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  1. Oreoz

    RiP PewDiePie 2010-2020 :( I hope he’s coming back! ;( WE WANT YOU BACK FELIX!

  2. Nemengedjobbat Gugli

    Not enough eggs

  3. Kian Kohler


  4. Kian Kohler


  5. steely wheeley automobiley

    Let's start a countdown to which we'll keep adding everyday until Felix comes back. Days without Felix returning - 13

  6. Mike Stefan


  7. noel perez

    Hello I am from 202

  8. VN李子柒


  9. Melody Casha

    4:12 I laughed so hard😂

  10. Force Games

    I will send to T-Series random clip now xDD!!! Done!

  11. SRAM OWL


  12. Harvey kyle Alipar

    Why do break instead of making vids, cuz ur awesome, ur perfect to us well that's your destiny, stop it, get some help, boiii

  13. Shishir Khatiwada

    Last online : 11 days ago

  14. O B J E C T T I 9 E

    1st try, me:*Got solar fragments* hehe ebwae =_=

  15. ry4n

    I love and hate this song cause i set it as my alarm

  16. samarth roshen

    Fs in the chat

  17. 이빨



    Fallow please

  19. Ali Dirani

    Petition to make pewds the next god

  20. Cosmic Dib

    Me at the start of the video: I bet they’re gonna make pixel art pp’s.

  21. Richky PUBG MOBILE


  22. Nick Nation

    Great example why women aren’t safe in this world full of disrespectful nut jobs👍

  23. HugoLandeira 11

    Yay, 103 million subscribers!

  24. XxT_M_S xX


  25. PoMer

    Can you like my comment i'm i battle with someone

  26. MR Red

    👁 👄 👁

  27. Mayur Valvi

    8:27 lmao let's spit on them

  28. Сип-т М2000

    The Streets are cold(Big Smoke)...

  29. reshmafaya

    I am an indian.

  30. Motho -

    This made me ugly cry


    As soon as I saw 14:39... I wanted to die

  32. Sabba HD

    This is a Commant lul

  33. cuong le cao tien


  34. Mars yt

    Pro you pewpiedie

  35. 아때못망

    I am a Korean. He is not eating chocolate using chopsticks. He eats the thinly bundled beef they call "Nerviani." You can see it in his left hand letter.

  36. sonic and mario friends

    K don't take to long like how coryxkenshin did

  37. Boxens

    How can a girl get big pp?

  38. MagicAfro

    Me: it’s been weeks since pewdiepie uploaded his last video His last video: uploaded 7 days ago


    since when was finlands flag red

  40. Senior Muchacho

    I wonder how much the monthly salary of 100M subs.🤔

  41. znocickaa

    75% off on Wish try it it work really yxmdcbr

  42. fajvy gaming

    Pewdiepie subs. 9999999999999 t_series -999999999999999 i like pewdiepie i dont like loser t_series

  43. Bruh moment

    Huffington Post and Vox are like clickbait PLselr but sad thing is they're considered to be news.

  44. Faris_ Castello


  45. Bernadetta Wasilczyk

    War is bad

  46. Nerd Neck

    2:18 is the movie The Breakfast Club

  47. KingSlayer

    I had no intention of making youtube videos but then Kobe died ! I am gonna make a playlist for the Mamba ! Goat Bryant ! RiP brother! Please do watch my videos

  48. Sigurd vårdal


  49. Gg8mines

    Jaystaion-CALLING PEWDIEPIE AT 3am(he picked up)

  50. Mayur Valvi

    Felix did the face app in 2017 wow !

  51. Knockedy

    The start of a legendary story

  52. Aniket x PUBG Mobile

    14:53 M&Ms , Skittles?😁

  53. ÆGhostGamer 8760

    Get the fraps

  54. quoc an

    New WW3 weapon

  55. Muneer Mohamed

    Will it work as a cure against the coronavirus?

  56. Solflame Gaming

    Truth will triumph

  57. Solflame Gaming

    Pewdiepie Defender Front PDF

  58. fajvy gaming

    T series IS have sub bot

  59. Prince Jakey

    Pewds: Im taking a break Pewds after 4 months of break and finally uploads a video.... Upload: "I'm quiting"

  60. Joshua Alcantara


  61. Solflame Gaming

    And that’s you find yourself

  62. Dayofthedaleks 152

    2:05 The coronavirus broke out why do i feel like that gamer was right

  63. Tsetan Namgyal

    Please man come back 😭😭😭😢😢😭😭

  64. No Thanks

    Thought this was an actual cringe comp but it's just anime felix

  65. GFPpigeon

    im here in 2020 cause i never got the notification for this and have been waiting for months bro what cause he said he would drop it but i never saw it like cmon

  66. Solflame Gaming

    Bye... Jose

  67. Louie Ocampo

    I miss this version of pewds

  68. Chait


  69. Reliable Donut


  70. Jukki

    i'm gonna comment everyday untill pewdiepie uploads #1

  71. Oli22233Plays

    Tesla cybertruck

  72. humala sihotang

    Anjir banyak amat surbribe

  73. ______x_X_x______

    Каааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааак ты крутой чел

  74. Olaf Lewkowicz


  75. Álvaro Valdez

    Eu sou o brasileiro que você estava proucurando!

  76. MusicByRAH

    pewdiepie on youtube / pewdiepie irl - context matters

  77. Longpress Tech

    Hame english samaj nahi aati

  78. IEatToaster . exe

    If you see this idk how but lmao go get a life

  79. Larissa Tanibang

    I felt so uncomfortable watching this as if my mom was sitting next to me. And I live on my own.

  80. Bottle o’ Vinegar

    She look and talk like her teeth too large for her mouth

  81. Rosswel Reyes

    Felix: Gets married PLsel: DEMONETIZE!!

  82. Moran Play

    Я пакакал

  83. James Ryan Gogomz


  84. C A N B A 777

    Queria saber falar em inglês pra entender os vídeos dele :(

  85. Shah Xad

    Good Definition of money!

  86. Gamotiviator

    Ok i need 4x now

  87. marinos poylopoylos

    Was anyone else screaming at the screen while pewdz was attacking and accidently almost killing everything?

  88. Felipe Cordoba


  89. Andreas Robert

    Bagi duit woy gw butuh duit Lo kan kaya PewDiePie jancuk ndasmu gw pukul

  90. Mr Mythic

    Let's surprise pews by making this video the most liked video on PLsel

  91. KrisuBoi 579

    Who watching in 2020? And I didn’t know I was from deltarune beacuse my real name is Kristian...

  92. Andreas

    First To like my own comment

  93. Pink Guy

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  94. GREXGO

    pewdiepie : change da world, my final message.. goodbye. *last online 10 years ago*

  95. dwight

    This is how much people love pewdiepie

  96. Yassine Adn

    11 days since a break, he hits 103M subs

  97. Umer Malik

    Bro love from pakistan i love you pewdipie

  98. Silver Dearest

    *pewdiepie takes break* *everything goes wrong*

  99. crystallclearr15

    bring this back pewds

  100. Meic Feel

    4:53 is that Dillion the Hacker when he was young? lol