ?

  11. 호에엑내눈

    럭스 개보지년 클리에 꿀발라놨냐 여왕놀이 ㅆㅅㅌㅊ

  12. 마인크래프트BJYT샌즈언더테일PPAP

    I don't play LoL but this song is... WOW

  13. 狼牙

    love how jhin is holding on to his “last shot”

  14. Pineapple Lions

    Legends never die Rip kobeeee

  15. seif cool

    So adorable

  16. plinorio 123

    who is the purple and the green champions

  17. Tzugumi

    me playing league listening to music: the ad: *SO LETS PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS*

  18. Fiethsing

    Put the Senna part as an entirely new song, throw the rest in the garbage can.

  19. Timevolent Is back

    The azir was sick

  20. Govind Koli

    We are so excited for this

  21. Mangle 50

    I love this ❤️

  22. Jacobi Leoo

    is this still viable?



  24. Sonata Plays

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

  25. Tony Baracko

    “But only a few shall become...” “RAID SHADOW LEGEND”

  26. Quang Toki

    This song gives me Nier vibes

  27. Abby Lux

    The rakan and xayah sense 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. io Phan


  29. Baturalp Yıldırım

    gaza gelip lol e girdim feed lendim çıktım aq

  30. Ionian I

    Aatrox: you think you can kill me? Nobody: ah...I pretty sure about that

  31. 강력뚜러뻥

    아칼리만 마스느 썼을 때가 더 예쁘고 벗으면 잘 못 그린건가 했는데 디자이너 님이 코아래 디자인은 좀 못그리시는듯....(극히개인적 의견입니다.)

  32. Joe Galati

    almost made me cry

  33. GCL Gấu Ăn Vạ

    Riot Very Nice

  34. 逸洲

    RIP KOBE 😭

  35. jebo jebic


  36. Jawara!

    Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant 1978 - 2020

  37. Cookie UwU

    Rip Kobe

  38. peachyydrxpps


  39. Leroy Hershberger

    One question, where did lux's weapon come from?

  40. 박정우

    조으다 음냐

  41. Belen Endara

    Esta musica es muy genial

  42. andrewhasbigbrain

    heroes come and go, but legends are forever. Kobe Bryant 1978-2020

  43. hằng nguyễn

    2020 ??

  44. SamX19

    tmr dejenme de spamear en los videos con sus publicidades

  45. super tramp

    R.i.p kobe


    Everytime we said Kobe now we say for Kobe rip :(

  47. Collin Au Yeung

    Black mamba.. Legends never die but in our heart

  48. Katz Blazer

    Can you add this part to his "R" , 1:24 - 1:51

  49. Kalie Furr

    I can't stop listening to this song.

  50. 山田卓郎


  51. 123DJ321

    Gotta say the woman roleplaying lux is not good at it ...

  52. Minecraft Hikayeleri

    Urgöte benziyo

    1. chding zuure

      Is that gem ezreal picked up part of the colection ryze is gathering?

  53. kakpah Jutawang

    update this champion spotlight

  54. Josue MR

    Es bellísimo :'v

  55. Minecraft Hikayeleri

    Awaken daha güzel

    1. chding zuure

      I cant wait for the release date of lol mobile, when its out that it the end of mobile legend

  56. Giga Wailord

    lee sin legends never die zed legends never die shyvanna legends never die garen legends never die alan walker legends never die yasuo ever die

  57. Тошыч

    2:09 LOVE IT

  58. TYB loco

    rest in piece kobe


      rip :( :(

  59. DarK noa

    perfect song, i like it song

  60. blaideraider LFC

    Official anthem of lol gamers

  61. Dark Inferno YT

    Is league of legends really good?

  62. Jayson Joseph Gabriel


  63. andry sabillon

    I love It Thats soooooo cool

  64. Mr Crabulous

    Rip Kobe. You will always be a legend

  65. Nik Stark

    Hagan MÁS METAL!!!!!

  66. HackingSpy

    0:15 Shut Up

  67. Winter

    한국어 자막이 없다니...

  68. David Tindugan

    watching this again for a longtime makes me remember of graves havin a cig

  69. Тошыч

    не играю в лигу легенд, но кинематики у них ахуенные

  70. EternityTKL

    Faltou meter um br ai vei

  71. MrWhatcanido

    so this isn't from Made in Abyss???

  72. Yryss Vadvyl

    I don't play LOL, but after this I subscribed so quick. Animation is dope too.



  74. Mark Madafaka

    LOVE League of Legends

  75. Sana Nul

    почему я слушаю это каждый день и пытаюсь повторять движения

  76. WarletGames

    The best


    'LEGENDS NEVER DIE' Kobe's helicopter:Crashed Kobe:I thought the legends never die😭😭

  78. 巫宗祐學生

    2020 dude

  79. Hazel Loriene Jerez

    Legends Never Die just like KOBE BRYANT! You will never forgotten "Black Mamba" 😭

  80. Tifonus

    Думал сначало в песни идёт речь об воинах, но когда включил субтитры...Это отказывается про других "воинов" поётся.

  81. Vi ctory

    now : vi have been in to this video ;-; VIctory :3

  82. まだらまだら

    広告で出てきてカッコよすぎて見に来てしまいました。 歌もMVも素晴らしい。

  83. Oğuz Efe Topcu

    İt looks like cancer cant wait to play

  84. Giang nguyễn

    21/1/2020 Hello everyone

  85. Nekooq

    lux = sevdiğini satacak kadar şerefsız

  86. R_x_8

    Who came after Kobe's death?😢😢

  87. Legendary Orange


  88. Jemma Scott

    Wait how did they get the footage back from the camera...?

  89. Francisco Silva

    Imagine dragons- how epic you want this song League of legends- yes

  90. Tortue DeRien

    The soul