ENGIE Resources is the 3rd largest retail electricity provider in the US offering electricity plans to industrial and commercial customers.
Based in Houston, ENGIE Resources currently serves 14 markets: Delaware, Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C.
We serve over 85,000 businesses, including more than half of America’s Fortune 100. ENGIE Resources is part of the ENGIE group of companies, operating in 24 countries with approximately 150,000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Paris, ENGIE is also the number one supplier of energy efficiency services in the world, and number one importer of LNG in Europe.

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  2. Ivana Belloni

    And a new liquid metal battery is on the way capable of massive storage.

  3. InfiniteUniverse88

    Living in cities instead of suburbs reduces peak demand since apartments are smaller and have better insulation than suburban houses.

  4. InfiniteUniverse88

    This is not a normal weather scenario. At least so far, there has been more frigid weather than usual.