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  1. Chosen_777 Phoenix

    Polo G really snapped in this 🙏

  2. Amare Quinn

    Is that king von

  3. Aryanah Chrismom

    Yuour so funny 😂😂🤣😊

  4. Theycallmemrwaves Wavesman

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐y’all the best

  5. Taraneka Bolton

    Polo g is the truth only lil nigga get my respect

  6. Charles Tippets

    Becareful when you reaching to the top..

  7. Charles Tippets

    One of the next best rapper out from chiraq otherwise he sound better than others.

  8. Pulla Don Entertainment

    Polo G 💯🎯🔮 Another hit 🇱🇷🇯🇲

  9. Beast Clan

    Polo G has the right title “the goat” he is that

  10. RAT RAT

    King von is in here wtf

  11. ZayToSauxy _

    Do be sumthin fa da next vid

  12. Tyler Gulliford

    this better get grammy nominated if it dont they dont understand what he saying this is a story we all wish for better

  13. Roman Wilson


  14. Th3godgamesfr Remastered

    Anybody else see King von or just me

  15. mikin lirou

    His sister is so cute when she says “your the goat”

  16. Chris Staknes

    The song in the end was so lit🔥

  17. Aron Moreau

    U can put this song on repeat at night and just fall asleep with it

  18. Cezan Patron

    Tupac Shakur - Changes?

  19. Jakeice Amos

    How old are you polo g

  20. Žan Lukaček

    "We go to school, they try to tell us what we can't be." This line is life changing🙏

    1. mikin lirou

      its like polo g already new this was gonna happen

  21. Joshua Silva

    The “you finally made it big brother your the goat” makes me shed a tear 😢

  22. Milt Chamberlain

    Carry the torch youngin 🔥🔥

  23. Glitch Luigi6969

    Man this whole album fire polo something else

  24. Glitch Luigi6969

    This songs is really good and the video makes it 100% better spitting straight facts polo

  25. manna bun a fat spliff and get Fookin active

    London fucking wid him too

  26. JungTymek

    ale latasz byczku, kiedy jakiś feat?

  27. Carlos moreno

    Let's get it to 100 million views for polo

  28. EKORamm

    You finally made it Big Brother! You're the Goat.

  29. DrripzFn

    polo g the reason ion be in the hood tbh he fire to all his story motivate me to do better in life..

  30. Ocar Cole

    Talk truth brother you the best out

  31. Eazyyy_

    2PAC The Muthafukkin GOAT RIP🐐🙏

  32. Mark

    This song finna get the same succes as old town road, the message is just amazing!

  33. Ocar Cole

    This nigga is str8 fire 🔥 best young artist out he really telling niggas real life lessons

  34. Fluw


  35. Charles Fisher

    I think Pac would be proud of this remake. I had to rewind. I really thought that was Kenneka Jenkins mom. R.I.P Kenneka🙏🏾🙏🏾

  36. king 562

    Worst part bout song dat it ends Polo g 🐐

  37. Mitchell Ludy

    Lil bruh u da goat dat tupac woulda fucked wit ya

  38. Josh Mcintosh

    What beat is this I swear I've heard it before

  39. JxiceSC


  40. Finchy XD Finchy

    200mill veiws u deserve it bro

  41. Dinging Move

    Whoever filmed this is low key underrated

  42. Adam Gray

    this whole album was fucking insane and this song was the perfect way to end a perfect album 🐐🔥🔥🔥

  43. VAPOR7777

    its like polo g already new this was gonna happen

  44. Tlxzyy FN

    These two are heavily slept on

  45. Over _

    Rap song of the year

  46. James Hochstatter

    Who else been listen to polo g since gang wit me

  47. Mustafe Ahmed Nur

    Why 6ix9ine's song getting 200+ million views rapping about "Im back" and stuff meanwhile songs like this that can actually help people irl getting less, this shit rigged af this deserves a nominee

  48. Brandon Yeary

    How is there no comment about how only the real ones know about phone calls through securitas

  49. H20 Aim

    To underrated

  50. brenda lewis

    Polo g = 🔥 🔥

  51. Znipez Orlawndo

    Protect him at all cost

  52. Finchy XD Finchy

    U r my idol

  53. Finchy XD Finchy

    Such a banger

  54. Demetri Cruz

    Polo g wrong cause he say if you ain't his color u don't understand .that's wrong cause PAC reped one nation weather black Mexican black brown Asian white .one nation .what u talking about .PAC spoke for Evey body in the struggle .u call your self the goat know got along way to go for that position.slow it down just a notch.then pac be proud of you

  55. PBG Kappo

    This shit banggggg

  56. jaysen broussard

    This done changed the whole 2020 vibe

  57. H Kala

    Shi go hard 🔥

  58. ShadowBan Productions

    33??? Damn polo I see you been got. You been initiated into freemasonry it’s 💯 now

  59. Jayna Spikes

    PAC would be proud 🐐

  60. Adyn TV


  61. Cloud Music

    The cops don’t understand that we all the same. 👦🏻👦🏼👦🏽👦🏾👦🏿We all equal.

  62. SFL Opsy

    Everyone should watch this and rap about more bout this

  63. Nino Wizzle

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 2pac - "They can kill me but my spirit will live on"

  64. Live Celebrity

    If DRew didn’t Film it then .....

  65. Adrian Pinedo

    Brodie not ashamed of showing love and struggle, that’s how it’s should be 💯

  66. Ricky Smith

    You telling me this was 1 year ago

  67. leslie loudermilk

    Remake a song by a legend and to not fuck it up is hard enough but to do it and put your own spin to it is righteous

  68. Captain Lil K

    Changin the industry wit hits like this keepin preachin u gon make a difference

  69. broski

    This is lit. But 2pac>>>

  70. Reda Khayat

    Then i pull up with u bru

  71. Icyyy

    I’ve been listening to polo g since day this mad really makes me think about changing my ways and do better things for my family 💯 Always looked up to him 💯

  72. Manjing Hennessy

    RIP grandma Lou and grandma Adol , miss u so much xx

  73. Icis Ross

    Honestly he just the GOAT there is no other explanation

  74. Tyrie Gibson


  75. Tyrie Gibson

    Polo Yu really is da goat

  76. Kyan Garcia


  77. SpexzSpamzL2

    2020 and I still watch this

  78. Malachi Matthews

    It ain't no hero so we look up to the villans 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  79. Manjing Hennessy

    My hero

  80. Tyrie Gibson

    Polo G to hard don’t even cap people say he trash yea Ight he better dan majority of da rap game he not rappin he preaching cuh

  81. Luis Rivers

    You are the goat

  82. T_capalot

    This song on repeat ong polo g you ma fav ever since neva cared on c you underrated asf you a diff kind mayne keep doing ya thing

  83. Boawow

    This song makes me want to rename myself Malcolm X. 😔

  84. Damian Jackson

    we did this video man 💯💪🏽 glad to be apart of it such a good meaning follow me on ig @damiantheactor 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽✨👑

  85. Killua

    Hope this song can change the rap game on how rappers should treat other rappers and have not as many killings