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  1. Any Isabelly


  2. Gerri

    I'm amazed at how many views there are in just 4 says! Over 49,000,000!! Awesome!

  3. Doug Er

    She's out of adrenachrome but at least she's alive is more like it. I guess Epipens just don't hit the same. Sick

  4. Marc Harris

    Wait I thought she had no tears left to cry...

  5. Jayson Hatton

    . ¿? 🤬((📻))🤬

  6. Lilly Duckett

    Why is this a bop though..?

  7. 6ix9ine


  8. HYAGO

    This was everything i asked for for years. Gaga and Ari i just love you.

  9. Guilherme Vieira

    Little Monsters, temos que dar views aqui e em Rain On Me. Stupid Love não merece menos que 100 milhões de views. Tô alternando entre os dois videos, não podemos esquecer de SL 💎❤️🇧🇷

  10. Necibe Hüseynova


  11. Viktor V.

    Жаль людей, которым нравится такой треш(

  12. SaraMDZ94

    I can’t help listening “I’m a butterfly” lol

  13. Wojciech MT


  14. SMILE

    Boy, this song is my new *JAM!* At least 2020 has SOME good things 😌

  15. Xhan V

    I discovered old comments they are wondering how they make her eyes so big lol.

  16. Mateus Andrioni


  17. Habiba Begum

    My favourite part "I hear the thunder coming down, won't you rain on me"

  18. yikes

    can’t wait for queens to lipsync to this

  19. Laleh M

    I want your ugly

  20. Маргарита Клещеева

    Такое себе..

  21. Meow Ångel

    Coreografías básicas.


    this song is what 2020 needed, queens

  23. Marcelo Ramirez Arteta

    Así como música. 🎤🎶🎵 “Rain on Me” y el ranking mundial emisor de radio en Paraguay. 🇵🇾 Me puedes escuchar esa música. 🤣😂.

  24. Corey pearson

    Still thought nina bonina shoulda been blac chyna 🤣🤣

  25. New World Disorder

    Wonder how many sacrifices she done this week?

  26. Elīna Glaudiņa

    Is it just me, or does Lady Gaga at the parts where she's looking at the mirror she looks like Hannah Stocking? 0:20

  27. Deba 1306

    Sorry but this is so cringy

  28. jenandmoAG

    Showing a Pete Davidson ad before this is just wrong 😂

  29. Marta Krefta

    Kto Palska? Lajkuje ❤️

    1. Marta Krefta


  30. Wellington Júnior

    Caramba, essa música voltou ao hype kkkk nostalgia

  31. James Kaye

    Anyone else waiting for nicki minaj to pop up

  32. Laleh M

    Waiting for the album 🥰

  33. Mc_ Diez


  34. Michal Kaputa

    Gaga killed it! <3 I love her voice! For some reason I feel like Ariana kind of ruin this song...It ia only my opinion do not get me wrong I love them both! they are great artists but Ariana's voice is too sweet for this song and Gaga's is just so powerful! :)

  35. Abelardo Cabrera

    Desde que los gays dejaron que estoy caiga en flop nunca mas confio en oos gays

  36. GTX Quartzer jezeli wejsziesz i napiszesz na czacie ja od Hantla to kupie ci skina do cs (max 10 zł)

  37. Gianluigio M.

    yes, dancing in music video is literally the definition of cringe.

  38. subscribe me

    When a song better than gooba is appreciated

  39. Whisker Stewart 。

    Who’s here after Rain on Me ? I am 🖐🏻

  40. Canada Goose07


    1. Athena Xd

      Do not see it and already

  41. Andrés Manuel López Obrador


  42. aisha saddique

    A collab we didn’t know we needed

  43. Totally Tubular

    Někdo Čech? ❤️💕

  44. Corona Stream

    What a amazing productplacing!

  45. Chris Agama




  47. Athena Xd

    Oh god, I can't imagine when it's Blackpink time, I wait for you with all my soul, I love you Gaga, I love you Ariana, I love everyone✨✨✨❤

  48. Thalifan Lalita Belifan

    Apoyando! Gracias little monsters por haber apoyado a Lali y a Thalia en sus videos.

  49. Franklin Espejo Carbajal

    Yaaaas! 🕺🏻🔥


    55M today?

  51. Toul Aa

    LadyGaga where is blackpink

  52. Mia Vizantiadis

    Wish I had a voice like that

  53. Bradlee297

    This song makes me so happy

  54. Silvija Maslarevic

    They look fking fabulous 👁👁 👄

  55. Rebecca Berkowitz

    Everyone before the music video: It's not that incredible Everyone after the music video: HOLY LADY GRANDE

  56. Ciarah Hilaga


  57. kpop news

    Love this song now i'm waiting sour candy with blackpinkkkkk

  58. Trevor Lee

    Been listening to this song 30 times the past week.

  59. In The Spotlight

    Is it me or does the outfits look like the ones in Six the Musical?

  60. capricorny

    they're both gorgeous w h a t i literally cant wrap my head around it

  61. joseph david

  62. subscribe me

    This song isn't a jam.... It's a wine.....the older it gets .. the better it sounds

  63. Samir Polanco


  64. Maria Kolgushkina

    "Hand in the sky il be your galaxy " idk but its weird what Lady gaga did there

  65. CosmicFantasyDaydream 397

    Who’s here because they saw the amazon commercial with the mouth singing this song

  66. dilly

    K now views r stalling get it up to 100m by end of month plz thx

  67. wafa chaabane


  68. Ronald Moura

    I can't wait to hear the whole album 😭

  69. The Court Of Public Opinion

    I will never fucking understand played in a gay bar does not mean it has anything fucking to do with gay rights my god just because three queens listen to it does not mean it has anything to fucking do with us

  70. Its MEzoRab


  71. The Court Of Public Opinion

    Lady Gaga looks really fucking weird with the Ariana Grande face filter on

  72. Paul Garnett


  73. Chicken Bunny

    Why is this trending?on PLsel.this keeps showing up for my 6yr old brother lol 😂

  74. Laura V.T

    Brasileiros onde estao?

  75. nizar rehan

    Director : how many water do you want in this video? Ariana & Lady Gaga : yes

  76. Adriely Lima

    Chromatica está chegando 😍😍😍

  77. Liz B

    Lady gaga looks so good !

  78. Sara Silva

    Am i the only one that doesnt like this?

  79. Space and Time

    Like : *Lady Gaga* Comment : *Ariana Grande* Me : *Both*

    1. Coconut Juice

      Space and Time both

  80. covid 19 Pandemic

    Hail queen gaga!

  81. Sun Flxwer

    Why does this sound wrong when lady gaga sings it but then ariana sings it and it sounds so innocent 💀😭😭

  82. xoxo igor

    i love that

  83. Fabri Fernández

    Yassss putaaaassss

  84. 50,000 Subcribers No Video Challenge

    10 years ago Ariana tweeted about how much she loves Lady gaga, are you watching this mv now? Your love will come true

  85. skyrox

    Je la préfère laaaaaaaargement sans maquillage mais ça rappelle quand même des souvenir 😃🙄

  86. a sad cat

    I'm not gonna release my album real hard* Look at you, y'all got played.

  87. Francisco Carlini

    Pure shit

  88. GlowedUpModz

    How does this go from 1 trending to 25

  89. I don scary haters

    [email protected] el que le ponga dislike

  90. Adel Huskić

  91. Betty Ramirez

    Me encanta sta cansion...sta super!...

  92. Cossne Lerdon

    I had happened some sad things before, so I don't have confident and brave to by myself and living my life, so if I want to cheer up now, can I get back my confident and brave in 100% now or I just can get back my confident and brave slowly to be myself and living my life back ? 😭

  93. Liv Fąferek

    I actually love that not all of the dancers are perfectly slim and represent different types of body and beauty.

  94. Alessandro Slanzi


  95. Julien Labbe


  96. Mariana Elmore

    Somebody listen on quarentine??💓💓i'm so Fun for chromatica 🖤💋

  97. Vasco Diaz Oviedo


  98. Ivan Ramirez-Barragan

    20 the time watching and I’m not stopping